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Onde estão os utilizadores? Nos seus smartphones claro! ;) Nenhuma marca pode passar ao lado dos adaptados para . Descubra o que não pode faltar numa estratégia de publicidade adaptada a estes dispositivos.

Daily: Poloniex Goes , Cobinhood Dollar Adds , Expands BidMine: The Daily In today’s edition of in Brief we cover a new app from Poloniex, the addition of USD at Cobinhood exchange and the expansion plans of Bitmain in…

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Seeing a HUGE 183% increase in mobile Image Thumbnails. It seems that Google has made the feature far more relevant to LOCAL mobile queries. Full write-up to come.

According to a recent study, 92% of learning professionals expect their organisation to increase investment in this year. See why its the perfect fit for the way people learn today

We are now in an environment where ‘going into the office’ to carry out transactions, log , or send out invoices is no longer necessary. Here’s 8 signs that it’s time to go .

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Free-floating bikes and scooters are the future. The new transportation is floating, it has no set stops or infrastructure, and it’s filling a mobility gap in our cities.

- ‘Floating transport is going to invade our streets and ruin the feng shui!’ 

- Wish we would apply the same critical mindset to carbon polluting parked and single occupancy cars.

Floating transport can solve the last mile problem of public transport, and thus enhance the use of existing infrastructure. If the trip to the local train station goes from a 15 min walk to a 5 min scooter ride, then it improves access. And could help public transport further compete with car ownership.

The traditional transport system has been designed by people sitting in an office. Stations are fixed. Bus stops are fixed. Once set, they don’t change very often. Stability and predictability is important of course, so they need to exist. But the city is an organism that changes day by day. Floating transport can respond more quickly and evolve with it.

About four years after he’s graduated, when he’s 22 years old, Hero Shouto comes home one night from being hounded by the press and followed by fans and has an epiphany. He hates being a Pro Hero. Not the actual act of it, the saving bit, through the good and bad, but everything else that is inherent to the Pro Hero lifestyle. He hates coming home from a difficult night where people died because of him only to find the press at his door asking about his latest interview. He hates people recognising him in the street. He hates seeing his face on every billboard. He’s always been a private kind of person and there’s been a reason for that, but in this lifestyle, privacy is not a luxury that belongs to him. And he’s having panic attacks everyday. It’s starting to interfere with his work, the bit that he loves. He can feel himself pushing over a breaking point and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen next. And that’s terrifying.


you’d think they’d have a creative name for it, but no, not really