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Happy Birthday Kartik Aaryan!💐🎂 🎂 ❤

カフェで撮影のお仕事してきましたぁ☺️✨✨ 渋谷スクランブルスクエアに初めていきました! すごい人だったぬ🙄 カメラマンの女の子とすごく仲良くなって楽しい時間でした✨

Matthias Hofmaier is going to show you how they used to implement a capable of detecting stress in physiological data gathered with the use of a . Check the session out >>

foam play Puzzle mat / letter A-Z Interlocking floor mat

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Charli Howard via Instagram:

wow!! 😱 so honored to be featured in the latest issue of @elleusa (with some of my fellow curvy gyaldem!!) where they’ve written about the beauty of seeing real skin & curvy bodies 😌 it’s true, was named after my squish because I love that word - it’s soft, feminine and cute, just like beautiful female bodies!!! 💋 (P.S that picture was taken by one of my best friends @heatherhazzan on her balcony a couple of summers ago - she’s a true champion of accepting who you are. we’ve overcome eating disorders, negative people and grown up together in this movement over the past few years.) i’m just so glad it’s catching on. 💖 #bodypositivity