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Estas son las 10 mejores webs para crear mockups de manera sencilla y (casi siempre) gratuita

This TEE DESIGN now available in various sizes and styles. SUGGESTIONS and REQUESTS always welcomed.

I have no idea what the point of this game would be, but have a mockup of me practicing. I used Linear Color Palette. | | |

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TS7 Vinyl Concept

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Fight Scene - Jupiter

A little mockup I made for a short film, it has kinda of a star-warsish vibe to it (I wish). It’s kinda patchy, as it makes much more sense with the image (but I don’t own the rights to it.

As I usually do, I orchestrate it first on a notation software and then play each instrument manually, for the most organic sound as possible.

I used the Berlin libraries and East West percussion.