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15 tips para atraer la atención del voto joven. Asumiendo que la generación cubre una buena parte de la población mundial y para el 2050, representará el mayor porcentaje de fuerza laboral, es objeto para muchos políticos. 👉 vía

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Here’s some millennial shit


¿Gimnasio? Chorradas. / Gym? Bullshit.

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My husband is reading a biography of George Washington and he commented recently about how Thomas Jefferson was 32 years old when the Revolutionary War started. That’s my age (in a couple of weeks) - which got me thinking about how throughout history it seems like people have done so much at younger ages than they’re doing now. At least judging by myself and my peers. 

Throughout my life, this has made me feel bad. There were so many things that I thought I was supposed to have accomplished by this point in my life and I just haven’t. I know I’m not alone in that feeling. Not long ago I sent one of my friends a list of renowned filmmakers who didn’t “make it” until after age 40. 

It doesn’t help, either, that society seems to imply that I should have done all the things by now that I haven’t. It seems like every week there is a new report about the industries millennial are killing. What they really mean by “killing” is that people aren’t doing things like buying houses or having babies in the same time frame that older generations once did. 

When I was thirteen I read a Judy Blume book called Here’s to You Rachel Robinson, the sequel to Just As Long As We’re Together which I had previously read and loved. In this book, Rachel decided to write out her future life, right down to her husband, job, and the names of her children. I thought this was brilliant and decided to do the same. In my imagined future for myself, I had a husband, three kids, and a lucrative career by the time I was twenty-eight. Keep in mind, of course, that I was thirteen so twenty-eight was more than double my age at the time. On top of that, at twenty-eight my parents were well past done having children and I had no sense that they may not have been totally fulfilled in their careers or living out their dreams. By all standards of measurement I’d ever had for my life at the time, twenty-eight seemed like the perfect age by which to have it all. I mean, historically speaking, everyone had always had it all by then (said my thirteen year old self.)

I have learned two very important lessons as an adult. One is that there is no such thing as having it all. There just isn’t. I am convinced that no matter how much a person achieves, they will always feel like they are lacking in one area or another. Having it all is just a myth to keep us all striving and continually feeling bad about ourselves. The other lesson I’ve learned is that there is no singular path to success. Some people may have been married with children and a house in the suburbs by thirty, while others (me) may have been single and childless with an apartment in the city. Neither path is wrong, they’re just different. 

Maybe I am not at the forefront of a revolution at age 32, the way that Thomas Jefferson was. Maybe I’ll be there at 42 or 52… even then someone may look back on a biography when they’re in their 40s or 50s and say “wow, Lindsey Brunette did this when she was 42…” and then they’ll feel bad because I was so much younger than the average person… Maybe.



OCTOBER 17th 2018
Mama Morning News
California Proposition 8, the Limits on Dialysis Clinics’ Revenue and Required Refunds Initiative, is on the ballot in Californiaas an initiated state statute on November 6, 2018.[1]
A "yes" vote supports requiring dialysis clinics to issue refunds to patients or patients’ payers for revenue above 115 percent of the costs of direct patient care and healthcare improvements.A "no" vote opposes requiring dialysis clinics to issue refunds to patients or patients’ payers for revenue above 115 percent of the costs of direct patient care and healthcare improvements.


What would Proposition 8 require of dialysis clinics?
Proposition 8 would require dialysis clinics to issue refunds to patients or patients’ payers, such as insurers, for revenue above 115 percent of the costs of (a) direct patient care, such as wages and benefits of non-managerial clinic staff who furnish direct care to patients, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and (b) healthcare improvements, such as staff training and patient education and counseling. Revenue earned above the 115 percent cap would need to be refunded to patients or the patients’ payers each year. Clinics that do not issue required refunds within 210 days after the end of the fiscal year would be fined an amount equal to 5 percent of their total required refunds, but not to exceed $100,000. The measure would also prohibit dialysis clinics from discriminating or refusing services based on a patient’s payer, including the patient himself or herself, a private insurer, Medi-Cal, Medicaid, or Medicare. The initiative would require chronic dialysis clinics to report to the state government information required to enforce the measure, including the costs associated with operating a chronic dialysis clinic, treatment revenue, and the amount of each payer’s refund. The state department of public health would enforce the initiative.

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(at Los Angeles, California)

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Why is this aimed at millennials? The first vegan I met was already in her 60s back in the 1990s. Millennials and vegans- They’re not mutually exclusive? And why be so patronising about it too? This skit just comes accross as petty when it could have been an opportunity to inform about the decling bee population 😑

You know what, this may end up being a hot take but Idc rn so I’m just gonna say it;

Why don’t we just throw the whole Gen Z and Millennial titles away and join together and be one generation? Why stay two when it’s literally just a social construct for stereotypes? Especially when it just continues to divide us???

Like I’m not saying we use Zillennials as a single name (even though I like it) but just…..something. Or just #GenZMillennials. Something.

We’re completely united in suffering from a broken world, a dying world that most older folk aren’t gonna even try to save so why the fuck are we even separating ourselves into categories when we could be banding together and throwing away the damn generational stigmas and breaking the whole “older gen bashes younger gen” cycle???????

Vengeance Over Reason

“It is when passions are most inflamed that fairness is most in jeopardy.” - Susan Collins, Sen. of Maine

What a time to be an American, when vengeance is conflated with fairness. Today, the argument made by many women on the left is that “because I was raped, we should assume a different man is also a rapist.” I recently spoke with a close friend to me (whom I love dearly, but pity for their willful blindness). She fell for the message of the modern feminist apologetic. The rationale for ‘believing the woman was my duty’ because “it’s 2018” and believing evidence and speaking up that women (as well as men) DO lie was outdated rhetoric. Even if many men in the past did get away with this horrible crime - why do we destroy the life of one man because one women came up with the narrative, and accused him with no corroborative evidence? Why did Kavanaugh deserve this? Why were his wife and young girls subjected to this?

The problem with my generation is that we want information fast. We want to scroll through our Facebook pages, Instagrams, or Snapchats, read a compelling headline, and repost it before cross referencing or even reading the damn article! The media knows this. Journalists know this. They will create a 5 minute clip and include some irrelevant social figure or even an out-of-touch celebrity crying, screaming, clawing at doors (yes, women clawed at the door of the building where Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation was held) to dramatize situations in which they feel they should be coddled. 

Those in their 20s are basically over-grown children who will still throw temper tantrums and fits when someone is not there to give them attention, money, power, or the like. This may explain why so many millennials are jumping from job to job every year. They aren’t getting raises or promotions fast enough, whether they deserve them or not. We need to get grounded again, focus on what is true, what is good, and what will yield a prosperous and safe civilization. We must work together as men and women. This false allegation has unfortunately provided the litmus test for all forthcoming sexual accusations. It has created an unnerving precedent for those who will come forward in the future.

A guy in my psychology class, when asked what he would do if he couldn’t solve a problem said he would curl in a ball and cry. At first I smiled because that’s a mood, right?Then I noticed that no one called him a punk and he didn’t take it back. Literally no toxic masculinity was shared at that moment.

This is the power of gen z and millennial.


OCTOBER 8th 2018
Mama Morning News
California Proposition 1, the Housing Programs and Veterans’ Loans Bond, is on the ballot in California as a legislatively referred bond act on November 6, 2018.
A "yes" vote supports this measure to authorize $4 billion in general obligation bonds for housing-related programs, loans, grants, and projects and housing loans for veterans.A "no" vote opposes this measure to authorize $4 billion in general obligation bonds for housing-related programs, loans, grants, and projects and housing loans for veterans.


Measure design

Proposition 1 would authorize $4 billion in general obligation bonds for housing-related programs, loans, grants, and projects and housing loans for veterans. The measure would distribute bond revenue as follows:[1]

$1 billion for the CalVet Home Loan Program, which offers loans to veterans for the purchase of homes, farms, units in cooperative developments, and mobile homes;

$1.5 billion for the Multifamily Housing Program (MHP), which offers loans for the construction, rehabilitation, and preservation of rental housing for persons with incomes of 60 percent or below of the area median income;

$150 million for the Transit-Oriented Development Implementation Fund, which offers loans and grants to local governments and developers for housing projects near transit stations;

$300 million for the Regional Planning, Housing, and Infill Incentive Account, which offers grants for infill infrastructure that supports high-density affordable and mixed-income housing;

$150 million for the Home Purchase Assistance Program, which offers loans to low-income and moderate-income homebuyers;

$300 million for the Joe Serna, Jr. Farmworker Housing Grant Fund, which offers grants and loans for farmworker housing;

$$300 million for the Self-Help Housing Fund, which provides forgivable loans for mortgage assistance, the development of multiple home ownership units, and manufactured homes
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Generation of doers vs Generation of winers! 

This is great stuff. 

I always scoff at the older generations talking bad about the millennial generation as if millennials are not the direct reflection of their upbringing and parents!