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'Always Be My Maybe' Director and 'Fresh off the Boat' Creator Nahnatchka Khan On Creativity and Getting the Details Right

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Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of the mind, while traveling this extraordinary evolutionary path

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Jeez. Why does show seem like one big 4 ? It's kind of ridiculous. Does he own part of the company? Surprised he would team up with a purported . How big is his fee to constantly promote them?

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hey lads… if youre a barmy git, a gormless pillock, just a straight up, daft-as-a-brush muppet……. hmu

5 MLM Books for the Fifth 5 Days of Pride

It’s twenty days into Pride, which means it’s time for another list of five books from me! This fourth post is dedicated to contemporary MLM books set in the United States or United Kingdom. The “includes” notes refer only to the protagonists/POV characters/MC and LI. Synopses can be found under the cut and the links lead to Goodreads. For my minor and sex-repulsed followers: these books include graphic descriptions of sexual situations. This month’s first post, dedicated to historicals, can be found here; the second post, dedicated to a-spec MLM representation, can be found here; the third post, dedicated to paranormal books, can be found here; and the fourth post, dedicated to contemporary books set in New Zealand or Australia, can be found here.

If you’d like to check out my 30 Books for 30 Days of Pride list from last year, you can find it at this link! I hope you’ll look forward to five MLM fantasy books on June 26!

  1. Brave for You by Crystal Lacy; M/M; genre: contemporary, romance, parenthood; includes: a character of color; set in the United States
  2. Locked in Silence by Sloane Kennedy; M/M; genre: contemporary, romance; includes: a disabled character; set in the United States
  3. Snow & Winter series (beginning with The Mystery of Nevermore) by C.S. Poe; M/M; genre: contemporary, mystery, romance; includes: a disabled character; set in the United States
  4. Oz by Lily Morton; M/M; genre: contemporary, romance; set in the United Kingdom
  5. Second Chance by Jay Northcote; M/M; genre: contemporary, romance, parenthood; includes: a mentally ill character, a trans character; set in the United Kingdom

This post’s LGBT+ author is Xen Sanders/Cole McCade! He is a bi/queer author of primarily MLM books. I recommended his book Shatterproof in my paranormal post, but I am also enjoying the Criminal Intentions serial, which is written like a police procedural with each installment being a full-length book. That series centers on the protagonists: Malcolm Khalaji, a “bi silver fox Persian American Mizrahi Jewish hero,” and Seong-Jae Yoon, a “gay demigray ace Korean American hero”. 

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“With ignorance comes fear- from fear comes bigotry. Education is the key to acceptance.”

-The Bullying Epidemic: The Guide To Arm You For The Fight, Kathleen Patel

of all the things that are important, education is it. in order to gain acceptance, education is necessary. it’s hard sometimes, but never shy away from helping someone to understand our community and who we are.


VivaMK Update with Michael Khatkar 20th June 2019 New VivaMK Basics Essentials Catalogue

To the Trans gays:

You are not, I repeat, not straight. You are a man/woman who loves the same gender. Your brain corresponds with that gender. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re straight, or fetishising, or can’t use the word gay/homosexual. Because you fucking can. Being trans is hard enough without being exclusively same sex attracted. I had a hard enough time coming to terms with being bi. But so many trans people are discounted the second folks find out they’re gay. Trans gay folk face even more discrimination than straight trans folks and straight-passing bis (I’m a bi who “chose a side”, dont @ me). And then to have other people in your own fucking community act like this

Im seething

Im literally so angry rn my best friend @alextheal1en is a trans gay man and you garbage monsters can’t fuck off