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Les 10 talents à retenir du mondial U20 ( Selon France Football ) avec Ezequiel Barco et un tacle tres limite à la ( alors qu'elle méritait plutot des félicitations !! ) cc

This is one of the changes that has taken affect as of June 1, 2019 after IFAB passed it earlier this year. One foot has to remain on the line until the ball is kick. Doesn't take affect in the until 2020. But and other tournaments are following it.

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A new idea for coming! Make sure you sign up for info at - A brand new MLS system for the US.

💣💥💣💥💣💥💣💥💣💥💣💥 SEGÚN West Ham y Newcastle 🇬🇧 ESTARÍAN INTERESADOS POR EL VENEZOLANO Jefferson Savarino () 🇻🇪 JUGADOR DEL 🇺🇸 🇻🇪

Débattre de l'importance de la en écoutant Curaçao contre El Salvador 😂

Eddie Vedder sings 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' at Cubs' World Series

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Der Sportschau Club mit Bastian Schweinsteiger | Sportschau

Wer schon mal vorab schauen will ;-)



No os perdais el video completo 😀

En venta…

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anonymous asked:

What degree does someone have to have in order to be called a librarian if they don't have the job title librarian? What is a typical day like for library employees of any position?

Good questions! Grab a snack, this got a little long.

What degree do you need to be called a librarian:

Here at LCPL we require everyone with the librarian job title to have their MLS (Master of Library Science). However, that’s not true of all libraries. Some libraries may only require an MLS for the higher positions, like directors or admin, so someone with a bachelor’s could certainly be called a librarian in some cases.

We also have Assistant Librarians. Assistant Librarians may not have an MLS. They might be working toward it, or not, but a bachelor’s degree is sufficient for this position.

We do require Assistant Librarians (and many other positions) to be working toward their library certification, but that’s a state requirement - it may vary state to state. (Here in Indiana, qualifying for your certification requires earning a certain number of Library Education Units, which you get by going to classes, watching webinars, or attending training related to your job. The number of units you need depends on your position, but the state provides a LOT of opportunities to earn them and it’s generally pretty easy to end up with way more than you need.)

TL;DR: it depends on the library! But honestly, to most people, if you work in a library you’re a librarian ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What is a typical day like for library employees in different positions:

I asked the whole Tumblr team to toss in their two cents since we’ve got people from lots of different positions contributing to this blog. Not everyone has gotten back to me yet since we’re all working different schedules, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging. If I hear back from more people, I’ll add on to this post.

As you might expect, library staff like words so it got a little long. We’ll add a Read More to save your dash. Here’s what we’ve got:

Chris (Librarian, Branch Head):
My #1 tip - learn how to plunge an overflowing toilet without getting your shoes wet.

My actual advice -

A typical day is dealing with whatever the library users throw at you. So, there’s a lot of variety and you have to like working with people of all types.

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Cobi Jones Sends Message to U.S. Women’s Soccer Team: ‘Keep Scoring Goals’

Cobi Jones former MLS and U.S. Soccer player has a message for U.S. Women’s soccer team.

Jones told TMZ Sports, “keep scoring goals.”

Via TMZ Sports:

So, when we saw Cobi – one of the most famous U.S. soccer players of all time – we asked if he thought the team took things too far.

“I don’t think it’s bad sportsmanship,” Jones told TMZ Sports in L.A. … “I don’t think any of the celebrations were directed toward the other team. [They weren’t] running over to their bench or getting in the face of the other players. It was all internal meant for them and their group.”

Jones says the downside to such a dominant performance is there will be a bunch of new HATERS who want to see the U.S. lose … because “We tend to root against the winners.”

Still, Cobi says he wants to see Alex Morgan and company keep their feet on the gas … saying, “Keep scoring goals! Celebrate! It’s the World Cup!”

Team USA takes on Chile on Sunday … where the Americans are currently favored by 4.5 goals.



2017 U.S. Open Cup Semifinals
FC Cincinnati 2-3 New York Red Bulls

“I want to congratulate [Cincinnati and FC Cincinnati].  What an incredible environment, what a great performance, what a great run for this team.  Well coached, organized, fight, commitment, belief - all things good teams are about, and we escaped by the skin of our teeth.  I heard that the MLS commissioner was here tonight, so I would hope that he takes notice of what’s going on here.  I don’t think it will be too long before we’re back here again and playing in more meaningful matches.” - Coach Jesse Marsch


Mais um gol sem graça do Ibra… 🚲
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