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Training your models for fair predictions? In this article, Stijn Tonk shows fairness in Machine Learning .

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RT : et : une combinaison séduisante qui soulève malgré tout quelques inquiétudes... Merci pour cet article ! Et vous, qu'en pensez-vous ? ▶️

AI can't replace people because only humans can understand context and coordinate people and processes based on their understanding of that context.

et : une combinaison séduisante qui soulève malgré tout quelques inquiétudes... Merci pour cet article ! Et vous, qu'en pensez-vous ? ▶️

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I honestly and legitimately thought Kagami was lesbian, and didn’t have a crush on Adrien

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Why wouldn't Marinette just rip off his arm or something to purify the Akuma and then miracle cure it

It doesn’t matter if she did, casting Miraculous healing causes ALL magical influence to be removed when fixing an item. So the original state of Little Chatton would be a lifeless doll.

So it doesn’t matter.

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So, for the Demigod AU (I'm gonna call it that, since Adrien is a demigod, according to the description of it), would Marinette be a demigod, too? Which one of her parents would be the god? Would some of the Miraculous powers be actually from them being demigods?(There's so many questions and so little space in the ask box :-D )

Hawkmoth Would be the demi god.

As for Marinette, both her parents are half god so that’s how she has it.

Their miraculous powers come from the weapons they were given by the wise Sage deity Fu.

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Adridini Concept: The 1st time he tried the Rabbit & Hat trick for an audience, something went 'wrong.' He didn't mess up, but instead of making the rabbit vanish, a kitten slid into the table when he tried to show that the hat was empty again (which it HAD been). He was able to keep his cool & play it off as part of the act, but he was freakin' out. No one, not even Plagg knows TF happened. Weird part? The kitty has the same patters as the 'lost' bunny. Kitties just appear in his hat trick now.

Yes, Plagg asking after the show.

“Adrien, where’s the rabbit”

Adrien sweating nervously



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All the things she said

(all the things she said)

Running through my head, running through my head



So uh, yeah

I refuse to stop with this “t.A.T.u. AU” (is that even a thing??), it seems…

I’ve decided to go with red for the color (maybe mostly after Kagami’s uniform colors??)

… I still have ways to go but here’s where I’m going so far. (I really can’t believe I got my adobe subscription back and I’m actually using it for my free time instead of school/work this time around… Huh.)


Adrienette (Adrinette), honey, you still my main and all but Marigami is a treasure that must be observed u.u

The day Marinette realizes she’s in love with Chat Noir, she’s a little too vocal and not at all aware of her surroundings. It starts off with her scrolling through her phone, laughing at a meme, thinking about how much her kitty cat would love it, wishing he was there with her in that moment to see it, and then wishing he was there with her always. Because he made her smile. Because he made her laugh. Because they could talk about anything and everything from dusk until dawn. Because he always had her back. Because he was everything.

And then, upon realizing how much he means to her, how much he’s always meant to her, she laughs a little, filled with realization followed by denial followed by realization of that denial. Then she stills, all those shaky giggles coming to a halt, as her eyes widen and her body goes to tense.

“Am I in love with Chat Noir?” she asks herself frantically. Hearing the words prompts her to suck in sharp breath. “I’m in love with Chat Noir!”

Naturally, the first thing she feels post-realization is indignation. She scowls, because he’s going to be so damn smug about it, and is half tempted to join a convent just to spite him.

Soon after that, she feels panic. Sharp, nagging panic because seated beside her, studying with her since Nino and Alya ditched them to “go get a book”, is Adrien.

He drops his phone with a clatter, and from a quick glance, Marinette sees he was also looking at memes. Unlike her though, he was not fantasizing about Chat Noir.

And he better not have been, her jealous streak says, because Chat Noir was—

Stop it. Marinette screams internally and wonders why she’s flip flopping and talking to herself like this. Stop. It.

“Chat Noir?” he squeaks, going red in the face.

He looks adorable and Marinette’s heart flutters stupidly but is that just because he said Chat Noir’s name? What was happening to her?


“You just said you’re in love with Chat Noir,” Adrien says.

“What? No, I didn’t!” Her denial is flimsy at best. Still, she sticks to it partly to convince Adrien but mostly to convince herself. “I am so not even a little bit in love with Chat Noir. Or his stupid face. Or his kindness. Or the way he smiles when you’re in a pun off with him and he gets the last laugh—oh my god what am I even saying.”

“You can’t be in love with Chat Noir,” Adrien insists frantically.

Marinette frowns. “Don’t tell me who I can love!”

“No, don’t do this, Mari.”

Adrien pulls at his hair and Marinette cannot comprehend why he’s panicking when she’s the one who should be losing it considering she’s in love with Chat Noir and apparently no one saw fit to inform her of this.

Finally, Adrien lowers his hands. He takes a deep breath before looking at her with a straight face. “Marinette, Chat Noir is a loser.”

Marinette scoffs.

“No, seriously. Did you know he even fell into a dumpster one time because he got distracted by a bird?”

She did know that, but she doesn’t confirm that.

“Also he tells the dumbest, most amazing—er, most ridiculous jokes. Also he doesn’t really know anything at all. He’s kind of an idiot. A huge idiot with zero common sense.“

“You don’t know him. You shut your hot lips!”

“No, seriously, one time he put a metal bowl in the microwave.”

“I—“ Marinette pauses. “How do you even know that?”

Adrien’s eyes widen but he doesn’t respond to that question. “Uh…and his breath smells.”

“No it doesn’t! I mean, sure, sometimes he smells, but his breath is fine.”

“It isn’t his fault that he smells!” Adrien shouts. “He doesn’t have a choice! He doesn’t even like camembert. He’s lactose-intolerant!”



Marinette huffs as she begins packing her stuff into her backpack. She stands when she finishes and Adrien stands too. “I’m going home,” she announces.

“What? You can’t go yet. We’re not done talking.”

“Oh, were we talking? I thought you were just trying to tell me how I should feel!”

She stomps away, so Adrien hurriedly packs up his own stuff so he can follow her. “Marinette!” He chases her out to the front of the school. She’s already by the road when he calls out to her, “Chat Noir is total loser, Marinette!”

She ignores him, but Adrien persists in his attempts to dissuade her apparent feelings because that’d be so much easier than turning down a potential confession of love.

“Marinette, Chat Noir is just a dumbass furry!”

That one gets a response. She pauses only briefly to give him a dirty look over her shoulder. It’s enough time though for Adrien to start catching up to her, yelling insults about Chat Noir along the way.

I never thought I’d have the patience for a long distance relationship — and at times I didn’t. But we’ve come a long way to give up now. It’s been a while since I’ve posted personal photos on this blog and what better way to come back than to publicly express my adoration for the guy who has made the past eight months something of an adventure.

ily lemon boi ❣️