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Think the $15/hour is a great ? It will put more in low-wage workers’ pockets, but there are some big repercussions. Get the !

act isn't good enough. I understand that perfect is the enemy of good but this isn't even good. Going up to $15 in six steps over half a decade is unacceptable. We need $15 *now*. Perspective: John Kerry proposed raising the to $12 in 2004. 1/

23 mil women will benefit from a national $15 . women are more likely to receive public assistance and be unemployed & living in poverty compared to non-LGBTQ women. Call your rep & tell them to support the Act: 866 426 2631

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Thank you Tunji Anowusi (Economic Analyst) & Kingsley Okeke (Head Conslt Center for Economic Development) For sharing your insight on the MINIMUM WAGE discourse with today.

the Wall Street bonus pool numbers are out and they made 3x the combined annual earnings of all full-time U.S. workers 😒 

Our new infographic is here! See the employer's guide for navigating Massachusetts' minimum wage increase:

sounds WONDERFUL---in ACTION its No-so-wonderful. This is just one example, from the Foundation for Economic Education --in practice --hurts those who it is intended to help. You mess with -- U mess it up for ALL

There are lot of wastages in all arms of Government, we should just have a good REVIEW of all Expenses in the country, because the biggest sacrifice must be done by the political Class - Tunji Awonusi (Economic Analyst)

That report from the MINIMUM WAGE TECHNICAL COMMITTEE should be made public so everyone can have their input into it " -Tunji Awonusi (Economic Analyst)

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If the increase in minimum wage is implemented, and VAT is increased, there may be compliance issues with VAT. To assist your SME plan VAT compliance, contemplate VAT inclusive pricing at negotiation stage of your transactions.

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I hate my fucking job!
#DailyRoutine #IHateMyJob #IHateMyFuckingJob #FuckThisJob #FuckMyJob #OverworkedAndUnderpaid #MinimumWage #9To5 #AverageJoe #ManualLabor #ManualLaborSucks #NightShift #GraveyardShift #NightWorkers

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Wow I really wish I didn’t have to work 3 retail jobs to make $9,000 a year like wtf?

My family is trying to go to Germany for a family trip in October and I need money for things and currently only have $400 covered. With my current retail job (never work at Kirkland’s they do not give a shit about their employees) I’m going to get paid about $3,600 from January 1st 2019 to January 1st 2020.

But this is the amount I need to make for just doing extra stuff outside of work and writing. $5,000 of that is for Germany the rest is for other events and birthdays and things.

Btw it’s not that I don’t feel like working for the money I’m fine with that it’s just such a small amount of money to deal with stuck up old people on the days when I’m not working truck where a team of 3-5 of us unload the truck onto 2 carts and disperse it through the stock room. Injured myself multiple times not yesterday but last Monday cause I was the only one in the truck but since we have no cameras there there’s no proof and I was too numb to pain because it’s tiring to wake up at 4AM and unload 350 boxes of candles, mirrors, art, wall decor, furniture, etc. My back was killing me up until I woke up yesterday morning.


#Repost from the @maddhatta979 thanks boss for this video this amazing y'all
Amazon employees break out into raucous celebration as the company announces it’s raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour for all U.S. employees. #amazon #labor #minimumwage #workers (at Houston, Texas)

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Today I was at work and I was helping fill the salad bar and when I moved back to the register to ring up this old dude he just grunted at me and kept going into the buffet… And like… I just didn’t care enough to chase him down. So he came back like an hour later and he just walked up all, so I already ate but no one was here. So i was like just so done. I was so polite but even with my smile and customer service voice, what came out was something along the lines of, I said hello to you and you kept walking. Here’s your total. And somehow I didn’t get in trouble and I feel like.. I wish I could talk to every customer like that when they’re blatantly rude.