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guys with long hair are so attractive.

Imagine my body swung open on its hinges with the swelling of an ocean within it

This is not to say i am an ocean, but rather i’m full of water, an excessive amount of it that dictates everything i do

I contain rocks, and movement, and i erode,

I smooth myself from the inside out

I carve my edges to round bends and the softened skin of a chunk of discarded beer bottle in ocean,

Moving from one shore to another

Does anybody know me if they only see what i am now and not the layers beneath all this sand? They see my curve, my smooth, but not that i used to be jagged and dangerous

I am a cracked vase spilling out water until there is nothing to sustain me, it sits at my feet only inches out of reach

anonymous asked:

I feel a bit weird since everyone else doing this is sapphic, here's my gay awakening. As a trans guy, I didn't really notice attraction at all until I transitioned and then it was just like... B O YS

all are welcome, thanks for sharing 😊there are a few other mlm stories if you want to go through my gay awakening tag

🌈send me the story of your gay awakening🌈


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for anyone in the lgbtq+ community who is having a hard time fitting in or has been put down lately or has been discriminated against or is living in fear of not being accepted or feels ashamed or is still figuring things out, i hope things work out for you. i hope you get to live your life without worrying about what other people might say about you, and i really hope you find people or have people who will love you just the way you are.

i wish i could write poetry as good as you,

but since i cannot and these words never seem to not fail me,

i will do my very best from this day forward,

writing every word

counting every day, every hour, every minute, every second in between us

loving every bit of you to the end of all ends,

until there is nothing left to love more than i

already do

for you, my love,

you are the light of my life, the hero

i couldnt bring myself to ask for.

you are the love that not even i

nor anyone else

could imagine

to be so sweet, so wonderful, so pure and so strong

and i say all of this, all this and more, to tell you

i love you.

thank you, my love.

that is all.

Would Everyone Please Rise For The Mourner’s Kaddish (For Pittsburg)

1. There. This is what you want, isn’t it? I’m tired, and Jewish, and queer, and terrified. I’m disabled and mentally ill and trans and afraid. I’m scared, okay?

2. The doors to my synagogue are made of bulletproof glass,                               cores designed to fracture in such a way that it breaks down, not out.                 That it doesn’t cause more damage by splintering from the impact of a bullet.

3. Don’t you get it? This isn’t a hypothetical to me. It’s a question.                            What will we do. Where will we hide. Who will we save.

4. And you know what else?

5. I had pancakes this morning. With chocolate chips. And I kissed a boy.              I pulled on an olive-green binder.                                                                            I went to school and I cried. And I got up. I went to class I did my work I       survived.

6. Today.

7. Today I am still alive. Today I am still surviving. And this. This is what I want.

8. This is what I need.

9. Today, I win.

10. Even as I say Kaddish for the slaughtered alongside my innocence.

11. I win.

12. You lose.

13. You.

14. Lose.


rymeup  asked:

caring clown for the ask thing!

jeez im sorry I put this off for so long !!!! i had work and also i wanted to write something really nice for him heehee

sunlight pours through a window

slightly ajar.

the warm breeze

tiptoes in,

its dance soft and sweet 

as it passes by.

a distant melody trickles into the space

coming from everywhere and 


everything’s just…..


and sweet 

and calm.

a idyllic moment

carved a place for itself

in time

just for us.


For everyone disappointed in the news about AC: Odyssey, I should point out that BioWare has a pretty consistent track record with LGBT rep. Their earlier games weren’t as great on it(KotOR has only one wlw option and no mlm), but they’ve been making genuine strides and their wlw and mlm romances in DA and the later ME games are some of the best in gaming–I still regularly go back to romance Leliana, Isabela, Liara, Josephine, Sera, Lana, Juhani, and Merrill, and I’ve even actually done het ships and enjoyed them(despite being a raging lesbian) because they write their men extremely well–vulnerable, emotional, and human, rather than the emotionless blobs that stand in for human beings in most games. The games themselves are almost always excellent and well-made(with a couple *ahem* notable exceptions), and I’d recommend them even without the quality romance options(all of which you get to CANONICALLY STAY WITH IN THE EPILOGUES AND EVEN ACROSS GAMES[DA and ME have savegame imports on the same console that remember romance options and similar]), so I really can’t recommend them enough.

I’m sure a lot of you guys who read this are gonna already know about these, but I guarantee you there are young kids and teens for whom Odyssey was the first game they saw themselves in, or even older LGBT people who haven’t tried these games yet, and this is for them. If this inspires you to give them a re-play as well(I’m waist-deep in DA2 and an Isabela romance for the zillionth time), then so much the better.

Anyway, hearing about the crap that happened and the shit going on in the world, latching onto a company like BioWare that not only makes consistently excellent games but includes consistently excellent representation and romance is honestly more and more important by the day.