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New Jersey Lawmakers Eye A $15 Minimum Wage

Why Not Twenty Dollars? Pelosi And Hoyer Don’t Have An Answer On Minimum Wage

When that $15/hr kicks in because you work for a business with more than 11 employees

As of yesterday, Gov. Murphy of New Jersey and legislative leaders agreed to raise the min. wage to $15 by 2024, making NJ among the most progressive state, joining CA, NY and MA. 🤠

People who lobby for wage control, who enforce these laws, or who lose their jobs because of them will produce no wealth… Our world is poorer and so is everyone in it. - Quote from: -

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In 2017, 29 states had a higher than PA. These states set minimum wages ranging from $7.50 to $11.

Shouldn't you be able to at least make with ? The key to success is Driver Retention, you guys are in Churn and Burn mode. That will not last.

Why Not Twenty Dollars? Pelosi And Hoyer Don’t Have An Answer On Minimum Wage

Some Friday Financial Forecasting to help your customers plan for the year ahead.

Small Business Owners Have ‘Grave Concerns’ Over Democrats Proposed Minimum Wage Hike

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UNPAID OVERTIME lawsuits. GO follow my guy @lawyerforworkers. No lie he just did a $100,000 settlement. When you work more than 40 hours per week, your boss owes you overtime.

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Amazon employees break out into raucous celebration as the company announces it’s raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour for all U.S. employees. #amazon #labor #minimumwage #workers (at Houston, Texas)

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Work how they pay you.

Here’s a tip for American workers who are tired of minimum wage salaries. “Work how they pay you.” what I mean by this is simply if you’re getting paid minimum wage, you work minimally. You don’t go above and beyond. You work for how they pay If they only pay you 7.25 an hour then you get 7.25 an hour work. Most people get mad at other individuals because they’re not working as hard as them and they make the same amount. You know what, that person is working what they’re paying them for. You’re the one choosing to go above and beyond thinking that these companies are going to pay you for working hard, only to give you a raise of $0.10 if you want to make more money make them pay you for the work that you’re going to do. which means if they’re going to pay you 10.25 an hour you work 10. 25 an hour work. If they’re going to make you work 7.25 an hour you give them 7.25 hr work.

Today I was at work and I was helping fill the salad bar and when I moved back to the register to ring up this old dude he just grunted at me and kept going into the buffet… And like… I just didn’t care enough to chase him down. So he came back like an hour later and he just walked up all, so I already ate but no one was here. So i was like just so done. I was so polite but even with my smile and customer service voice, what came out was something along the lines of, I said hello to you and you kept walking. Here’s your total. And somehow I didn’t get in trouble and I feel like.. I wish I could talk to every customer like that when they’re blatantly rude.

The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act will hike the minimum wage to $15, provide two paid, job-protected sick days for all workers, increase holiday entitlement, and boost protections for temporary employment agency workers. It passed its third and final reading Wednesday, with #Liberal and #NDP MPPs voting in favour and #Conservative lawmakers opposing.  #Canada #MinimumWage


“I have worked at low-level minimum wage jobs for the last 18 years. I have never been able to afford living beyond a rooming house, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or climb out of poverty, despite working 3 jobs at a time. 

A low minimum wage means poverty! 

I support a $15 minimum wage. #148now 

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