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Got ?

M!LK生写真、定価にてお譲りします! 4/6キャラアニ東京3~6部での手渡し限定でお願いします!郵送不可!

Uruguay is a neighbor country, which produces , and . It has been a historical receptor of investments of and :

Besides humans, no species drinks the milk of another species. Cow’s milk is designed for calves, who have four stomachs and gain hundreds of pounds in a matter of months. Go vegan today!

Are you in the ? Are you in the ? Argentina has a persistent problem producing milk in little productions but like can be efficient in biggest one: 

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M!LK 生写真 ストラップ バッヂ (譲)画像のもの (求)佐野勇斗 塩﨑太智 宮城と福岡の春ツで 交換してくださる方探してます🙇🏻‍♀️


やっと仕事終わった・・・・ 甘いもの食べたいなぁ〜 ミスドとLiptonのミルクティーがいいなぁ(*´∇`*) 誰か買って! いや・・・買ってこい! 違う違う・・・買ってきやがれ! あっ・・・・私疲れてる・・・・( ³ω³ )

M!LK SPRING TOUR 2019 “Treasure Treasure”生写真交換 求 1枚目🍼スタンプのもの 譲 2枚目3枚目のもの 3/23春ツ仙台 4/2春ツ福岡 4/6キャラアニ東京 4/14キャラアニ大阪でのお取引が可能です。

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Brad Tries Skittles Milk
Brad tries out this skittles flavored milk. See more early videos at

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Word of the Day #54

Молоко | Milk

mo-lo-koh | neuter | noun

Singulars (nominative, accusative, genitive, prepositional, dative): Молоко, Молоко, Молоко, Молоке, Молоку

Plurals (nominative, accusative, genitive, and prepositional, dative): there are no plurals for milk (edited)

In example sentences…

«У нас есть молоко?» | “Do we have milk?”

«Вкус молока так хорош.» | “The taste of milk is so good.”

«Я люблю пить молоко, когда читаю книги.» (edited) | “I love milk while I read books.”

anonymous asked:

What's ur fave plant milk? :)

It depends on the use to be honest. I think that cashew is the nicest just to drink on its own, but it’s expensive so I don’t really buy it. When it comes to tea or coffee I generally use almond milk, but oat milk is better for steaming. For baking of its something sweet I use coconut milk, if not oat or almond are both good.


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actually knowing how bad I am at operating a human body properly I could probably accidentally drown in milk while failing to drink it