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Samsung makes Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit wearables official

Tech:Mobile:Microsoft To-Do for Windows 10 adds multiple account s-

Our new open-source library will tell you how strong your password or a PIN code really is...

As part of 's "Counseling Clients in the Entertainment Industry" seminar on 2/27, 's will speak on current trends within , , and digital

Awesome learnings at Ventures Summit with 's Esther Hwang and Cuebiq’s Shawn Kiner!

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 has a built-in Instagram mode

Techcrunch Mobile: Samsung’s Galaxy S10 has a built-in Instagram mode

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Zoom H4n Handy Mobile 4-Track Recorder | Zoom | MIC18 CATALOG - Mic18 香港 專業音響 產品目錄 PA system

The Zoom H4n Handy Recorder picks up where the H4 left off and adds additional features to an already popular audio recorder. Ideal for recording interviews, le

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lol because you obviously lost virginity

“Geez, you fuckers never listen, do you? I told you I lost it. I don’t have to tell you how. Fuck you. Some people aren’t comfortable talking about this, and in this case, not only am I going to tell an ASSHOLE who won’t show their face, but I’d rather leave that behind me.”

“Fuck off.”


So the issue is my computer itself, not the charger.

I bought a new one and plugged it in and it didn’t work. So I’m very upset now. Rip in fucking pieces I don’t have computer fixing money rn 🙃

Mobile it is for a while.

Things will continued to be tagged ooc, nsfw and mobile as necessary but I won’t be able to do read more posts or have the ability to cut them properly. Apologies in advance.