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Did You Know ? is a word meaning “Lack of Order” The is to bring some of Order to the lack of Order helping patients helping Global

recherche un(e) de formation (H/F), postulez dès maintenant! (Nantes, Loire-Atlantique , Pays de la...)

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HE of MaryKay Loss Carlson | U.S. Embassy & Consulates in India, on the Farewell function in . We are delighted towards strengthening relationship by and had Great pleasant moment and wish U great journey ahead.

Always here to serve the RGV! Call or text Robert Kirby, your KellerWilliams-RGV REALTOR 956-279-8829

Father, today marks since the Gods called you back. From birth you had your w/ a dedication for . For over 50 yrs you’ve been a practicing & as a you traveled the world preaching the Lords name. We miss dearly!

Can’t wait to do our of tomorrow for all of our 10-8 who can’t be w their loved ones. Jade has to work, so it will just be Jojo, Miss Blue & myself. And damn right we’ve got blue bunny ears. Duh.

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Starting a new school with some amazing people! Will soon start a new church with some amazing people also! Working with immigrants, refugees, and displaced families is what makes my heart tick! I’m ready to get started!!!

From partners ... Equal Exchange Blog ... "The Dairy Crisis: Intertwining the World of Trade, Livelihoods and Consumers" Dig into elements of the crisis; raise awareness of the consequences

Always here to serve the RGV! Call or text Robert Kirby, your KellerWilliams-RGV REALTOR 956-279-8829

Les 7 chefs de dépt. du & le Comm. général ont tenu une réunion d’évaluation sur la responsabilité des Dépt. après 6 mois de prise de fonctions. Ordre du jour: Comment développer d’avantage la éducative afin de répondre la de

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Big Step

I have applied for a mission trip to Hong Kong for this summer. If this goes through, I will be dropping all my summer classes and taking a leap of faith!

I am now trying to remind myself that school can wait, but life cannot. This puts me a semester back, but helping people and growing as a person all the while is more important to me than graduating on time.

I’ll keep you posted! 🐣 Happy Easter Everyone!



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Way down south..
❤️🌞❤️ 🙏❤️🎸😎 It’s only Rock ‘n Roll!! ROCK & ROLL PREACHER, Berlin!
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So much fun with this bunch…rehearsing for #earthday #festival in #sanfrancisco this #saturday at 3pm @earthdaysf is going to be awesome and #outside in the #mission at the corner of 19th and Valencia St. Get there early to get your spot in front of the stage!!! #wakeup #woke #love #light #fullmoon #session #live #music (at Wally’s Hyde Out)

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All Eyes on You | Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request:  131. “You could have died.” Bucky Barnes plz

Summary: Bucky Barnes was a stubborn man and always thought of you as a person who will get hurt easily. When your boss, Nick Fury sends you two on a mission to spy on a rogue agent, it’ll change how you see the soldier completely.

Warnings: mentions of blood, protective Bucky, swearing, angst, crying, betrayal, Bucky being an ass, perverts, sexual harassment

Word Count:  3,836 (this is a long boi)

(Gif not mine)


Some people in today’s world hate their job, some people love it. You were the ones to be in the middle. Why was that you may ask?

Well the best part of your job was that you were working with S.H.I.E.L.D., the best and the top agency in the nation. You get to go to many different parts of the world with your missions, some places you never even heard of and learned to love.

Another was to have this adrenaline rush in your body when you went out to do a mission. None of which you could feel in a boring office cubicle. You were also a specially trained spy, and boy were you awesome at your job.

But the best thing of it all was that when the leader, Nick Fury himself, wanted someone he can trust, he would always pick you. To be able to be his most trusted was one thing that was more than rare and you were proud to have his trust.

But what was the worst part of your job? James Buchanan Barnes. Or how he likes to be called, Bucky.

Sure, he has his amazement of his stunning rugged looks and appealing body muscles that look like god spent his precious time sculpting him, but when you and him go on a mission, you butted heads more than you realise like siblings would do fighting over the last cookie, but it got worse over the time. It was getting to the point where it was moving more to just whenever you’re just with him such as in hanging out at the base or whenever you went to do your morning workout in the gym.

When you and Bucky first met, he kept seeing you as someone who will easily 

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🎙Waking Up Like 🎶 #sang #sing #song #music #fathagreen #justinleonjohnson #love #grind #empire #coins #money #notbroke #focused #mission #duty #desire #plan #fruition #dream

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This is a short compilation of our mission activities…On the go!


Let the sun shine…2!!! And may God shine into our hearts thru someone special…
❤️🌞❤️ 🙏❤️🎸😎 It’s only Rock ‘n Roll!! ROCK & ROLL PREACHER, Berlin!
RRP Management/booking for concerts, ceremonies, modeling etc. :

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April 19th Full Moon in Libra

Moon dates are based on UTC, so there may be some fluctuation on the dates based on where in the world you are located.

April 19th Full Moon in Libra

Normally, I would say we have some VERY heavy full moon energy; however, I would only be looking at a small piece of things if I did.  The individual components are intense and heavy on their own.  During this Full Moon, we are still likely to see some strong disruptions; particularly where there is repression. Rebel energy is doubly strong at this time; and the slightest thing can tip the scales, leading to a major reaction or outburst.  Crimes are likely to be rooted in having to deal with a world that is less pleasant than what the soul knows it should be.  We will see crimes that are likely to come where people have been repeatedly scorned by a lover, or where the victim of bullying has had enough, or where a very unstable environment was forced upon someone.

When people are face to face with the world not being as beautiful as they know it should be, extreme trauma can ensue.  While the average person may deal with this just fine, and accept things; other more sensitive or fragile people may find it overwhelming and too much to deal with at this time.  However, this can also be a great time for intervention; or if this person can find someone that is willing to work with them a little, then great successes will come out of rough situations.

This Full Moon has a component of opening us up to greater understanding, learning, and progression through personal coaching or interaction.  Most people that are successful or personally strong, are there because they have faced rough times; and know what it is like to realize how harsh the world can be at times.  This is a great time for connecting with others that may serve as a source of both inspiration and wisdom.

In world affairs, we are likely to see some major power plays happening, that are fluffed over in pretty packaging.  It is important that we don’t buy into the dangling carrot or shiny object syndrome. This is where someone shows us something that we want to see or promises that what they are putting in front of us will change our lives and is the magic potion to everything suddenly becoming perfect. What you should really be wondering, is what are they doing with the hand that isn’t holding the carrot or shiny object.

Anyways, there is a great desire for many to want to take command not only of their own lives, but the lives of others.  This is a code pattern that sees the surge of dictators, political figures, and other leaders around the world that want to be in the #1 spot.  We are likely to have some great tabloid stories centered on this; touting who is outdoing who, and dirt that is uncovered to make someone else look better.  Things are likely to get outrageously humorous as absolutely minute and ridiculous things may surface in this process.

While we may be entertained by all of this, it is important that we keep our focus on being compassionate with our rebel energy.  Instead of going into full blown activism mode, we need to focus our energy on good deeds that we don’t charge for; such as helping a neighbor, opening doors, etc. Everyone wants to be heard; but sometimes those that are not saying a thing, are heard the best.

If there is anything that you need to wrap up or can bring to completion at this time, then do it, as that will provide an added benefit and open the door to greater blessings for you. If you can find a way to allow yourself to feel complete and whole without extreme or polarized activism, then you are headed down a most wonderful path that is sure to serve you well. If you find yourself in some sort of leadership position, think carefully about anything you ask others to do; because you will be responsible for what ensues.  This is why the best way to command others is through free choice and our own actions.

I welcome you to check in with yourself; and see if there is anywhere that you are feeling rebellious in your life.  Are you dangerously close to an outburst?

I welcome you to find healthy and compassionate options for anything that you feel repressed with.

I welcome you to explore where you are command things, and are you doing it with compassion; and where you are trying to control situations and others in your life.

The Code Journey ~ Jesse An Nichols George


Izamal - The Yellow City - Part 1