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📣 | Estelle Menard 💬"Les thématiques d’investissement porteuses dans les années à venir : 🧓 Vieillissement de la population 🤳 Essor de la consommation des ⛓ Développement des technologies disruptives"

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in are gearing up for record turnout numbers! Rep. and Commissioner are leading the way with an awesome GOTV rally, Oct 25—Millennials to vote!

¿Qué importancia tiene en un organización el líder coach? ¿Qué capacidad de atracción, de llevar a la acción, sacar los mejor del equipo, tiene el líder? ; El genio que susurraba a los

¿Qué quieren los del trabajo y de la vida? En este conversatorio de se abordarán los ejes alrededor de los cuales los , se sintonizan en sus propósitos y las organizaciones. Participe:

THAT’S A WRAP on our first ever ! Huge thanks to for weighing in on with us! Make sure you’re informed and ready to show up to the polls Nov.6! 🗳

The battle for the contemporary designer, property manager and hotel staff: how to cater to Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, while also appealing to Millennials and Generation Z. What's the right way to do it?

Fourth place is not too bad for these titos and titas who don’t know what Neopets are.

What a working relationship needs to break through stereotypes about different ages, backgrounds and cultural norms.

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Enero del año 2012, la banda @bandaboreal presente en la casa para celebrar mi cumpleaños.

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Courting Disaster

He asks to meet up at a coffee shop between our houses. I want to tell him I don’t drink coffee, but I don’t say this. I don’t know that side of town well, but I don’t say that, either. I say, “Okay, I can’t wait to see you there!”

He arrives ten minutes late to my fifteen minutes early. He orders his coffee black, staring at me intensely while he orders as if to say he’s the sort of man who has no need for additional sweeteners in his life.

We sit at a table near the front, his back inches from the door. He tells me about his job, his house, his mother, his ex. I clutch the foam cup between hands that tremble, the liquid inside warmer than his ice blue eyes. He smiles often, teeth like fangs glistening in the sunlight. His eyes never leave my face while he speaks, but it’s not curiosity or flirtation I see staring back at me; it’s hunger.

Run, something inside of me whispers.

But then he reaches forwards and brushes a strand of hair away from my face, and I know at once I am his to devour and destroy.

He leaves me in pieces.

I don’t mind.

'Together 2018' Evangelistic Event Plans to Equip Millennials & Gen Z to Fulfill the Great Commission

‘Together 2018’ Evangelistic Event Plans to Equip Millennials & Gen Z to Fulfill the Great Commission

External image

External image
Thousands from across the nation will gather at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas, this weekend for a millennial-led evangelism event focused on calling and equipping the next generation to move closer to one another, Jesus, and the world He loves.

PULSE founder Nick Hall, who has been called “the next Billy Graham,” told The Christian Post that Together 2018, held Saturday and Sunday, is…

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Who am I?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about who I am. 

Who I am can be summarized in a lot of ways.

I am a teenager. I am an adult. I’m a young adult. I am a millennial. 
I am female. I am Caucasian. I am lower middle class. I am a middle child. 
I am cis gendered. I am bisexual.

It can also be summarized by what I do.

I am a college student. I am a sorority girl. I am a “scare actor” at a haunted house. I am a cashier at a grocery store. I am a babysitter. I am a member of the video team at my school. (Yes, that’s 4 jobs, let’s not talk about it.) I am a hard worker.

It can be summarized by who I surround myself with.

I am a good friend. I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a granddaughter, a step-daughter. I am a cat-owner, I am a girlfriend, I am a coworker.

It can be through what I enjoy…

I am a reader, a crafter, a planner. I am a cuddler and a video game player. I am a thinker, a doer.

And it can be what I want to be..

I am a future teacher. I am an unpublished author. I am a future mother and wife. 

I am everything. I am whoever and whatever I want to be. I am simply Me.



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