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Did not like another version of the theme that one day a super computer is going to take over.

Visited the Flight 93 National Memorial. This is a picture of their They weren’t going to let the circumstances thrust upon them limit their ability to act and make an effort at changing the outcome. You don’t have to accept what is put in front of you.

☠️ officials fear operational failures in handling personal devices might put soldiers in danger.

Wilkin Chapman is delighted to have raised thousands of pounds to help – supporting the vital work it does with our country’s veterans. Read more here -

Bulge - Rural Devastation, location unknown. I love colour restoring these moments in time from B&W. You notice so many small details that you would usually miss.

27 Jan 1941: U.S. to Joseph C. Grew wires that Japan is planning a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, however, he is not believed. Most senior American officials believe Japan will attack the in the event of war.

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It gets more dystopic with every passing day