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When in doubt strut . . .

A Mud Cat MC 225D cleans out a at a Kenmare facility in . Mud Cat are ideal for routine cleaning of tailings ponds to allow for maximum storage capacity. Contact Mud Cat today for details.

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Igino Brian - IDA ONLUS insegna ai ragazzi di strada in un viallaggio vicino a ChmaPuan a realizzare utilizzando e bussoli di mortaio. I loro manufatti trasformano le mine in viva bellezza. È a il – at Il Sandalo

Talking about how thinking can enhance of projects and at . At a time when Impact Assessment is under threat in countries such as US and Brazil, it is important that practitioners show its value to society.

You Are My Life 🤗 You Are My Hopes😌 You Are My Inspiration☺️ You Are My Everything😘 Loveeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 And Important YouArr My Happieness 😍😍😍😘😘🤩

Reason #4376 why I love this man: welcome home dinners 😍

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Same Energy


I’m uploading this video again in hope that you’ll watch it and help me spread it. 

Here’s the list of fandoms that appear in the video to encourage you to see it:

Westworld | The Mandalorian | Marvel (mcu, x men, daredevil, tasm, aos, the gifted) | Wonder Woman | Game of Thrones | | Harry Potter | Gotham | Peaky Blinders | Barry | Sense8 | La Casa de Papel | Kingsman: The Secret Service | The Witcher | Catching Fire | Lucifer | Good Omens | Legends of Tomorrow | Stranger Things | Hannibal | The Dark Knight | Gotham 

73rr4b1735  asked:

Thanks to you, I just headcanoned Huey as Florina’s best man... he is the one dude that she is completely comfortable around, after all.

Awww that’s cute…. I hope it’s an outdoor wedding though (knowing them it probably is).

Nino is both the ring bearer AND the flower girl because she, on separate days, asked to be either, so they just had her do both jobs. She loves it.


@eloquencenet event: a new year

i think of new people.
people to look in the eyes,
to see passing down the hall,
to shake their hand.
new first words to someone
i do not know.
to someone i want to know.
to someone i am scared
of knowing.

i think of new opportunities.
opportunities to create,
to work harder,
to see a new movie,
to dance til my knees are weak,
to celebrate a birthday.
new chances at improving,
or failing.

i think of new places.
places to go,
to explore,
to inhabit,
to know the history of.
new fantasies of travels
that i do not dare
to carry out.

i think of new feelings.
feelings i kept hidden for too long,
tears and smiles and laughs
to finally set free.
new emotions
i am too cloudy,
or weak,
or confused,
or inexperienced to understand.

i think of a new time.
a time to move forward,
tip toe and skip and run and jump
towards a new future.
a future
that looks too similar.
a future
i am unsure of where is going.

i think of new beginnings.
a beginning of something different,
something bigger than myself,
somewhere that fits the image
i have of myself.
a beginning where
i can be anything
i put my mind to.
where i have fear
and learn to move past it.