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🤖The Guard Robot🤖 is incredibly useful at defending, but its final explosion 💥 is very powerful against the enemy towers. Try using it also offensively to maximize its power.⚡️

22:28 2020/01/23 あるそうです。→ありました。

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🤎✟ ┆ 。*⑅୨୧┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈୨୧⑅*。 。*⑅୨୧┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈୨୧⑅*。 ┆ サポ観音で勝利( ∗•ω•∗)*。 対あり!!👍💕💕 強化された ユウコウが強い件ᐠ ♥︎ ᐟ

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Lagi cari HP yang cocok untuk game berat? Berikut rekomendasi HP gaming murah terbaik 2020, harga mulai 1 jutaan spesifikasi mantap untuk , , dan .

with the strangest ideas. Bring your friends and be your true self! @TheEsperSchool Ni tan mal que me haya toca esto, 2 días más para tener a Minnie :D

Este juego es bastante bueno, buenos personajes,animaciones y estilo anime

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Die Logitech G604 Gaming Maus im Test: kabelloses Gamingmonster? Wir haben das Teil mal ausprobiert und geschaut, ob Kabellos und Gaming sich mittlerweile verträgt.

Kai’Sa está lista para entrar a la gruta del invocador. ¡Escoge a tu campeón y prepárate para la batalla! Hoy por nuestro canal a las 21:00.

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Another concept art of the core..the idea is, if the core is contained by a "magic" gear mechanism who controls a breach of time....if destroyed, time itself reset for the side who as been destroyed.

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Splash #Jinx y #Yummi Rompecorazones

🎁RIFA SKIN 1350 RP (Solo LAN):

#leagueoflegends #pbe #newskin #sanvalentin


New Jhin design :)

Jhin is my main and my pure baby , So I made a new design for another mains so it’s avalibe at my redbubble *sparkle*

So if ya want a sticker or t-shirt (and etc.) look this link ~ thanks <3


Francesco Adamo - Run Boy Run
Age 11 Contemporary
9th Place Age 11 Solo
Ultimate Gold
MOBA Dance Academy
American Dance Awards Nationals 2019

Choreography: Jay Barrett
Music: Run Boy Run - Woodkid