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"¿Quisieras compartír la oscuridad y silencio conmigo? Si tan solo me notaras, ya no perseguirías tu sombra."

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“Monsta X aren’t that good, they’re not even popular like-”

Me: “Block, block, block, can’t block block block, you’re blah blah blah, stop talk-a-ing”

I Love All Of You (Jooheon Smut) REQUESTED

Character: Jooheon x Reader

Genre: Smut

You let out a yelp as Jooheon’s hand collides with your ass.
“I love your ass,” he says in a deep husky voice before chuckling playfully and nipping your earlobe with his teeth as he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close to his warm, muscular body. You turn in his arms and run your hands down his clothed chest, sliding your fingers over the hills and valleys of his firm pecs and abs, resting your hands on his belt buckle.
“I love your chest.”
Jooheon smiles and leans in close to you, resting his forehead against yours, his eyes fixed on your lips.
“I love your kisses.”
Your lips curl into a smirk before Jooheon presses his lips to yours, kissing you passionately. He pulls away but remains mere centimeters from your lips. You hook your fingers around his belt and tug, pulling him closer to you by his hips.
“I love your hips.”
Jooheon grins and rolls his hips against yours, making your breath hitch. He slides his hands from your waist to the back of your thighs, picks you up in his strong grip and places you on the kitchen counter.
“I love your thighs,” he murmurs as he runs his hands up them, pushing your skirt up before letting his fingers trail to your inner thighs. Your skin prickles at his touch and your legs instinctively part and wrap around his hips, pulling him closer to you. Jooheon’s fingers tug at the waistband of your panties as he kisses you again, quickly moving to your neck, lavishing it with his lips and tongue. You wriggle your hips as Jooheon pulls off your underwear, sliding it down your legs until they fall off your feet and onto the kitchen floor. Jooheon’s soft fingertips touch your clit, making your eyes flutter shut at the glorious sensations just his fingers could bring.
”Oh god,” you murmur he slides a finger into you, quickly followed by another, his thumb rubbing your clit. You writhe on the counter, your fingers in his soft hair, tugging on the strands as he kisses your chest.
“Fuck me, Jooheon.”
Jooheon lifts his head and his eyes meet yours. He throws you a wink before withdrawing his fingers, putting them in his mouth and sucking them clean. He quickly unfastens his jeans and pulls out his cock, hard and pink, and runs his hand up and down it, making him let out a shuddering breath. His other hand grabs you roughly by the waist and pulls you closer before he lines up and plunges into you. You emit a broken moan at the feeling of being filled. Jooheon wastes no time; he quickly withdraws and surges back in hard and fast, holding you firmly by your waist. You grab him by the back of he neck and pull his head close, resting your forehead on his, your eyes fixed on his damp, achingly soft lips, kiss-swollen and parted. You dive in and kiss him roughly, moaning into his mouth as he fucks you harder and faster, his lips moving from your own to your ear.
“I love being inside you,” he says, his voice breathy and pinched with lust before he nips your earlobe. He adjusts the position of your hips and finds that spot inside you that makes your toes curl. You cry out and cling to him tighter, bucking your hips off the edge of the counter towards him, wanting more. Jooheon hits that spot again and again, his thumb returning to your clit and rubbing it in fast circles, adding even more delicious stimulation.
“Fuck, Jooheon, harder!”
Jooheon moans in reply, his hips moving even more, slamming into you hard, pushing you closer and closer to the edge until it overflows and explodes out of you, your inner walls clamping around Jooheon’s cock as your body jerks and writhes in Jooheon’s arms, his name rolling off your tongue in erotic cries. Jooheon isn’t far behind, thrusting into your tight heat a few more times before he slams into your one last time, as deep as he can, and releases, a string of hushed curses leaving his mouth. He rests his slightly damp forehead on your shoulder as he tries to regain his breath.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”

wonho: i’m sick

hyungwon: it’s okay, you stay in bed. i’ll take care of you

jooheon: i’m sick

changkyun: what the hell do you want me to do about it