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Why not negotiate w/ Dems for a two tier ? $15 only for those over 18? Keep service/waiter job minimums somewhat lower - tips are basically commission. Negotiating's not weakness! Businesses in a strong econ can afford it OR you keep burden on tax payers for subsidies

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It seems like a no brainer to me. The Economy is doing so great, now is the best time hike wages to $15. We wouldn't want to hike it when the economy is bad.

On Thurs, the US House of Representatives voted to to $15 by '25 (from current $7.25)! We support the Raise the Wage Act b/c raising the min. wage is critical issue esp. considering disproportionate rates of poverty in LGBTQ community

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Does increase federal minimum wage cause higher stock price?

By initiating a at $15.00 With the rate of inflation within the next five to ten years will be below the living wage A $20.00 minimum is required to alter the level of a For the next twenty years There will be less wage bills

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Tie FMW to Congress' salary. When congress takes a % increase FMW does same & can't be decreased. Just in case congress cuts their pay.🤣 Tie FMW to COLA, too.

Most American companies can’t absorb this measure. ’ economic nonsense will end up in inflation and unemployment.

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Genius. Then they can get together. Start a competing business - cause they're already doin' all the actual work. And run yours into bankruptcy. Thought through like a die-hard Trump supporter.

What Exactly Is Meant By A Living Wage? : Australia’s national minimum wage should become a “living wage”, according to a new campaign from the Australian

What Exactly Is Meant By A Living Wage? : Australia’s national minimum wage should become a “living wage”, according to a new campaign from the Australian

the of $7.25 in the U.S going into 2020 is degrading and disgusting

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🛒 House passes bill to raise federal minimum wage to $15 per hour livetodineout via SN_news

The Democratically-controlled House passed legislation Thursday to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. #15

Spoiler Alert: If you're against a 15 dollar minimum wage your beliefs are funded by corporate greed!

From the Center for Responsive Politics. (US Chamber is US Chamber of Commerce). Draw your own conclusions.

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It’s long past time to raise the minimum wage
The Republicans' stance is meanness for the sake of meanness.

This is extraordinarily terrible politics. A Hill-HarrisX poll this year found that only 5 percent of Americans believe the minimum hourly pay rate should be reduced or eliminated, while a majority believe it should increase to $15 an hour. The Republicans’ stance is also meanness for the sake of meanness. Business opposition to an increased minimum wage is fading away as the job market heats up. McDonald’s — a major target of the Fight for $15 movement — recently announced it would no longer support efforts by the National Restaurant Association to fight an increase. The CEO of Walmart says the minimum wage should go up, too.

In fact, many employers are raising their starting pay, a combination of needing to pay more to attract workers as the unemployment rate continues to fall, public shaming and attempts to garner good publicity. Last year, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) all but forced Amazon into agreeing to raise its starting pay to $15 an hour last year, after calling out the company. (Disclosure: Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos owns The Post.) Target’s starting pay will rise to $15 next year. Bank of America announced it would raise its companywide minimum wage to $17 an hour, and increase it again to $20 by 2021.

This hasn’t deterred Republicans, who are now claiming that raising the minimum wage hurts small business at the expense of big companies. This is garbage reasoning. If a business owner truly can’t afford to pay workers more than a pittance, one might say it doesn’t possess a viable profit model. But in the United States, workers are expected to give endlessly to businesses, while the companies give little in the way back.


Wow I really wish I didn’t have to work 3 retail jobs to make $9,000 a year like wtf?

My family is trying to go to Germany for a family trip in October and I need money for things and currently only have $400 covered. With my current retail job (never work at Kirkland’s they do not give a shit about their employees) I’m going to get paid about $3,600 from January 1st 2019 to January 1st 2020.

But this is the amount I need to make for just doing extra stuff outside of work and writing. $5,000 of that is for Germany the rest is for other events and birthdays and things.

Btw it’s not that I don’t feel like working for the money I’m fine with that it’s just such a small amount of money to deal with stuck up old people on the days when I’m not working truck where a team of 3-5 of us unload the truck onto 2 carts and disperse it through the stock room. Injured myself multiple times not yesterday but last Monday cause I was the only one in the truck but since we have no cameras there there’s no proof and I was too numb to pain because it’s tiring to wake up at 4AM and unload 350 boxes of candles, mirrors, art, wall decor, furniture, etc. My back was killing me up until I woke up yesterday morning.

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Please watch… I’ve seen a lot of footage in the small time I’ve been on this Earth. There have been generations before who said there was a war on people’s social security and people are still saying it. For “my generation” or the one after or the one (it’s everybody’s generation no seperation.. You came from someone) after will have to face this on a whole different level if people don’t pay attention. Whatever people decide to do and believe in is crucial for the next generation. I don’t wanna hear the, why don’t you go protest shit.. It’s takes more than one.. It takes a unified people


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#Repost from the @maddhatta979 thanks boss for this video this amazing y'all
Amazon employees break out into raucous celebration as the company announces it’s raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour for all U.S. employees. #amazon #labor #minimumwage #workers (at Houston, Texas)

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Work how they pay you.

Here’s a tip for American workers who are tired of minimum wage salaries. “Work how they pay you.” what I mean by this is simply if you’re getting paid minimum wage, you work minimally. You don’t go above and beyond. You work for how they pay If they only pay you 7.25 an hour then you get 7.25 an hour work. Most people get mad at other individuals because they’re not working as hard as them and they make the same amount. You know what, that person is working what they’re paying them for. You’re the one choosing to go above and beyond thinking that these companies are going to pay you for working hard, only to give you a raise of $0.10 if you want to make more money make them pay you for the work that you’re going to do. which means if they’re going to pay you 10.25 an hour you work 10. 25 an hour work. If they’re going to make you work 7.25 an hour you give them 7.25 hr work.

Today I was at work and I was helping fill the salad bar and when I moved back to the register to ring up this old dude he just grunted at me and kept going into the buffet… And like… I just didn’t care enough to chase him down. So he came back like an hour later and he just walked up all, so I already ate but no one was here. So i was like just so done. I was so polite but even with my smile and customer service voice, what came out was something along the lines of, I said hello to you and you kept walking. Here’s your total. And somehow I didn’t get in trouble and I feel like.. I wish I could talk to every customer like that when they’re blatantly rude.