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The Mogul Millennial Family honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Also! Painted these a few weeks ago because I am a obsessed with plant bbs!!

El 59% de nuestro equipo corresponde a la generación , de los cuales el 60% son mujeres y 40% son hombres; y de ellos 74% están solteros. Esto refleja el individualismo, y el deseo de superarse por ellos mismos. Conozca más en

Am I the only who doesn't like avocado toast? I'm reading this article and realizing I don't fit the millennial stereotype at all...

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With the introduction of the generation to the , it’s becoming important to stay ahead of trends to keep up with the demands of employees. On the blog, explores the new ways is expressed to a modern workforce.

Rockstars, Gurus, and Ninjas: Companies Rebrand Their Jobs to Attract Millennials. 🎸🃏⚡ Hoping to cultivate talent, companies try out alternative titles to common jobs. Read more here:

Neuromarketing para dummies (parte 2). Cómo mejorar la publicidad con el y cómo la generación influye en la tecnología🤓🖋

is becoming a must for many. A report found that 25% of UK workers have refused a job due to the lack of flexibility. This number jumps to 40% for workers who find work-life balance and key when choosing a job:

Millennials experience ‘financial awakening’ at age 33 according to new study

„I‘m a 👉 i want to know where my food comes from, what‘s in it ...and i want it now.“ Louisa Burwood-Taylor

Life insurance shouldn't be complicated. Contact us today to see how a Millennial approach can benefit you!

Previsioni per il 2019: le rischiano di il 30% dei by Un’analisi di : 1 millennial su 3 è convinto che entro 5 anni non utilizzerà più una banca. Una quota di mercato che vale $

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I started making my study notes for my exam neat and organized,

then I realised. I dont care


Patriot assaulted by Antifa. IMHO Local #Militia must start showing up to #YellowVestAmerica (YVA) events in their area & keep the peace. Soros’ Antifa are acting as Hitler’s Brownshirts. They drive any nonAntifa folks away from the rally site. This is the Progressive Globalist Establishments way of making sure YVA doesn’t gain momentum in the US. This would be a good opportunity for militia groups to train by merely standing between Soros’ #YellowVest Hijacking Antifa & nonAntifa folks & not letting Antifa drive off nonAntifa #patriots. I experienced similar at the 22DEC2018 #YellowVests Rally in Minneapolis MN. 15-20 Anqueefa drove off 5 - 10 nonAntifa folks, except me. I alone remained & stood down 15-20 Antifa. After 60 minutes Anqueefa abandoned the designated rally site & I alone remained. If 1 old #boomers type can single handedly stand down 15-20 #GenZ/#Millennial Antifa punks, surely an organized Militia can handle the task of being peacekeepers at future YVA rallies. You just need to know how to handle yourselves. Good luck in court fellow, patriot. To NonAntifa Patriots: Always bring friends when facing down traitor Antifa. Antifa is Soros’ paid Brownshirt Army. They are trained & well organized on how to manage & manipulate nonAntifa folks. (But IMHO, Antifa is composed of cowardly, society rejects who just want to belong to something; Soros & his lieutenants can’t teach cowards rugged, individualist bravery.) Always bring video & audio recorders. $50 or less gets you a minature video camera you can clip to your pocket, glasses, coat collar, hat etc. Keep fighting the good fight, fellow patriots. 
Reposted > @joeygibson4 Full video > Patriot attacked & now charged with crime. Come rally against the prosecuting attorney & antifa March 2, 2019 Vancouver, WA courthouse steps 1 pm
@realDonaldtrump #UMN #College #FFA #HighSchool #HomeSchool #Republican #Democrats #MNCD6 #TPUSA #Conservative #MAGA #Qanon #TEAParty #gun @WayneDupreeShow
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‘Hell Has No Wrath Like A Millennial Scorned’: Lawyer Suing Fyre Festival Gives Updates On Case

Hundreds of FOMO-driven attendees were still on the Bahamian island of Great Exuma, grappling with the reality that the first annual “luxury” Fyre Festival was an unthinkable scam, when California-based laywer Ben Meiselas of Geragos & Geragos began receiving call after call … after call.

The civil rights, class action and litigation firm, which has filed notable consumer lawsuits against companies like EOS lip balm and CenturyLink, had quickly become the priority speed dial for rich, white 20-somethings stranded in the Caribbean with no way home.

“We got calls from people who were looking for lawyers to get off the island ― people who we had known in Los Angeles and people who just knew us from Googling the firm,” Meiselas told HuffPost following the premiere of Hulu’s “Fyre Fraud” documentary, and just days before Netflix’s “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened” hit the streaming network. Meiselas appears in both films.

“We started getting calls from literally everybody on the island who wanted to be involved in the case,” he said. “I think you can say hell has no wrath like a millennial scorned.”

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Behind the Blog | About Me

Let’s start simple before we unwrap the craziness that is my life, shall we? 

1. i live in illinois (and yes, all the memes you see on facebook about us midwest folk are 100% true, i say “ope” at least fifty times a day)

2. i turned 22 in december

3. i’ve never held a driver’s license

4. i’m a dog mom (her name is maisy, she’s a rescue, and an absolute drama queen and a half)

5. i’ve dropped out of college like three times now, and currently have no plans of going back. 

6. on that note, i’m a pre-k teacher so that’s cute, eh?

7. i’m bisexual, af. (but don’t tell anyone because i’m out to maybe three people irl)

8. my favorite scent & color is lavender

9. if i could i’d run an iv full of coffee straight into my veins for my entire life. 

10. i roleplayed on polyvore for like 10+ years before it went down, and just deleted my rp acct on here like yesterday. 

&& i think we will leave it at that.