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Happy Father’s Day from , our charity partner. Each artisan has pledged to donate 7% of all of their sales, from the MN Christmas Market, to this wonderful organization.

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing fathers who make such a difference in this world!

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ilianquisition  asked:

"I didn't know it was Fathers' Day until Lily told me," Lathna admits. Well, more accurately, she hadn't known there *was* such a thing until Lily told her. But better late than never, right? She holds out a bouquet of purple flowers - hydrangeas, maybe? - and presents them to Heinwald. "...Thank you for being my dad."

Ah, so that’s what all these gifts were about. 

Heinwald forgot about such a holiday, so far removed from his father the only thing they shared at this point was a name. It was strange, thinking about family again. He never met his mother, though Rosalin said that she was lovely enough. Rosa…if his mother was anything like her, he was sure he would have loved her very much. 

The best and worst thing his father ever did for him was die. 

But they weren’t chosen, instead thrust upon him by the hands of fate. Or, rather, he was thrust upon them, being the last card on the castle before it all started to crumble, leaving him with scattered suits to reassemble as best he could. 

Considering Curran, Lily, and little Lathna with her fist full of flowers, he did alright with the hand he dealt himself. 

“If it makes you feel any better,” he chuckled softly, “I didn’t know it was Fathers’ day until just now.”

He took the flowers with a smile, bringing them up to inhale their aroma. While their roots held medicinal properties, the flowers themselves would serve as little more than decoration. Still beautiful, though, and deeply appreciated. 

What struck him deeper, catching the breath in his lungs, was her thanks. 

Thank you for being my dad.

They’d both picked him. Nothing forced them together, no blood to strangle their will into submission. Even if they had, he could have been easily denounced, just as he had with his own father. Lily picked him. Lathna picked him, despite all her apprehensions and suspicions. 

His teeth sunk into the inside of his bottom lip for a moment, willing his composure to return. 

“It’s been an honor and a privilege, Lathna,” Heinwald said after a moment, adjusting his coat so he could kneel down and pull her into a proper hug. “Thank you for being my daughter.”

You’re holding her hand,

giving her your jacket,

It’s early summer in the city of roses

I am sitting here counting pieces of my broken heart

Like all the rose petals that say,

he loves me not

m.n // “Portland, Oregon”

Recommendation Needed

I am looking for an affordable Minnesota wedding photographer for Friday, September 27, 2019. I am looking for someone willing to do 6 hours (2pm-8pm) and has a second shooter. I only have about $1500 to spend on photography. My wedding and reception are in Edina, MN. If anyone knows of a photographer who can do this please comment or send me a message. Thank you!