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Building a model bag

When I first joined my agency, I attended an “Industry Prep” session — a day at the agency headquarters in which the directors and their top models teach newly signed models about the industry, prepare them for future castings, and give them valuable advice. One of the top takeaways I got from the session was the concept of a “model bag.” The session leader explained that a model bag is a bag of essentials that every model should bring to their photoshoots, fashion shows, and other work days. It is a seemingly basic concept that seems pretty straightforward, but a model bag is an essential companion that every model should bring with them to shoot days.

Every model’s model bag is different and the items inside can vary depending on the job / shoot you are participating in that day. However, there are a few basic necessities that are a good foundation for building your model bag and the rest can come easily after that.

  1. A cute bag! It’s a basic but necessary step. Find a bag that you love, that fits your needs, and that you’re able to carry around easily!
  2. Snacks. Sometimes shoot days can be long and it’s important to have replenishments in your bag because you always have to remain at the top of your game! Pack some granola bars, make yourself a bag of vegetables, even bring some extras for the others at the shoot! You’ll automatically be the favourite of the day if you whip out snacks and share with everyone else.
  3. Extra underwear. Our mothers always told us to pack extras and that tip is no different for your model bag. Pack bras of different colours (black, nude, and white are the basics) and matching, seamless underwear.
  4. Comfy clothes. There is almost nothing better than changing into a comfortable pair of sweatpants or leggings after a long shoot — I can promise you that. So bring that hoodie, pack those sweatpants, and slip them on as soon as you can.
  5. A make-up bag. This item may be most useful when you’re doing a shoot where there is no make-up artist present — but even if there will be a make-up artist present, it can also be handy to bring along your daily make-up items just in case. You never know when you might need a random touch-up or if the make-up artist’s foundation just doesn’t quite match yours.

By starting off your model bag with these 5 items, you’re sure to be prepared for your first modelling jobs. And don’t worry, as you book more shoots and get more experience, you’ll find more items to include in your model bag that benefit you!