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I rarely drink energy drinks, but this week finally wore me down. So I grabbed a Zero Sugar Monster and was pleasantly surprised. Decent taste, woke me up, textured can (awesome!) If you need a pick me up it's definitely worth a try.

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anonymous asked:

hello, I have a simple question what changes do you see for me in the near future? I offer a decaying houseplant, the squeak of a confident mouse, a corked wine bottle filled with drunken confessions and the buzzing of silence I hope these are helpful, and hope you have a good day

Wow lovely offering thank you! Nothing about change is simple my dear. The way all our paths weave in and out like a sewing needle on our skin. Thank you for the well wishes that is very kind. May your kindness be returned. Here’s your prophecy:

The green leaves are sharp. Their edges are thin, able to slip between the pads of a fingerprint. Take care of the leaves. As the curl and lengthen, protect them. They will give you guidance as your future unfurls before you. From their kinship will come love, a bond thick as a heavy branch.


So, if you remember my six demons (and one nephilim) from a few months back, here’s Minerva, one of two angel ladies to oppose the demons I drew in the summer. All the demons have Greek names (not for any particular reason), so I thought it’d be fun for the angels to have Roman names to contrast. I also wanted the angel women’s actual angel forms to really be kind of scary and unsettling despite their holy and divine nature giving people a different assumption. They’re more alien and eldritch than any of the demons.

Also beware, cuz here’s a big ol’ block of story bits.

The six demons essentially rule different parts of a sprawling metropolis–not literally in governing positions, but indirectly with their human forms’ influence through fame or popularity, as well as semi-directly with subtle use of their powers and other lesser demons. Minerva was one of two angels sent to the city to remove the six demons by any means necessary, and it would prove to be a long operation. An operation made even longer by a certain complication with Minerva.

Between herself and the fellow angel sent with her, Minerva was the much more traditional and virtuous one of the two, really presenting herself as the usual idea of an angel. But she carried a secret, having unexpectedly met and fallen in love a demon (who isn’t really fleshed out yet), even before she was sent to the city. The result of that relationship was Ophana, the little nephilim girl I also drew a few months back.

But Minerva’s secret paramour was also incidentally under one of the six greater demon women–specifically Delphine, the red one. Delphine eventually discovered her subordinate’s discreet rendezvous, and used the opportunity to trap and eliminate the angel, disposing of her demon as well. Delphine did not, however, initially know about the couple’s nephilim daughter, Ophana, leaving her as an orphan.

I forgot to share this one. It’s the boss for that huge map I shared a couple of weeks ago, which the group fought and defeated! Nilodus is the first watcher they actually face. His body resembles that of a guitar, and all his attacks were based on chords it played, which caused a myriad of effects and damage. Amongst other things, it mostly tried to confuse and control the characters to get them to fight against each other.

Special offer and new schedule!

So you may have noticed I’m doing a special offer for anyone pledging or upgrading to $5+ per month! Where you will receive a Xmas postcard, a small print, and sticker! this is only available until January 1st, so if you’re looking to upgrade, or pledge, nows the time! 🔥

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you can find me on youtube @ gravedogg , where I post art videos and voiceovers! Of course patrons will get updates every Friday about what’s happening over there, so I hope you guys subscribe so we can work together on the channel!

my new working schedule is Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays! Four days per week I’ll upload on patreon and I’ll be uploading on other social media’s as well. And potentially starting up a twitch! Patrons will always get first look before anywhere else, and will also receive exclusive content that I don’t post anywhere else!

thank you guys for all the support, if you can, please share this with your friends and help me grow the Wolfpack!

Sinto tudo desmoronando. E as lágrimas caem sem parar… É que eu estava começando a te amar e você me destruiu com suas palavras e atitudes.

- Amanda Rosa