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cryptic-trash-cat  asked:

Some Mello headcanons please :3


- nobody else at Wammy’s would dare to use his cubbyhole in the library to study; that was strictly Mello’s space, and everybody knew it

- an unusually self-aware and articulate child, his personal essays were always top notch 

- the teachers generally liked him because he was so serious and hard-working, and Wammy’s sort of turned a blind eye to bullying or saw it as a way to separate the strong from the weak

- Roger was a bit frightened of Mello, because he knew that Mello was shrewd enough to notice how frail his confidence and sense of authority actually was

- Linda took the photograph of him that was left at Wammy’s, and Near asked her if he could have it once Mello had run away

- I don’t think Mello ever actually met L in person, despite what the LABB book says. I’d say he was either embellishing on things in an attempt to make Near envious, or maybe that he talked to L over the phone once (basically I just think this is OOC for manga!L to do, so I try to fix it in my mind somehow while still keeping the LABB lore mostly intact)

- I don’t think Mello was as obsessed with / idolizing of L as the LABB book made him sound, either. He barely even thinks about him in the manga aside from that one scene where he is shocked by his death as a kid. Near says Mello also idolized L, but I think by the time he’s an adult he’s moved on from that and is more focused on resolving his rivalry with Near than anything else

- he and Halle had a complicated on-and-off again, friends with benefits relationship. She was much more educated than the people he was used to hanging out with on a regular basis, and the only person he could really talk to about Near. He enjoyed her company a lot more than he wanted to show, but he also didn’t trust her at all, and had no problem using her harshly if he had to. She had deeper feelings for him than he had for her, and a little bit of a “wanting to fix the bad boy” complex going on

- Matt was the only person from Wammy’s he kept in touch with over the years, and one of the only people he ever fully let down his guard around. Matt was so guileless and unimportant and unambitious that this made it very easy for Mello to relax

- When he sent Mogi to Near’s to be interrogated it started as an attempt to taunt/use Near the same way he’d felt used by Near when they met up again as adults (”I’m not just a tool for you to use to solve the puzzle”); but at some point during that interaction he realized he actually started to genuinely enjoy cooperating with Near in a less antagonistic way

anonymous asked:

Do you mind if I ask questions about you and your F/Os? :3 [valiuxe]

I don’t mind at all! (I might not respond right away if I’m busy though, but I’ll do it asap)

anonymous asked:

My self insert is called g7 (not set on the name but oh well) he’s modeled after a child pretty much and he is the smallest in his team. He’s a gunner class!! I really want to write him in a story but aaaaa I don’t know how to write well ;^; -9ssssss!! :3

He sounds cool!! Keep me updated okay? I’d love to hear more about him. And you could totally write about him even if you don’t know how to write well. The most important thing is to have fun!!

lovxie  asked:

i heard like a theory where he was left in his dads trunk???? idk i really need to catch up noragami was my shit bro

well,,, i mean “trunk”…. it seems like from what we see in the last chapter that i read, he got buried alive

and I do remember that someone was mentioning it was something to do with…cults… egh

anonymous asked:

Okay so I’m on such a Nier: Automata hype right now so my fav character from that is def 9s and I have a self insert character that me and Haze made together and aaaaaaa I really love 2b and a2 they are both so wonderful!!! And Emil was DEF a fav!! I still need to play The other nier game ;^; gestalt was it? And for scene, probably theeeeee (sadly) one where 9s sees a2 stab 2b ;;;; very sad and unexpected (screw you Yoko Taro I miss 2b >:’0) ~9s!

You got great tastes in characters my friend
Oh I’d love to hear about your self insert!! And yeah, Gestalt c: It’s so so so good, do tell me when you play it! And don’t worry 2B comes back in Ending E!!! She’s alive and well!!!

anonymous asked:

Its meee tos anon againnnn and im just replaying it again because i havent played in foreverrrrr alsooo imma sign off as a name so how about ~9s (If thats ok :D)

Hi! I feel you, I replayed part of it yesterday actually (the first time I played this game was 9 years ago but I never beat Abyssion for some reason so!!! I did it this time!!!!). Have fun playing!!

And I’m curious, since you seem to know both games, do you have any fav characters / scenes / anything in ToS and/or NieR: Automata?

averoid  asked:

if you have time, can i request mangacaps of Good Mogi Moments?

Yesss, I love him so much, he’s the unsung hero of the Task Force, he did so much important stuff and he’s a big sweetheart and very brave, and he really deserves a bit more love!


I think this is the first time we ever see him:

A rare Mogi smile, excited to be one of the good guys:

He wasn’t around a lot in the first bit of the story because he was always off doing the grunt work by himself for L… a pattern we will see repeat many times:

He was chosen to tail Light by L:

And was the one to witness Light’s excessive womanizing:

He was the one to apprehend Misa after she ventured onto campus:

And he bravely chose to quit the police once they no longer supported the Kira investigation:

This bit made me laugh, I guess Matsuda can’t relate to Mogi’s quiet personality:

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anonymous asked:

I THOUGHT ABOUT MELLO AND TAKADA TOO. And tbh Misa and Mogi are goals. I bet they would have "baking Sunday" every week and their house would smell like heaven ( and probably have a Wammy's outbreak every Sunday too). B & Misa together it's a menace I'm half grateful half mad it didn't happen. Can you imagine? They're the perfect pair to counter Light &L.

Mello and Takada could bond over their excellent study habits and good taste in fur coats

Aw baking Sunday! Misa would prance around in her saucy little outfits and Mogi would be slaving over the hot stove far too much to notice lol

B and Misa would most definitely be a force to be reckoned with, L and Light should probably quake in their boots if those two joined forces against them. Couple of obsessive loose canons with very little shame and guilt, they’d enable each other’s worst behaviour so hard lol