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Have you seen this stunning 2 bed in ? Offering a kitchen and private area that’s surrounded by wildlife, it could be the perfect home for your retirement Homewise guide price: £251,500

are a great place for a r#enovation. We can help you design a bathroom with a sensibility. World renowned services at affordable prices at . For more information, we can reached at (858) 874-1925.

From one-off builds to multi-property developments, our past projects have helped many find their ideal home

Listening to a fabulous UK original pressing of this ⁦⁩ purchased yesterday from the brilliant ⁦⁩ in Soho. Still sounding crisp and vital 62 years on!

Take a seat in . PreO the newest season of sophisticated, wear-everyday staples perfectly fitted for the woman

Our MPs aren’t completely insane. I bet he didn’t vote last night though!

One of the first projects I worked on 10 years ago when I set up FWD, was this beautiful modern architectural home in . I truly love this style of simple, crisp and elegant architecture

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          There will come a time wherein some things will change and will turn into something new. Time will surely come wherein the past may be remembered but will surely be replaced by new things, just like FASHION. Have you ever been on a date where you wore long skirts and long sleeves? Never, right? Well, to tell you the truth, all women before were never seen wearing jeans and skirt but were seen with these clothes on.

          Funny, isn’t it? But to tell you the truth, it’s not. That dress was so unique and suitable to those women who were so conservative before. This kind of dress was worn on the late 20th century by low class and high class citizens, but it depends on the style and the fabric that were used. Before, you can see those dresses every day and be inspired with the Philippine fashion history.

          On the other hand, some everyday activities today like dates, family dinners, group projects, or even your leisure time needs to be extravagant. Some girls will put makeup on and be the “most beautiful girl” ever seen by a man. Just like the OOTD above or what we call “Outfit of the Day”, this kind of clothes can be seen all over the Philippines. Some will wear this even just on a normal day and some will wear this with poise just like how it should be.

          We know that many will say, “I like the fashion as of today because it’s so trendy.’ Oh well. Yes, let’s respect everyone’s perspective but to be honest, there will never be a fashion trend today if there is no fashion trend before. Wear whatever you want and wear it with grace and beauty no matter what kind of clothing is that. Simple as that.

          There is a saying that “change is the only constant thing in this world”. It will only come and go, and that saying will always be related to our daily lives and to what we call FASHION. Fashion is cyclical. It will always respond to the time and culture in which it exists. It is also a never-changing trend that will be completely different from the year before. We all know that current styles will always be different from the styles in 20th century. As we go on, we are going to know the real difference between before and today’s fashion when it comes to a social party.

          In the late 20th century, women’s fashion in the Philippines is the most conservative fashion of all time. The clothing used that time was called “Filipiniana”. It needs to be long, neat and formal whenever they were attending parties or formal events. This kind of clothing was remarkable especially to those late Filipinas because this was a symbol of conservativeness for them. This was also engraved in the Philippine fashion history all throughout the next generation.

          Meanwhile, as time passes by, everything has changed into something more elegant and modern. Today’s kind of dresses used in social parties are considered and called “fashionable”. Why? Because the style, the color and everything is be based on the person’s taste and kind of style. These kinds of dresses will mark until the last generation. There will come a time wherein it can be changed but its style and uniqueness will surely last.

          We may say that change is constant in this world, but it will always depend on us if we are going to change the things that we used to do. It depends on us if the dresses that we used to wear before will be different from what we are wearing today. Besides, there is no harm in trying some new trends and dresses as long as we are going to consider ourselves first. After all, fashion is not about the dresses, it is within us.

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"Shit, I totally missed that whole meet-the-girlfriend thing. I got roped into working a double, forgot about it. I ... Look, you know how I am." It was probably the closest Sivir would come to an apology. That, and what followed. "Milkshakes?"

The fact that Sivir had sought her out to begin with made her stop and stare. And things only got weirder from there. Not only was she offering an explanation for her missing a meeting she set up, but she was willingly asking to spend time with Taliyah? Clearly one of them had a fever, or this was some kind of dream.

Or… Sivir had found out what she’d told Kai’Sa… In which case, this was a trap. The thought briefly crossed her mind, an instant of panic flashing over her face before she realized that such a scheme was too long-winded for the woman.

“Well, I mean… We just kinda talked for a while. Got to know each other a bit. But, yeah, milkshakes sounds awesome! Haven’t had one in ages…”


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Vincent van Gogh, Self-Portrait, 1889.

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In response to the closures of both the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian American Art Museum due to the partial government shutdown, I will be posting highlights from both collections indefinitely until these museums are reopened.


Listed by: @thejoshaltman
3265 Oakdell Lane | Studio City | $8,995,000
Located in Fryman Canyon on approximately one acre of perfectly manicured grounds is Mogul Manor: a fully designer-furnished, completely one of a kind home. Each room in this 5 bed, 6 bath apx. 6600sqft showplace is masterfully decorated with pieces from some of the world’s most renowned designers including Baccarat, Ralph Lauren, Mogul, and more.
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