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En route home after a relentless&I mean RELENTLESS night shift with I had to stop&take these pics. Same time&location yet moon&blue sky on right side of road&Sun coming up in orange sky on the left.

Someone mentioned in one of my Facebook groups that her children absolutely love doing challenges. I have done a Self esteem one on the website and so I thought I would do a one. It takes 5 days from

El estrés prolongado o mal gestionado 😖 te hace daño y te impide dar lo mejor de ti misma a muchos niveles.  . Aprende a gestionarlo practicando mindfulness 🧘♀ .

Love is more than what we know, Love is learning about each other and together we can grow. It is all about Love. ❤️ ☯️ & 😄

Todays explores individuality, & how society’s “one size fits all” expectations upon us can lead us to think we’re broken or failures when we don’t conform to those norms. helps us find our true selves, our deepest desires, & shows us our own path

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#CollegeofLakeCounty - Lakeshore Advisory Committee

Did you know that I’m Chairman of the College of Lake Lakeshore Advisory Committee and that this afternoon we had a special meeting at the Grayslake campus, that included lunch and then a tour of the Nursing Simulation Lab, the new Chemistry Labs, the Mechatronics Lab and the Art Gallery.

What’s exciting and important is that all of these programs are possible programs that may become available at the Lakeshore campus.

Finally, I hope to see you tomorrow night at the 35th Annual Salute to Gospel Music Concert presented by the College of Lake County Lakeshore Campus.

Foundational Traits for Liberation

Although wisdom and compassion are said to be the wings of enlightenment, neither can come about without two other foundational traits: faith and patience.

Faith is not blind belief, neither the Buddha nor any teacher after him have demanded our unquestioning adherence to their Dharma without testing its truth for ourself. But we must have a firm unshakeable trust in our own Buddha nature, the Tathagatagarbha. Without this trust, we will search endlessly outside ourselves for what we seek, but was never lost. We will be plagued by doubt and fearful confusion looking for our own head!

Patience is the perfection, or paramita, which allows compassion and wisdom to bloom. As our liberation is only to be found within our samsaric suffering, patience is the vital component to our practice which will allow us to surrender to all of our living experience without preference or judgement. If we do not foster and nourish patience, we will continue to be pulled this way and that by external events and such grievous afflictions as anger and laziness.


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-My Notes, words of gurus (10)-

Birth, Birth, birth, despite lives born every single second,

I’ve never understood where the lives originally started.

Death, death, death, the lives die constantly as well, though

I do not know when our lives exactly will end.

-Kūkai (空海), also known posthumously as Kōbō-Daishi (弘法大師The Grand Master Who Propagated the Buddhist Teaching), 774–835, was a Japanese Buddhist monk, civil servant, scholar, poet, and artist who founded the Esoteric Shingon or “True Word” school of Buddhism.







ー空海(くうかい、宝亀5年(774年)- 承和2年3月21日(835年4月22日)は、平安時代初期の僧。弘法大師(こうぼうだいし)の諡号で知られる真言宗の開祖である。

-Mis notas, palabra de gurú (10) -

Nacimiento, nacimiento, nacimiento - a pesar de las vidas que nacen cada segundo,Nunca he entendido donde comienzan las vidas originalmente.

Muerte, muerte, muerte, las vidas mueren constantemente también, sin embargo,No sé cuándo nuestras vidas terminarán exactamente.

-Kūkai (空海), conocido tras su muerte como Kōbō-Daishi (弘法大師El Gran Maestro que propagó la enseñanza Budista), 774–835, fue un monje, funcionario público, erudito, poeta y artista japonés, fundador de la secta de budismo shingon.


That point in the workout…
We all feel it. That point where you want to quit(if that word is in your vocabulary) or not try as hard. Go thru the motions, not work.
Listen, whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re absolutely right!
Your mind is your Greatest Tool or your greatest enemy. Use it wisely.
Don’t over think it. Just work it.

P.S: it works just as well for LIFE.
It’s a principle of performance
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In theory we can have a limitless number of choices, but in reality, we stick to a very few.  Habits, or what worked before, I will do again.  The expanding universe increases our choices.  That is, if we allow it to.

Our brain has three pounds of weight, densely packed with billions of neurons.  Compare the brain to a coffee filter and to a fishing net that  larger the holes, the less it catches, and the more neurons we have, then the smaller the holes are and the more of the signal the brain catches.  A coffee filter will catch more as it prevents smaller particles from going through than will a fishing net.  This is common observation.  Our neurons do exactly the same function.  It captures all these incoming signals from waves: light waves, sound waves, heat waves, etc, as well as from the expanding universe force.  

When our filters are clogged, then it does not do its job and only certain signals can get through.  We respond only to signals.  Our reality is our signals that get through.   And if only certain signals are the only ones that get through, then we are restricted to only these choices and this creates our daily habits and our repetitions.  This is the reason for our limited range of ideas, and actions.

The expanding universe, if we allow, dislodges these clogging obstacles.  More of the expanding universe can then get through.  What are these clogging obstacles: our set patterns of neurons from memories, desires, values, beliefs, and experiences.