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Going ape. From mobile game Monkey Doo. From a game I designed for a client along with programmer Andrew Macrae. Like Angry Birds but with more animation and poo.

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BigCommerce has announced the roll out of BigCommerce for #B2B. As the name suggests, it’s #software suite that’s tailored for business-to-business #retailers who want to sell their products #online. #BigCommerce for #B2B is aimed at #wholesalers, #manufacturers and #distributors.

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I have spent more than $10K while I am talking with those strangers!

WeChat, i could be so confident to say it is the most common communication tool in all Chinese’s life. Except talking about the daily communication stuff, the most popular thing we are using daily in the WeChat, is the WeChat group.

WeChat group, which seems “un-harm” to our wallet, but it defiantly plays a great role in pursuing us to spend more. (Picture 1) it shows a chat group, like a normal chat group it has a big comment topic, and gathers those who are interested in this topic people to join and share opinions. Well, it sounds like a society, right? Yes it is.  By the time, the number of members in the group gets growing big, someone or the group hosts start to promote some business, in the form of “group member benefits”. As we talk more, we are getting familiar with each other, even only in one aspect of their life, but the trust between us is getting stronger, so when they are selling some related product, for example, in the picture 2, selling (recommending)  the healthy products in diet group, the indication of interest is getting stronger as well!

The ability to sell, those WeChat groups, are stronger than the other forms of WeChat retailers, we called “ Wei-retailer” which is the retailer posts their products daily in the moments and wait for the WeChat friends to find out. The WeChat groups have built strong connection upon a common topic, the trust among the members are strong, the level of persuade to purchase in the group is improving at the same time!

Well, I have to admitted that, before I finished this post, I have purchased 3 packages of diet protein bars in the group ! Opps I did it again 😊