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MUT 2018 นี่คือทีมที่สตรองมาก

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miss-universe  asked:

Why are your OCs’ so frickin amazing?! 😍

aw thank you!!! i’m sooooo happy (and relieved) that people like them! idk what you like about them specifically, but personality-wise, both of them have an aspect of me, just rly enhanced. starnet is like 90% my personality (and none of my appearance to match haha). i didn’t do this at first, i instead chose a few key traits i wanted them to have-ruby was calmer and reserved, sapphire was energetic and confident-and built off from there

sapphire is that more confident part, when i’m not as self-conscious and i feel comfortable with the people around me, a lot of my thoughts are something she’d be confident enough to say aloud. ruby however is that less confident, worried, self-conscious aspect. she doesn’t speak as much, not bc she doesn’t know what to say, but cause she doesn’t think others will care/agree, and people will judge her. she cares a lot about the ones close to her, her friends, but she doesn’t know if they care about her back.

as for backstory? i truly don’t know how you like it it’s a mess


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Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray Full Performance

Unexpected Stranger

Ben Hardy X Catriona Gray

Sneak Peak



She was not made for the world but she was destined for the Universe.

Winning Miss Universe was surely a dream come true for Catriona. 2018 was specially a great year for her but at the same year she also lost a 6years relationship.

Originally posted by heypinaycolada


Fortune favors the bold.

Having the opportunity to be able to be part of the Biopic movie Bohemian Rhapsody surely was the biggest break in Ben’s career. Many doors have been opened for him during 2018 but one door has closed and that is his 9years relationship.

Originally posted by ifyoucanbreathe

“ I gotta tell you that you kind of have the same name as my ex girlfriend” Ben said as he drank his coffee looking at the lady sitting beside him.

Catriona glanced amusingly at the man and said “ You know for a person who asked to sit beside me in this bench in the middle of Central Park, I really did not expect you to say that after I introduce myself”


Will add the other parts soon. Please bear with me since I am new to this.

Please do inform me if you want to be tagged in the other parts of the story.


Behind The Scenes with #MissUniverse Catriona Gray

© Tim Yap

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miss-universe  asked:

I love your art sooooo much!!! I’m honestly so lazy and can’t be bothered to color in anything after the sketching phase and here you are with beautiful content. Wig snatched.

thank you so much! and every artist is probably lazy at times, you just gotta get through it ig. there’s been countless times where i just want to work on a sketch for hours. maybe try to experiment with things like color palette challenges, stuff like that make coloring pretty interesting to do

im always happy to hear when you guys like my art, you’re all so nice it shocks me sometimes. i return your wig to you.

tumblr entry #4

“Major Major” Purpose

After her title reinstatement, Raj placed as the fourth runner-up in 59th Miss Universe pageant where she popularized her fumbled answer “Major Major”.

Raj is the youngest of the five children and was born in Doha, Qatar to an Indian father and a Filipino mother later migrated to the Philippines where Raj’s birth certificates were perjured by her aunt, claiming that she is a Philippine-born child and grew up in a farming land in her mother’s custody along with her half-siblings.

In the early years of her life, Raj had been joining in pageants and later on won major contests and prizes.

With her winnings aside, Venus actually thought that life was normal… normal for her mom and her siblings to have different fathers, it’s normal that she and her siblings does too, and as she grew older, the kind of life she was living caused her to think that satisfaction can be found in life partners, love can only be found in a man and poverty can end if one finds their knight in shining armor.

In hopes for love, protection and for father figure, she had a relationship in an early age of 16, and got engaged in immoral relationships, a practice that continued from high school to college, even after she graduated.

Looking for love, protection and a father figure in the wrong places led her to another thought on how to satiate it: give it all and whatever it takes even if the person is just a lover and you’d give everything including the body.

Continued unhealthy relationships, is a common mistake of those in wanting of love… a different kind of love where faithlessness is present, thinking that different relationships could satisfy that vacuum in the heart, would give the security, but before you know, it can end in one fell swoop.

In 2008, she joined Miss Phippines Earth, and a woman from Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) shared the gospel to her, and claimed in her testimonial youtube video, that during the prayer time, she cried upon saying that she accept Jesus in her heart, but nothing happened after that, as she said that she might not understand it at that time, like there was no transformation in her life.

Venus then represented Philippines in Miss Universe 2010, and won fourth runner-up in the said pageant.

After Miss Universe, Raj’s cousin introduced her to his friends from CCF and brought her to church.

And on that day, she heard the gospel again and finally understood. In the testimonial video, she said that God allowed her to see on that day how much He loves and cares even if she’d gone astray despite of living a sinful life.

And with that, He, being a good father still accepts everyone in His family with arms wide open.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” - Romans 6:23

That day, Raj repented, asked for forgiveness and surrendered her life to Jesus.

Innate it is of us, humans to commit to Christ, and be afraid to fully commit our lives to Him, because we think that we might lose the things that we have, whatever it is; money, business, friends, family even our whole life… scared we are to give it all up to the Lord.

(Venus Raj) “But God’s word in John 10:10, became so true to me, it says,

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” - John 10:10

By God’s grace alone, He slowly but surely removed things that are not pleasing to Him from Venus’… like immoral relationships, selfish ambitions, fear, insecurities and many more, and replaced it with love and peace that comes only from the Lord.

Upon learning her story on how she grew up longing for protection, being unfamiliar to a healthy relationship and surrendering her life to Jesus, had impacted me that maybe she haven’t done a mistake, “Major Major”, instead replaced it with a significant major purpose, to live and serve in life in prosperity, that only can be given by God himself and disciple people in the name of Jesus.


Catriona Gray Miss Universe 2018 Makeup Inspired 😘💄👑
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