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This man gets on my nerves a lot with his game playing...till I think about how passionate,focused,dedicated, and excited he gets with the games he plays. I still will get annoyed and not fully grasp it all, but I admire him so much for his drive. Oh, And he’s sexy a f

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Another gorgeous day making memories with my boys! Haircuts pending! πŸ™ˆ

On est de retour mais l'été n'est pas fini en ! D'ici la fin août, il y a encore des > , histoire de la , patate, femmes scientifiques, ... ➑️

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she sent the fans pizza :’)


08.20.2019 // 001 days of productivity

my first og post since 2017 huh? hey guys! i haven’t posted for so long because although i’ve been working harder than ever, my notes haven’t been worthy of a post. but now i figured, my studying is so much more important than notes or followers–i’m using studyblr again as motivation to start grinding on the sat and preparing for school, and if the notes i take aren’t as pretty as i would like, so be it! i’ll do my best to produce good content for you guys but right now i’m just trying to be able to be productive every day :) hope y’all have been well!

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43 + 91

43 - who inspires you?

91 - perfect date idea

I’m inspired as human being by truly authentic people that see a bigger picture than most, and who show unwavering resolve in achieving their goals. I’m a martial artist so I could list a bunch of historical figures that most people would have no knowledge of. In more day to day ways, Alton Brown inspired me to learn to cook. Randy Rhoads inspires me to master the guitar. There are unapologetic figures in history, philosophy, literature, music, film, porn… public figures that make people realize “we’re not all the same, but if someone isn’t hurting others, it’s ok to be who you truly are”. I’ve struggled with that in my life, but those people inspire me.

Wow… it depends on the woman I’m with… I like hiking, I like beaches… I like the couch and a movie, and pizza. I like going for long drives and talking about things… it would really be a matter of finding a thing that we share, that would make for an enjoyable day, or evening. I had a very memorable date that included stopping at a little side-of-the-road place for ice cream… this particular woman always seemed cold, so I gave her my jacket (which was way too big for her) and even my baseball cap to wear, and we went back to the car to eat the ice cream. Later on she told me she just thought that was super sweet of me to make sure she was warm, so that ice cream place holds a happy place in my mind. (This was the woman from the “slow and steady” memory on my page).



so many firsts today!! first day of class, first completed notes for school and the first of 100 days of productivity!! gonna do my very best to stick to it as the schoolyear goes forward 😌

first college calc notes ever yayyy!!!!!


And you’ll save all your dirtiest jokes for me…