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Character Introduction- Evander Dellis

“The end is near.”

Evander is cursed. Like, really cursed.

Every morning the sun rises, and Evander rises with it. He grows wings made from wax and flies toward the sun over the ocean until his wings melt and he plummets to the sea, waking up in his apartment with burns that go away working minutes.

This has been his routine for thousands of years, that is, until after meeting Ivor Wells. Through the blossoming relationship between them, a cult of necromancers led by his evil brother, demons, and the prospect of saving the world, Evander has his plate full.

What will become of Evander and Ivor? Stay tuned for more content to find out!


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Tbh fuck the american lgbt community

Like you have the chance to show what we can be with minimal discriscrimination and being the loudest advocates for the lgbt community, yet you just completely fuck up and make everyone look bad. You don’t even realize the responsibility you have. Everyone is watching your damn fuck ups, and you just give the homophobes weaponry. They know about the kid drag queen fiasco, and your headass we are better than the straights attitude that just keeps harming us. Fuck off. You are ruining our chances.

the other night my boyfriend and I were watching a play through of a horror game and one of the monsters were like, little baby dolls that ran really weird and every time they popped up on screen my boyfriend would get startled and would just laugh this cute wonderful little chaotic chuckle, moral of the story I love my boyfriend so much and anyone who doesn’t get to feel the kind of love I felt when my boyfriend cackles at creepy viddy games are really missing out


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they ask me where I live

somewhere far, I reply,

dark eyes gazing past

the horizon

like I’m trying to see you

wherever you are

I see the looks on their faces



no-one understands

when they say

home is where the heart is

if you think it too, then our home

crosses two borders

two countries

two worlds

our home is settled

somewhere between big city

and small town

a place on a map marked only by our love

if you squint hard enough

you can see its small form

cluttered with rosebushes

my honey jars are in the windows

and your writing is on



everything we do,

we do with love

even if we have to slip notes under the doors

for us to get each other

we’ve built this house with our


on our sleeves

laid its foundation with trust

raised the walls full of memories and laughter

the time we spent



over our heads

that stretches up towards the trees

pardon me, it says to the sky

I’ve got two young lovebirds living under me

and they’re fixing to make a life


they ask me where I live

not too far, I reply

my hand is nestled in yours

we see the looks on their faces