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"Everyone has creativity within them. It´s just a matter of unlocking that creativity". ~ C. Canters

"Puedes liberarte de la carga de tu pasado, si decides vivir firmemente en el presente" Louise Hay.

"The idea is that you are trying to observe all the little thought clouds passing through your mind, see them, but not get drawn into them."

El 28 de mayo 📅 impartirá un taller en las oficinas de 📍Fundación Urbegi (Ugasko Bidea 1, ) en la que ayudará a diseñar y poner en marcha una estrategia comercial Más información e inscripciones ▶️

I just realised I haven’t been that active on this week. I think the long weekend knocked me out of sync. Too much relaxation? I hope everyone is well?

Life is a journey not a destination and there’s so much to learn. The person in the mirror is our wisest teacher.. So & to that person more...!! For Your .. 🙏

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Don’t blame others for your behavior. You are responsible for where you are in life at this moment. Ask yourself if there is anything you can improve about yourself. In the end all you have is you. Always remember you are great and it doesn’t matter what others say or think about you. The power is within all of us to manifest our greatest life 🙏✨♥️💚💜🌏
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Look 👀 within yourself 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️🙏 #paradigmbysg #thichnhathanh #quotes #innerstrength #innerpeace #meditation #higherconsciousness #mindfulness #universe #growth #higherself #digitalart #higherawakening #enlightenment #knowledge #knowyourworth #wisdom #you #thirdeye #positivevibes #lookinsideyourself #innerwork #qoutesoftheday

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Maybe I don’t really know myself, maybe I am too much for some people, maybe I am inconsistent, maybe I am selfish at times and maybe I am too loving at others. I don’t know what I am but if I know anything, it is that I am trying my hardest to be something good. To be better everyday. And I feel like the universe is little by little giving me that same energy back.

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-Mindfulness in Tokyo (Extra)-

-About Sincerity (1)-

Sincerity is power of mind.

The most important thing in life could be sincerity.

We can be well enough as long as we share sincerity.

“Nothing works!” “I’m not good enough!” “I must learn!” “It’s too competitive!”

“I can’t work!” “I’m not good with people!” “I don’t like this!” “I don’t like that!”

“I’m getting fat!” “I’ve lost too much weight!” “Painful!” “Itchy!” “Too hot!” “Too cold!” “I’m tired!” “Bla, Bla, Bla”

The sincerity was lowered into a deep hole of complaints.

In Tokyo, Japan, the practice of Zazen, seated meditation has reminded me the importance of being sincere.

Dearest Tokyo,
Thank you very much!

-マインドフルネス イン 東京(番外編)-




















You know how to Keep the Body in Optimal health throughout Your Life. Move It! Daily and Persistently. #ntensefitway #ntensefitworkout #fitness #health #longevity #discipline #emotionalbalance #mindfulness #practicepracticepractice #applythemethod #dowork #leadership #strongdad #dadstrong #rationalemotionalman (at Charlotte, North Carolina)

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Lake Chicot 2019-04 01 HDR – Lake Chicot State Park, Ville Platte, Louisiana, April 24, 2019

No one can save us.
We save ourselves.

No one can force salvation upon us.
No one can make us be saved whether
we want to be or not.
No one can even define salvation for us.

We decide what it means to be saved
and we save ourselves from ourselves.

We same ourselves to ourselves from ourselves.

If you can make sense of that,
you have it made,
and are well on the way to salvation!

Salvation is restoration.
It is being restored to right relationship
with ourselves–
to right relationship
with the Tao,
with our Dharma,
with our Original Nature,
with our life’s idea for us.

Jesus’ dying on the cross
fits right into this picture,
because restoring ourselves
to right relationship with ourselves,
and living in accord with the life
that is right for us,
is like dying to our idea
of how our life ought to be lived.
And being raised from the dead
into the life that is indeed
how it ought to be lived.

It is a true death and resurrection experience.

Ask anyone in AA.
They know what it is to die
to one way of life,
and to be re-born,
or raised again from the dead
(however many times it might take).

And it cannot happen before its time.

Sit with your lives.
The one you are living
and the one that is your life to live.

And see what begins to stir to life within.

Your new life
will eat your old one alive!

On the other hand,
your old one is already killing you.


IG Part 1:
Over-Writing the
Bad Code InSide
Your SubConscious Mind

Part of my Clinical Hypnosis Practice requires (as a personal standard) that I consistently focus on my own mental and spiritual hygiene.

#Hypnosis #SubconsciousMind #mindfulness #HypnoAthletics #ExercisingYourMind #imagination #confidence #success #goalsetting #emotionalhealth #alchemy #empowerment (at Hangzhou, China)

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My self, who was born through causes and conditions as a human being, is unfindable when I search for it with wisdom within my body and my mind, or separate from my body and mind. This proves that my self that I normally see does not exist at all.

- Geshe Kelsang Gyatso