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Laura & Barry Hamilton are keeping in space They transformed a historic Titusville bank & hotel into co-working offices & 20 apartments - some furnished for short-term rocket engineers with ,

Today, are in their twenties and thirties, with many years of work ahead. You can attract more millennial workers by focusing on certain benefits of having a career, says Ewing's Cat Mashburn:

are searching for a Purpose. Is your process giving them one? Find out more about how your hiring team can address the ‘loyalty dilemma’ early on--during the journey

We know the fact that are raised differently compared to previous generations, but it's a lesser fact that they also need to be led differently.

Are you a reduction in interest rates like some are forecasting? Great presentations today about investing including 's United Building, contact me.

WhitePrivlege does NOT exist. But, make NO mistake, sure as hell does!!! & ... all YOU need to know is, you are NOT a member!!

As look to get consumers back in the door against the pull of and takeout, says some are targeting a coveted demographic: and explains why it’s about the experience for their kids.

A Millionaires advice to Millennials - If you don’t yet live in your own home, go buy one. Let US help YOU! Call Reece Homes at 206-489-4920.

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Night owl.

Why do baby boomers always complain about millenials/gen z being rude/lazy/stupid/unwilling to learn when I tried several times to explain to one over the phone how to read a fucking email? Then he has the audacity to say “I’m not going to argue with you, I’m too old for that” repeatedly? It might also be a guy thing bc I asked, to another guy my age, when he turned in his documents to the other accounting firm so I could tell if he got his tax results from our firm before or after he decided to go to the other one. He kept repeatedly saying “What you’re saying doesn’t make sense” then decided to come to the firm to see if he could avoid paying us for prepping his taxes. Men typically tend to say things that blame the woman they’re talking with about how they don’t understand again and again so that the woman can’t get opportunity to explain further and shuts up. I think they’re insecure about the fact they feel stupid and want to remain that way even though they come to us in the first place to get that knowledge ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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“Distruggiamo una parte di noi ogni giorno, photoshoppiamo i nostri difetti, ritocchiamo quello che non ci piace di noi, quello che pensiamo non piaccia agli altri.”

Mr. Robot

Me when I hear millenials reject most common birth control methods and think they should have kids:


The Ugly Truth About Why Men Don’t Communicate

Our Generation

In their god called education,

they trust their unknown future wholeheartedly,

as how infants were with their mothers.

We can never climb higher

without that signed and stamped paper

that determines our future.

Always nervous with the thought

did I pass?

They show their life on a screen,

twenty-five minutes eyeballing a bright screen,

influencing millions of lives.

Surrounded by light,

the feeling is numb,

scrolling until we are satisfied.

The Brands are shining like bright flashes on the surface of water.

GenX: water, food, money//Our Generation: money, food, water.

We stare at light and try to win,

but kill ourselves slowly.

Charmingly wearing confidence,

as if taking part in a beauty contest

that you have to win on your own.

Now more than ever we find ourselves with

outstretched hands for one another.

A portion of us will not be the same as others

when not surrounded by three in a house around the dinner table.

They are the offspring of sheep that follow in uniform behind the wolves,

they morph their soft spine to arch their back and howl at the moon.

Independant young minds discharged from the expectations that society put forward,

spending days and nights to be a rose among tulips.

Our anger is a loud gun going off,

left and right,

hurting the souls of those in sight.

It is not for pleasure, it is for peer pressure,

they are weak if they don’t follow this measure.

Human connection has diminished.

Hopefully the younger ones will be ambitious

so we can treat them as an equal.