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Tomorrow I will be showing off these new skins for the stream😊😂🤣😅🕹🎮🥊 and again I will be on mobile platform with fortnite 👋

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# Breaking पबजीमुळे बहिणीच्या भावी पतीवर जीवघेणा हल्ला....कल्याणमधील धक्कादायक घटना... हल्ल्यात तरुण जखमी GAME game

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…… Angst…. :3c

I wanted to do things, but instead took a much needed rest day. Tomorrow is my favorite coworkers last day before she moves on to being a store manager to another store, so tomorrow will be a little emotional for me. Feel free to leave me things to look at for tomorrow !

Feels Advice from Dad

Rudy: Alright, tell me how you feel about Susie.

Noelle: I wanna kiss her!

Rudy: Okay, now how do you feel about Kris?

Noelle: I wanna kiss them, too!

Rudy: So you have two crushes?

Noelle: What? No! Susie is my crush, Kris is my best friend!

Rudy: … but you said you wanted to kiss them too?

Noelle: Well, yeah, but like in a friendly way.

Rudy: Oh, so like on the cheek or forehead?

Noelle: I mean, that too, but also passionately on the lips.

Rudy: … like you wanna kiss Susie?

Noelle: Yes! Exactly like I wanna kiss Susie! But like, as friends. Don’t know what’s so difficult to understand about this.

Rudy, holding his face in his hands: Oh my god.

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Athene what most interests you about other people?

“If we’re talking about humans? Their capacity to follow their gut. Sure, us gods are powerful and can by and large do what we want, but we will always ultimately follow our creed – our purpose. I’ll always be me, my brother will always love a good fight and Aphrodite will always love… Well love. Humanity however is a fickle thing, almost disgustingly so at times. Their hearts and minds change as frequently as the breeze – and theirs a beauty in that, even if most gods can’t see it.”

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