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What if when Marinette/Adrien/Ladybug/Chat Noir are together, with the knowledge of each other’s identities, it creates a special power?

We know the Miraculous together can do something amazing and powerful, so what if the wielders themselves who are representing Yin and Yang can do something amazing and powerful once they’re together, too?

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Hey! I love your into the ladyverse AU <3 do you have more head cannons?

Originally posted by thenatsdorf

(I have a bunch more)

-Ladybug and Bridgette!bug have a relationship similar to Miles Morales and Peter B Parker. Bridgette is in a slump and Marinette pulls her out of it. (Granted not as bad as Peter B. Parker) 

-Scarlet Scarab and Chat noir butt heads a lot during the au, Scarlet Scarab trying to be patient and understanding. (Because he knows this is how he would have acted back then if he thought someone was making a move on the girl he liked)

-Scarlet Scarab does finally get along with Chat noir when he explains he has a girl he likes back home.

-Noirbug and Soldierbug talking about how many Nazi’s they’ve punched.

-Soldier bug dispensing advice to Bridgette. Bridgette ignores it because her plan b involved giving her a gun.

-Soldier bug and Ladyham having some sort of hammer space, Ladyham for cartoonish weapons, Soldier bug for guns and bombs.

- Ladyham is actually a ladybug with a pig Kwami. 

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What HAPPENED to LB and CN in the SiO/PiC AU? Going from petty crime but still technically heroes (fighting akuma) to homicidal supervillians isn't a normal degradation, especially when some of the petty crimes are vandalism or robin hood-esqe (stealing the ice cream). So, what HAPPENED, and are they remorseful of their crime but more terrified of retribution to confess like on National Free Balloon Day?

That is the million dollar question.

I think it was slow process, a slow corrupting process.

Their crimes were childish at first, but much like with power. They start realizing how the rules didn’t apply.

They started committing bigger crimes, people started calling them out on it, but opinion on them still remained positive. Maybe curiosity on how much they could get away with? Maybe it was rebellion.

But everything. changed when Chloé died.

It was a conscious decision. Marinette had dreamed of doing it for years, especially with all the abuse that b**** had done.

The annoying b**** who made everyone around her miserable. (In this au she is much, MUCH, worse.)

Murder is murder, even if you think the person deserved it. 

Plus once the line is crossed, and opinion of you shifts. Its very hard to go back.

So deep end starts getting closer and closer.

And then you just go too far and there is no point in trying to find forgiveness.

(At least in their minds)

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An akuma that makes all of Hope Morphin’s joke tweets while she was impersonating Thomas on twitter true. Therefore Luka ends up with Chloé, Marc tearfully leaves Paris on a plane ride at the season 2 finale, and Reverser and Evillustrator were akumatized by Scarlet Moth only to make out the entire time because Hawkmoth couldn’t separate them.

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(Okie Anon Lets get you some more good head canons)

-Chat noir and Ladybug have done a lot of interesting crimes. One time taking over a fashion show, Chat noir and Ladybug not even hurting anyone, just pretending to be models. The show was a hit. They got offered a contract, Chat noir stole the guys wallet as a response

- In their early days, they were actually pretty popular, before they started killing heroes. They stole ice cream and distributed it all over Paris. Gave the mayor a wedgie and left him hanging from the Arc de triomphe. 

-Chat noir and Ladybug stealing all of Chloé’s Christmas presents.

-Chat noir and Ladybug stole the bell of Notre dame. How? No one really knows. But the did it just to ring it next to Chloé’s bed room.

-They kidnapped a visiting prince, and took him on a high speed pursuit.

-Chat noir and Ladybug once tagged the ENTIRE CITY with their logos.

“I honestly love Lila. She’s so complicated. And as a person that is interested in the psychology of people and characters. Honestly, Lila has been through a lot. And I really can understand why she lies so much. She’s isolating herself way too much. I’m pretty sure she’s got an anxiety disorder (generalized anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder) and is a compulsive liar. And happens to be a victim of child neglect. She’s just so interesting and I have sympathy for her.”