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β€œWhen the mirror of your heart becomes clear and pure, you will behold images from beyond this realm of earth and water. You will see both the images and the image-Maker, both the carpet of spiritual existence and the carpet-Spreader.” ~Mevlana Rumi

Part of me loves this pic of my boy recognising himself in a mirror πŸ’œ Part of me is heartbroken at him realising his place as a separate being in the symbolic realm & thus beginning a futile quest for the wholeness he he had with his mum in infancy πŸ˜•πŸ€£

An illustration I did based on one of the prompts here on wysp. It features on of my OCs who is a fox spirit that wears on a human appearance as he wanders the mortal realm.

Hello everyone, my new album titled . It's a mind-blowing gospel song inspired from the realm of glory.

"Lord Let Your Image of Me in the Spirit Realm in the Natural" Lord I want to be who you say i Am

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