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life decision??

So I was thinking of starting a blog like a legit blog about stuff around the world or something else. I really want to explore my horizons and starting a blog would actually help me.
Thinking of starting it here on tumblr and then move further, not expecting much audience for an of it but I really want to pursue it.

Any thought? Should I start or not?
 kinda wanna give it a try

terrible Photoshop skills and my sister

My followers know I like to point out what idiotic delusional lies BDS trash likes to tell. In today’s episode, Zionists 1) “have been murdering Torah Jews since 1924”, 2) tech jobs are leaving Israel, and 3) and I’m deluding justly about Israel’s contributions

These ppl are so fucking stupid.. It’s really unbelievable…. The identity wars shaping young, cowardly weak American Jews. They understandably are scared at being associated with Trump followers but have no problem being associated with dregs like the guy above.. The young “Progressive” American anti Israel Jew is the saddest creature. Cowardly, weak and narcissistic, despite being wholly unread and uninformed.

What do you call an evening brunch?

deadpool 2 was good :3

i want highwaisted lucky brand jeans

I’m filled with so much rage because the millennials never finished what they started. And now it’s our job to pick up where they left off when they’re perfectly capable of still making a change.

They’re all adults, I’m sure they can manage going through with the saying “we’re the next generation that will change the world!”

Well, now it’s up to us to actually make a dent in society.

I’m done with being stale and stagnant.

I’m ready to make a difference.

@fob pls make joe ur social media manager instead of pete


When saving money is your hobby but so is spending it

“I don’t have white privilage! I’m not racist”


White privilage is fuckin everywhere. You’re white? You got privilage. You’re less likely to be pulled over, to be shot, to be labled as ‘a bad kid’ or a ‘thug’. You’re more likely to get a application, to be accepted into colleges, etc.

Literally every white person has white privilage. It might be subtle where you live(aka why my family doesn’t understand white privilage) but others don’t have that subtle experience of wp. It’s loud in some places(ie that college girl w/ the AR-10).

White privilege and racism go hand in hand yall.

But if you are white, try to work on that. If you see a different race being denied a job application or being treated rudely, step up. You’re the person they’ll listen to, the voice they’ll hear. Make this world a lil better by defending someone.

am i being a millennial?

26 yo. I work in a small mortgage office (2 Loan officers and 3 processors). I have a masters degree and met the two loan officers just out of my masters program. They promised me a way to make six figures much faster than at a traditional company (i had an offer from Wells Fargo when i met them). The guys were #1 on yelp and google in my large city, and things clicked with them so i went for it and accepted the job working at the bottom of the industry as a loan processor. Over the past 1.8 years i have been working really hard for them, eventually becoming the most productive processor in the office and basically became a LOA/processor. The clients love me, and im constantly getting great reviews on google and yelp. The problem is that the way i get paid is Base + Commission, but the commission is the same dollar amount no matter what the loan amount is. When most people in the mortgage industry are getting basis points. This was ok for me, because i was new and didn’t know any better. But after talking to people who do what i do, it seems like i am doing an awful lot for not that much money (My office is doing over 50 million a year in volume, so that’s about 240 loans a year im working on). I made 55k last year and they gave me a 9% raise to follow them to a new mortgage company 1 month ago. I was happy about it until i went to the training for the new company, and discovered that the grass is not greener, this new company is a lot more work for loan processors. So once again that feeling of doing all the work and getting the least amount of money came crawling back. Anyway, i brought this up to my bosses and they made it pretty clear that this attitude is showing at work, they basically want me to improve my attitude before i can get more money. But its because i’m underpaid that i wake up dreading coming to work. Am i putting the cart before the horse by asking for basis points? it seems as they want me to prove myself, but have i not spent the last 1.8 years working my ass off for them? Part of me feels like im being a bit entitled, but the other part part of me knows what i am worth. Im basically helping these guys make doctor salaries and getting shafted on my comp because i need to pay more dues? I can understand the attitude thing, but i dont get how they dont see that its because im not getting taken care of financially. They often hold over my head how i have my own office, or all the things they do for us. But more and more i feel like these are just red flags, if they have to keep reminding me then its not done out of the heart. I am extremely loyal and i would stay here forever just because i like them on a personal level, but i get the feeling that its holding me back. They keep telling me how valuable i am, or how much potential i have; but the compensation hasn’t showed up yet. Someone please set me straight. Am i getting shafted? or am i being entitled?

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Sarcastic Twitter Meme Roasts Insane Financial Advice For Millennials

US Power Metal act MILLENNIAL REIGN releases their third album “The Great Divide” through Ulterium Records on May 25th.

米国のパワーメタルバンド MILLENNIAL REIGN、3作目アルバム “The Great Divide” を5月25日 Ulterium Records より世界リリース。
VR Needs More Social: 77% of Virtual Reality Users Want More Social Engagement
8% of people use their thousand-dollar VR sets once every six months, and 6% use it about once a year.
By John Koetsier

I feel like the newer generations are lacking in certain ways. They have a vast network of technology, yeah, but they don’t have equivalents to Barbie Girl, Safari Time, Mambo #5, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, and other meme music

All they have are pop songs that get played too much

i would get mad that you send me your story but at least you’re sending me something

And my 2 AM dreams.

Trust me, it’s never as bad as you think.


Sometimes I forget how creepy the imagery DGM has