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Women's Ball Gown Tulle Skirt

Sizden biriniz bir kötülüğü gördüğü zaman, onu eli ile değiştirsin, gücü yetmezse dili ile değiştirsin. Buna da gücü yetmezse kalbi ile buğzetsin. Bu imanın en zayıfıdır.  🌹 🌷

This is how a system has to work: complication-free, , full of sound. With the Music 5, shows how sensibly used technical can enhance the user experience and the experience without overtaxing.

with headboard light bronze, ring and headboard upholstered with leather, bed base and ring light bronze. DM for more details. . . . . . .

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From EarthShip Decor

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"Didn't I tell you that my room was OFF-LIMITS?"

The harsh tone of his voice rang in her ears pulling her from a comforting slumber. Still tired limbs fought with the softness of the comforter as her mind began to wake. Eyes fluttered softly as her lungs pulled a deep breath against the soft pillows. They still smelled of him. “Ben!” Her eyes opened wide to see the tall man lingering in the doorframe. “I…um” she stumbled, he’d come home earlier than expected. “I … it felt safer here somehow” she stumbled as she pushed her body upright.

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Heaven and That Other Thing - SpacePunkStevie
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‘What are Sam and Nat asking you about all the time?’


‘You look shifty, Steve. Be honest. Do you have a secret girlfriend? You can tell me if you do.’

Steve put a hand on each of Clint’s shoulders and looked him in the eye, ‘I definitely do not have a secret girlfriend.’ he told him, honestly.

Bucky Barnes is the owner of a cat sanctuary in Brooklyn, an ordinary guy by the Avengers’ low standards, and a growing problem for America’s favourite captain. Steve Rogers is publicly straight, endlessly bored, and has a habit of not fully thinking through his decisions when Bucky is around.

Hey, Asshole! A New York City Love story - bunnymaccool
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Bucky’s running late for the bus and he’s stuck in line behind some ridiculous shoulder to waist ratio bastard who’s too busy flirting with the baristas to get his frickin’ order in. After he tells the dude off, completely in his rights he feels, the damn oversized puppy-faced ass keeps following him around and trying to apologize. And okay, dude is hot like burnin’, but Bucky just doesn’t have the time or patience for soothing the wounded ego of some gymrat wannabe with an obsession for dressing like he’s hiding from the mob and …. why are you laughing, Sam?

:) I’m going through all my shrunkyclunks!tag and it’s wonderful and hilarious and I just LOVE modern!bucky ok so shush. 

The convenient lovers

Their hands and lips met at the very right place

Yet, their eyes were lost in the very wrong moment

They were holding each other

Not wanting to lose one another

Sharing their bodies

But protecting their souls

Not wanting to lose themselves

To one another 

No explanation needed

Carpe diem at its best

Protecting themselves from too much

And nothing

Trying to keep the balance 

Mutual respect was established already

And yet, the silence was still uncomfortable

Trying to make noise

But the rules were simple:

We come and go

And we do not settle 

With nobody else

Nor with each other 

Knowing the safe place is dangerous 

It is hardly ever within your comfort zone


Remember when I told you that I spend way too much time on a house in the sims 4? Well, here it is!

Keep in mind it’s my first completely done from nothing house in ts4 and first time using cheats for building!

I’m quite happy how it turned out! (especially roofs and jacuzzi)