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cassandra is not particularly shy about nudity, being trained as a soldier from a young age and i’m gonna assume most seekers and templars are male just by the way it’s shown in game/ canonically, so she is pretty used to the naked male body. she is used to sharing barracks or changing and bathing in front of her comrades, and is not particularly self conscious about her body. she sees herself more as a weapon and a tool rather than a woman and a sexual being sometimes. however, it is tension/ romance/ being in a ust kind of scenario tha really affects her because she is not used to being flirted with. she has only been in a relationship with one man and her relations with others were one night things done to relieve sexual tension so it is hard for her to be upfront about her feelings and desires.

I am going to make some cupcakes since tomorrow is boss’ day and my dad’s boss enjoys my baking???? For some reason??? But when I’m done I’ll be back on my laptop!

Specify a muse if you want a starter when I’m back online. (If you’re a fellow multi, also tell me who it’s going to!!)

@stardropsongstress  said: //OKAY BUT THE THEATRICS WOULD BE PHENOMENAL. And you know Vincent would literally be like YOOOO THAT’S SO COOL MAN.

Sebastian doesn’t fuck with ppl often but bOY WHEN HE DOES

So long as Jodi doesn’t eviscerate him for letting Vincent see the blood, he’ll take that as a definite extra prize in of itself.


stolen from: @shuoshuzhe

tagging: I support theft of dash memes



PRONOUNS: they/them



AGE: 21


HOW LONG (MONTHS/YEARS?): ¾ years..?

PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: discord, tumblr

BEST EXPERIENCE: I love writing with people and being able to meet new friends too ^^


FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: it depends on my mood, but I’m a thot for angst in particular

PLOTS OR MEMES: again, depends on my mood, but I’m always up for either. I prefer plotting for longer, more drawn out and specific plots or to skip through awkward first meetings.

LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: I prefer medium threads. Long threads are good too, but they take me longer and feel more intimidating. Medium length threads let us explore more characterisation and move the plot along without being too intimidating ^^

BEST TIME TO WRITE: morning or evening, since that’s when I’m not on campus ;p

ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): I mean, there’s parts of me in them since that’s the nature of writing, but let’s put it this way: I’m not as nice as Jarvan, nor am I as mean as the noodle.