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"¿Quisieras compartír la oscuridad y silencio conmigo? Si tan solo me notaras, ya no perseguirías tu sombra."

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Changkyun: okay, but hear me out. one octopus…many octopussies

Hyungwon: how do I block you in real life?

monbebe, read this if you’re sad

me: no one love me

MONSTA X : “I do love u”

me: I feel lonely

MONSTA X : “I’ll be by your side now so you won’t be alone”

me: I’m worthless

MONSTA X : “Every moment you’re here is a highlight Shine forever”

me: I’m ugly

MONSTA X : “Everything about you is so beautiful”

me: I’m..


I’m running out of breath

Cause you’re so perfect

So perfect so perfect girl

Yeah I want you by my side

me: I’m meaningless

MONSTA X : Because of you I live because of you

me: I shouldn’t do it…

MONSTA X : Just do it, do what you want. follow your heart. you only live once

wonho: i’m sick

hyungwon: it’s okay, you stay in bed. i’ll take care of you

jooheon: i’m sick

changkyun: what the hell do you want me to do about it