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People who can’t wrap their heads around the fact that bein’ in Cube gives some kinda advantages over bein’ in some other companies doesn’t know how to grasp the idea of nuances. Does it give the same level advantage as bein’ in SM, YG, or JYP? Naw, but compared to a lotta other companies it does. Why? Part of it is ‘cause the name of the company is a lot more well-known thanks to artists like Hyuna, BEAST, etc. A company that ain’t produced names as big doesn’t provide that level of advantage, at least in this kinda way (the different staff in a company have different levels of industry connections, for example, though, n this is another way a company/the artists in it can have some kinda advantage or privilege over another company/the artists in it, but I digress).

This is a simple concept, but some people still don’t get it. People be poppin’ up like 'Yeah, but CLC struggled n still ain’t that popular, etc’ or ‘Yeah, but (G)I-dle didn’t get popular immediately, etc’, but CLC would be in an even worse situation in some ways (they’d be in a better situation in some ways, too, but that’s another story) if they’re were in some other companies 'cause the name of the company wouldn’t have that impact. n, yeah, (G)I-dle definitely worked hard n deserve credit, but in some ways they wouldn’t be in as good a position as they are if they were somewhere else 'cause, again, the name wouldn’t trigger the level of expectations in people’s minds that Cube would n people most likely wouldn’t pay as much attention to ‘em. Nobody can honestly say, as an example, that a company started today with no history, reputation, or popularity built up yet would give artists the same boost as bein’ in Cube would. Be real, man.


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“You, you, you, you! Hello! Hello! Where are you go?”
“Hello money”
“Faranji faranji! Money!”

Are things you need to endure a lot while traveling in Ethiopia. And also a helluva lot of staring: especially if you have piercings and dreadlocks and stuff… in some parts of the country we felt like every action of us was constantly watched, observed and commented on (in Amharic).

Some people in this part of the World have been led to believe that western people equal money. By all the USAID billboards everywhere, by tourists handing out money to kids for some cheap i’m-such-a-great-person feel good factor and of course because it’s true: we have way more money then they do.

And of course kids are cute and mostly they’re just curious and bored and it’s a good thing if they practice English. But we resisted to reinforce the above idea (and so should everybody btw - there are much better ways to give back) except for this one guilty occasion when we invited these kids for a juice to share. It was gone in about 3.5 seconds. BTW juices are suuuuper good there. They’re basically just fruit pure made out of mango, avocado or papaya: yammmmm!