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Kids Yoga Classes 🧘‍♀️🧘🏼‍♂️ Pranayam, Yoga, Meditation, mindful activities & more importantly how to stay relaxed & refreshed. Saturday & Sunday 1:00 - 2:00 pm Age Group : 6-15

"Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them." - Eckhart Tolle They can take over so easily! Learning to not let them define me....😊

Out for a walk with my SPDN colleague this lunchtime..great to take time to take a walk and reflect and have a laugh!

Mindful Leadership: You Can Explore Your True Potential In 3 Simple Steps We really do not know what our potential is even though we might think we do. Beginning in our earliest years, we have been told about our...

10-Day, One word mindfulness course. Day 2: Rest- to cease work/movement to relax, refresh, or recover strength. To be placed or supported so as to stay in a specified position, this is important in daily life too.

"🎷📖🗺Te prometo hacerme responsable de mi presente, Pase lo que pase y vivir la vida Entera y colorida, no solo por partes..." canta . 🎷📖🗺 . . . . #2020

Athelete perform better when they are in flow. Mindfulness meditation can help them experience flow. High performance coaches and athelete are excited experiencing mindfulness.

Find out about an amazing relaxation technique called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Use This Brilliant Relaxation Technique to Be Calm Now. via

Recentemente houve o escalamento de ataques antissemitas pelo mundo. Mas afinal, o que é Antissemitismo? Saiba mais: Créditos da imagem: Deposit Photos - Roman_Yanushevsky

Digital Detox Day! Remember to be mindfully aware of the quantity and quality of social media that is your own “sweet spot!” I looked at my patient schedule today and tomorrow and my energy needs to be elsewhere. I am sending love to ALL. ❤️

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reminder: if an obstacle comes around again that does not mean you failed the first time, it may be to show you how much wiser you’ve become :)

I'm angriest when...

Students over the years have told me that my calmness makes them wonder if I ever get angry and, if so, what makes me the angriest.

First, of course I do! See that exclamation mark?

Second, though I’m working on transforming the anger I feel around the following topics, they still occasionally get to me. I didn’t want to be too broad and give one-word responses, so here are five specific and recent examples:

1. When a father whose daughter has been raped blames his daughter for “bringing shame to the family” or for some other absurd reason. This is unfortunately still quite common around the world.

2. Religious hypocrisy of various types, most recently around the Catholic Church’s systemic rape and molestation of boys.

3. The denial of white, male, and other forms of privilege. We still struggle as a country to have complex, nuanced discussions on gender and race. In my mind, this is in large part because the privileged refuse to do the inner work necessary to recognize the depth of their privilege. Do the work! It’s worth it!

4. When I want someone to listen, but they won’t. I especially get angry when my listening isn’t reciprocated. The anger here arises because I view listening as a form of respect and, right or wrong, actively not listening as a sign of disrespect.

5. When I see the planet being irreversibly destroyed by powerful corporations for the sake of short-term financial gain. My anger here runs deep as this touches on what I see as a uniquely grotesque form of selfishness.

posted by Cameron Conaway on January, 21


some people are scared of a real thing, a real love, and it’s ok

they get terrified of something that is actually good and healthy, no drama, no energy drainage, no pressure to be this or that, just genuine connection and enjoying each other beingness

it may be scary to accept that yes this is what I deserve and also to be ready for the challenge, accountability and vulnerability

it’s ok to feel this way… you’re not broken nor doomed

be honest and ask yourself where it comes from, what limitng beliefs show up through this experience, do you agree with those beliefs, what beliefs you’d like to establish instead

give yourself time and space to heal, you’re so so loveable, you’re literally an expression of love and love is always within your reach ❤️❤️❤️

Методики Вознесения (889)

… Как правильно перейти на высоко вибрационное питание… ???…

… Для, этого необходимо отключить свой ум, все правила, все знания о питании, все программы, о том, что надо есть, а что нет, и что полезно, а что приносит вред… Чувствовать себя, свой организм, он все покажет и постепенно Гармонично выведет на самое высоко вибрационное и полезное именно для Вас питание…

… А, слушать свое тело очень легко:

- если тяжесть после еды – то это не твое…

- если апатия после еды – это вызывает негатив, то это не стоит есть…

… - если чувствуется резкий взрыв эмоций и радость, а потом резкое падение, то это ложный для организма продукт…

… Если слушать себя, свое тело, то можно начать есть пищу от которой внутри Радостно и Легко, которая наполняет энергией, а не отяжеляет тело…

… Питание будет меняться в зависимости от потребностей тела, поэтому не нужно ни к чему привыкать, создавать свои личные шаблоны, а быть искренними и открытыми всегда в процессе Изучения и Познания Себя… Это и Есть Самое Лучшее питание…

Методики Вознесения (894)

… Единение Совсем… тонкое Гармоничное слияние с Планетой, совсем человечеством… со всей Вселенной… Процесс Единения со всем…

(…Синхронизация, взаимодействие, Гармония, Единство…)