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Caring about others comes naturally to me
—  Me to Myself

Yo my birthday is coming up

And my bf and I are running low on funds. Not begging, there are probably many other people who need the money more immediately than I. But. Idk if you were feeling in the spirit, my birthday is December 18th and any and all gifts are much appreciated. It’ll probably go towards my phone bill or gas money to get home for the holidays.

My email on paypal is

Message me for other options if you wanna send me something but cant use paypal


Kpop 2019 

Empty - Winner

Hip - Mamamoo


Un Village - Baekhyun

Side Effects - Stray Kids

Flower Shower - Hyuna

Spark - Taeyeon

Money - Dawn

Super Clap - Super Junior

I Wanna Be - Key

so uh hi. It feels a bit weird doing this, but at this point it’s one of the only chances at improving my current situation.

My dad just got a new job, and insurance doesn’t kick in until January 13th. Getting interim insurance (which would cover when the old one ended, Nov. 16th, to the start of the new one) is roughly $2k. I’m not asking for that much, just enough so I can still see my mandatory doctors, and so can my dad.

I can do without everything but my T refills, otherwise I will get incredibly sick. Hopefully we both can put off procedures (tooth fillings, cataract removal, etc) until January. Feel free to ask about specifics if you feel the need.

If you can give anything, we would be incredibly thankful.

s/shares as well.

I’m also open for writing/editing commissions, if anyone would like! 

  • Les Mis
  • The Good Place
  • Essays/Finals editing

All prices are negotiable. Thank you for reading, have a good day!