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La seconde édition d'Organisez vos notes avec le vient de paraître !

Many top companies contact us about bringing creativity to their businesses. Putting some fun into the whole process - letting the creative process flow in a Mind Map. It's that simple.

Many top companies contact us about bringing creativity to their businesses. Putting some fun into the whole process - letting the creative process flow in a Mind Map. It's that simple.

Journalistes : rédigez vos articles plus vite grâce au avec notre via Samsafr

Comment écrire vite et bien ? Pour le savoir, lisez notre livre la méthode MapWriting, réussir tous vos écrits avec le

Visualise your thinking with Barvas. Use the mind map to plan then transform the map into a task board. Achieve more with Barvas.

A LIRE ! La 2nd édition de Mémoriser sans peine ...avec le  !

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Essay Template 4 paragraph .pdf

For those of you who asked for my essay plan Pdf. Here it is.

Available in 2 styles. 

Will custom make if you need something different, just contact me here or at 

Happy studying 


Just ask yourself…

What do you want more of?

Less of?⠀

What are you going to do to make it happen or not?⠀

With some clearly defined action steps and some strategic planning, your life could be completely different next year! ⠀



Then set some goals!

Take regular action!

Measure your progress?

What is working what is not?⠀

Just be honest with yourself.

Make the necessary changes.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Learn from your mistakes!

Congratulate your wins!


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Present Development; Future Development

August 27th, I’ve been working on learning new software, techniques, and art to create better time efficiency and polished products.

  • Developing an unnamed mobile game project.
  • Learning Xmind Zen & Scrivener.
  • Updating LinkedIn and Indeed accounts.
  • New Game Industry Tycoon itchio icon.

Attempting new forms of planning using a tool called Xmind Zen, a mind mapping software used by enterprise companies. A problem I ran into with developing Game Industry Tycoon was brainstorming with Google Docs and not all that much. This led to problems in development due to a lacking plan leaving me to constantly slow down production to figure out what I wanted to do with the project.
The current mobile project I’m working on still has a title in progress, I’m not really sure what I want to name it. Although Underworld Espionage is sort of growing on me with an acronym of “U WHEN” kind of like a reverse “PUB Jee”. This is a mafia-like project with inspiration from Spyfall and Town of Salem. However, something to set it apart is inspiration from “Text Adventures” and “Collectable Card Games” (CCG), such as Hearthstone.

I always decided to put a little more effort into my ongoing project Game Industry Tycoon and create this new icon for the itchio website. Hopefully, it is nicer than the previous icon and draws in more clicks. Although I may do another iteration of this design in the near future or make adjustments to the icon.

Attention writers!!!! If any of you struggle with writing and planning your fics look into mind mapping! I just had someone tell me about it and it really helps

Each number is the chapter and then I do start middle end and have plot points branching out, from here all I have to do is put them together

I’m terrible at just plain outlining, with this I can see it all spread out and it makes it much easier for me to follow and understand


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Process to seek chances and opportunities to be original .
Seeking Chances and Opportunities to be original, chances to create movements, opportunities to make a difference, opportunities to fail (Used by Da Vinci, De Bono and A. Bello). Spending a lot of time looking at the essence, with intuition and setting time limits, until discovering what the problem is really trying to say, meanwhile
you understand and discover what the problem currently is, it will be easier to find a solid, memorable and more creative answer. .
Tools: - See and examine what is in books. - Use of Ideas, photographs, random words, seeing what there is in books. - Think a lot about the real problem. - Frequent use of roll back (specific Tool in Practices and Exercises following this chapter), inverse, paradox and at cross-purposes.
They revert many times to the objectives of business and campaign in order to perform a lesser task. Advertising, it is not about winning awards, but that the campaign achieves the results, which it to sell. .
Learn more in Creativity Tools Book by @marcelarellano


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Some quotes of a savvy and entrepreneur man P.T.Barnum:
The noblest Art is That of Making others happy.
P.T. Barnum
To me there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing laughter. P. T. Barnum
The foundation of success in life is good health: that is the substratum fortune; it is also the basis of happiness. A person cannot accumulate a fortune very well when he is sick. P. T. Barnum
Algunas citas de un hombre inteligente y emprendedor P.T.Barnum:
El arte más noble es el de hacer felices a los demás.
P.T. Barnum
Para mí no hay una imagen tan hermosa como niños sonrientes, felices y de ojos brillantes; ninguna música tan dulce como su risa clara y sonora. P. T. Barnum
La base del éxito en la vida es la buena salud: esa es la fortuna del substrato; también es la base de la felicidad. Una persona no puede acumular una fortuna muy bien cuando está enfermo. P. T. Barnum

#creativitytools #creativity #idea
#ideas #concept #creatively #inspiration #imagination
#mindmap #mindmaps #mindmapping #creativefound #creativebusiness #creativeprocess #creativebiz #creativemind #innovation #innovacion #disruptiveinnovation #orlandoflorida #entreprenuer
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Personal project 2: topic proposal

Since last semester I have been working a lot on a topic of sustainability in my school client project, personal project but also in a side project that I have been working on in my free time (outside of school), I have decided to diverge from that topic for a while and focus on something else. Due to the limited time that has been given to thinking about project proposal, I have picked my topic based on a talk with an epidemiology expert about current issues they are facing at the moment. The expert pointed me to an issue of a measles outbreak. It is an odd paradox. Effective vaccination against measles was discovered more than 50 years ago. Although it is accessible, cheap and safe, the numbers of infected in Europe is rising. The vaccination coverage against measles among European population is declining, infection continues to spread, even though the disease is fully preventable by vaccination. With growing anti-vaccination movements, continued efforts are needed to increase and sustain vaccination coverage.

Once the topic was set I have begun a quick desk research and I have established mind map with keywords relevant to my project topic.