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गधी के दूध से बना साबुन क्‍या उसके श्रमिक जीवन में परिवर्तन लाएगा?

´•ﻌ•`🐾 ⋆⑅00′ 関東 吉田仁人 ⋆⑅ 推し被り△ 現場で連番や無銭出来るくらい仲良くなれればなって思ってます ゆるくお迎え行きます 拡散よろしくお願いします

Drinking milk after a cardio session will help you recover from all the physical activity! To order your pack call: 095946 51596.

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With the underway remember to keep cool and hydrated. Remember Choccy milk is the best sports recovery so maybe try some when you get home after a day at the tennis or even while you are watching on TV

The health nutrients obtained from are essential for the human body!

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5 Reasons Why Gourmet Coffee-Lovers Should Have A Premium Milk Frother

When #coffeeislife, a cup of coffee is the “bestest best friend” you will ever have.

In recent years, coffee have become more and more of a daily drink for many Americans across all 50 states. With Starbucks and other local coffee chains readily available, coffee has become the top “go to” drink for many students and employees.

Along with the rise of coffee consumption also rose the interest of many on “specialty” or gourmet coffee drinks. According to a Forbes report, specialty coffee has seen the strongest growth in the coffee market in the past few years, with coffee consumers drinking as much as 3 cups of specialty coffee daily in 2017.  

If you’re a true-blue gourmet coffee lover or have an interest in brewing your own gourmet coffee, then having the right tools to make “coffee art” is something worth investing in – especially when it comes to your milk frother. Below, we list some reasons why you’ll need a premium milk frother in your home if you want to make delicious specialty coffee:

1. Premium Milk Frother = Premium Froth

Creating coffee art is not easy. It requires a clear understanding on how milk and coffee jive with one another how a better froth on your milk can do wonders to the outcome of your coffee art.

In coffee shops, baristas use steam from espresso machines to create premium milk froth with microfoam evenly distributed throughout the milk. But with a premium milk frother, you don’t have to worry about creating nice microfoam without steam.

2. Premium Milk Frothers Double up as Milk Heaters

Other than making froth for coffee art, premium milk frothers also have a heating function that heat up milk for a steamy cup of latte or hot chocolate milk.  It’s definitely suitable for your flat whites and espressos.

3. Premium Milk Frothers are Energy Efficient

Making your own artisanal coffee shouldn’t require you to buy a huge espresso machine that requires a lot of electricity to use. With a premium milk frother, you can recreate that coffee shop-like taste without having to worry about the electricity bill.

4. Premium Milk Frothers are Hassle-free

Premium milk frothers are also really easy to use and doesn’t have a complicated manual to understand how to use. You also don’t need to bother doing trial and errors in the microwave – milk frothers are designed exactly to make a good froth for your drinks.

5. Premium Milk Forthers Leave Little/No Mess

Unlike handheld milk frother wands and hand pump milk frothers, premium milk frothers don’t require any manual effort from the user. This results in little to no mess on the counter table so you can enjoy your cup of gourmet coffee without thinking of cleaning up anything afterwards.

You can order your own Ovente milk frother by clicking this link:

All the mothers want to feed their babies

With white sparkling milk

Turning them into beautiful fat ladies

Touching like silk

I was a baby too

A sugar monster,you can tell

I was divided into two

Owning a mind like hell

I still sparkling

In other way

My head still a lightning

At least it’s what they say

Stones can break my bones

Your words can break my soul

I feel so heavy like a thousand stones

But I still in control

“ It’s nobody’s business ”

I say all the time

I’m falling in love with my illness

It’s almost a crime

Excerpt from “The Essential Guide to Guars for Outlanders”

On the outside, and in most respects, the guar of Morrowind resemble large, bipedal reptiles which can be found in other regions of Tamriel. So it is a common source of confusion to Imperial citizens visiting the province of Morrowind when they hear about “guar milk”. No, guar do not suckle their young in the manner of heartland sheep. Guar saliva is a thick mucus which they orally feed to their hatched young in a way resembling the behavior of some birds. The distinction is that although guar are ruminants, they do not feed their young with the cud. What may be alarming to outlanders, is that when a Dark Elf refers to “milk”, they’re actually discussing guar mucus which is a staple of the Dunmer diet. Just in the way that cheese is replaced with beetle cuttle and jelly with netch flesh, the Dark Elves never cease to amaze with their creative food substitutes.


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