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We're looking forward to welcoming schools to our Rose Lane offices in this morning for 's Workshop. Hopefully see you there!

We can say that we are probably living in the beginning of the Third generation of MIS technology where functionality and security.... Visit: Contact:

My little cousin is missing in/from Charleston, South Carolina. Trying to leverage any connections I have to help find her safely. If you see or have seen her, PLEASE let me know. Please share.

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I would like to shout out my Quant. Analysis prof, Dr. Delaney because I'm sitting in my MIS class tweeting because I already know how to use excel.

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Purium offers a solution that benefits our bodies as well as the Earth. ALL Purium products are 100% NON-GMO 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee Click and Buy Here: & Beauty & Fitness Store

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Toda la experiencia, recursos, personal y capacidades de MisionCulturaVe se alinean a partir de hoy con el éxito de nueva Misión Venezuela Bella anunciada por el Presidente NicolasMaduro. Que cada espacio físico sea un espacio tomado para la cultura

Pre-Practice meetings with the boss! "Ready to see how those new perform?" 😉

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Mírame a los ojos, es aquí donde mis demonios se esconden.
—  Imagine Dragons.
Remember to breath

Here is my first BNHA art, I hope you’ll like it ^.^ 

hink only people who watch WTC can get this title ref xD Anyways … I sooooo wanted to draw this, instead of doing my homeworks T.T RIP me rushing tomorrow with all the work xD

I was filling Miu Kyoko’s bio this morning and so thought of her relationship with canon characters and suddenly thought of Bakugo ! She’ll probably want to help him to chill and advise him to do yoga, but find his attitude funny and cute in a way. But she thinks he has some issues he must solve. And Yoga is the key xD So here I am drawing Kyoko and Bakugo doing yoga and Bakugo being about to EXPLODE lol  They are NOT a pairing, definitely not ! They could never be xD I think Bakugo would hate everything about her, her kindness, weakness and her quirk would upset him so bad ! >.< (Kyoko has a crush on Todoroki so anyways xD) But, idk I can see the two as being a funny duo for a comic relief, even if they are not from the same school !

Miu Kyoko is the age of Midoriya but she jumped a class so she is in 2-A in Shiketsu. However she really isn’t hostile to other schools and really gets along well with Uraraka, Midoriya and Todoroki. Her quirk is to reverse oponent’s quirk. You may think it is over powered, but when you think of it better its even quiet weak there is a lot of things she cannot do with it. But well, more infos will come when I’ll have done her references, and finished redacting her bio !

I am gonna make a version of it as a collab with my friend Ikiru, who’s OC is paired with Bakugo ^.^


Art © sabaku_no_livna 
Miu Kyoko © sabaku_no_livna
Katsuki Bakugo © Kōhei Horikoshi
Background template © Uunhearthly 


heyyy guys, just dropping by since i never really introduced myself, but i realized i made it to 270 followers, thank you so very much 💕 i will try my best to keep updating this blog. since most of what I post is all johnny, which other members would you want me to do scenarios for? feel free to drop ideas/anything in my ask box 💌

🐥 lucia


Fatih Sultan Kokusu, Bergomot ,Ananas,Gül yasemin Paçuli ile gönülleri fethedin. Kaliteli Esans @feyzanesans #koku #esans #mis #parfum #parfums #parfumesansi #safkoku #safparfum #konsantreparfum #turkey #istanbul #kaliteliesans (Konya, Turkey)

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Les Miserables - Empty Chairs at Empty Tables Scene (full) - Eddie Redmayne.
The scene after the Revolution fails in Les Miserables. Eddie Redmayne singing.

This makes me cry every time!

¿Que color de ropa interior se debe usar para no tener depresión y ser emocionalmente estable en el 2019? Yahoo respuestas.

Hoy la vida llueve penas 

Gotas de desesperación 

Mis lágrimas son ríos, venas 

Desangrándome el corazón

La memoria de una mujer 

Son los besos que recibió

En tus labios yo viviré 

Y en tu olvido yo moriré

Hoy mis lágrimas se quieren suicidar 

Acurrucadas, morir en tu piel

Han nacido secas, tienen sed

Mi llanto se quiere morir

Como un beso prometido 

A tu alma, es mi voz

Soy lo muerto y lo vivido

Soy la calma, soy tu Dios

Cierra los ojos y te llevaré 

Donde los sueños se hacen canción 

La vida duele, te curaré

Duérmete y sueña te acuna mi voz.

Mago de oz, fragmentos de la cantata del diablo