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I got myself for my and needs. And it's fantastic! So learning by doing I guess... So lets get started with some scifi . I'll keep you posted on the progress. I want this game-ready ;D

Calling this one on the modelling, I will look at texturing later.

Always interesteing how quickly these little modelling sessions become more and more complicated. I think I am about helf way trough on this one now though.

Tree Hose: I don't know if it was the heat but this got rapidly out of hand. Moi3d screen grab I will texture this later on though.

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Artist: Luka Mivsek

Title: NVIDIA Metropia 2042 | Character of the Future

“Inside out character design for Artstation challenge NVIDIA Metropia 2042

Final version is military adaptation of universal bipedal robotic platform mimicking human anatomy”


(For the complete photoset, please visit the artist’s websites)



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