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Just because your perspective is better doesnt mean i need to disrespect mine. . . .

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Pit head. Photographed at Blists Hill, Ironbridge, Shropshire c.1981.

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miss tennant i am trembling

Need More Women

They have a way of bringing out different sides to me. It like they put weights on my head and put my brain to work. They stress ms out and make over think. They put me on a roller coaster of emotions. Make me take more pills than usual. They make feel bad. A special kind of bad but that’s when rejection is at play. Every person is an experience but for me I need more women so that I feed off the energy they give off and the feelings they make me feel.

I’m a crybaby. I can’t shut my mouth when I’m hurt. I’m a high baby. I take a lot of drugs when I’m stuck in the dirt. I’m a dry baby. If I can’t get you wet then you can’t quench my thirst. I’m a shy baby. But I always confess my feelings first.

The main reason I want more women is because they get my creative juices flowing. I make some of my best songs when I’m in my feeling.

It feels good being able to walk away with something even if it didn’t go well.

Yall can’t make sense of this? It’s fine as long as I can understand myself.

i wanna make chicken noodle soup (ENTIRELY from scratch) again.. that was really good
my happiest state of being is either making or thinking about making very nutrient/mineral-rich foods.. i dont know what it is but i love those words

i dont know what i’m doing wrong. where do strangers see the girl? is it just something that i’ll never be able to hide? no matter what i do how long i bind how short my hair is how much pain i go through the sore feet from shoe inserts the bad posture the clothing the shots i don’t have yet the name the walk the pockets the sock in my god damn underwear they always see!! and i don’t know how and it fucking destroys me. it destroys me because what if they’ll always see? what if i can never hide it?

i was about to link my sarahah (do people still use that) and i was like just in case someone wants to send me an Anonymous Message and i remembered. oh right thats like a big tumblr feature, built right in

I just realized that while everyone was out here making headcanons about Cassian being a good dancer, I thought it was canon that he sucked at dancing because of that one time Azriel was like “you can’t dance lmfao last time you tried you nearly shattered my feet” and like I’m so dumb he was definitely joking but Azriel is so serious and genuine all the time that like my brain didn’t even register it