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Growing from strength to strength 200 subscribers on my you tube channel $gratitude

It is wonderful to be able to follow the achievements of each of our children... shortly before the school holidays Chaneal wrote her first words...

Eden Hazard sukses melakoni laga ke 100 nya bersama Tim Nasional Belgia dengan positif. Di laga melawan Siprus itu, Ia menyumbangkan gol sekaligus membawa Belgia meraih kemenangan.

1st place subjunuor air rifle champion was Sidney Knight. 1st place subjunior smallbore champion was Brady Henry. 1st place overall Junior air rifle champion was Brady Fowkes.

thankful for the continued opportunity to help give back to an organization and people who have given so much to me! Here’s to my 17th year of 🍊!!!

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Haven’t looked at it in a week or so but chuffed to bits this video broke the 1000 view mark. There’s an updated version out now and I’m working on a Hitman 2 version so stay tuned for that

What advice do you have for teachers about all those hormones, emotions, and ups and downs of middle school? How can we support their moods and emotional state? Looking for some ideas for my next blog.

Hit that 5k last night on ! The love and support we feel daily is amazing. Couldn't ask for a better Family to have around the channel. Each person playing their role and keeping things positive. On to that 7.5K next 💯😎

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This is what a exact scenario of today credit : All the best Lots of wishes and prayers for you... All around the world. "Do it what you done before ".

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THANK YOU for 400 followers!!

It means the world to me that you’re all here 😘😍🥰

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Almost to 50! Maybe it’s not a huge deal but it makes me feel good to know that there are at least 49 people out there(pornbots and creeps included lol) that want to follow me because my blog inspired them in some way or they found something that connected to their soul or we share interests or they just like diddling themselves to the dirty things I post. Yay for almost 50! One more and maybe I’ll post a picture of my whole disgusting face or my dog and kitty. Or nothing🤷🏽‍♀️ We shall see.


Self•Care in action: In place of aimless retail therapy… I requested a free sample of primer and moisturizer, thanked the associate accordingly, and respected my budget!

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Thank you guys so much for your love and support. Today I am still beyond grateful for being able to have a space to create and scream all the fandom things. My love for writing and creating has been reignited because of you, and I cannot thank you all enough for that gift. It means more than you know.

That being said I will be posting a preview later tonight for LR chapter 2! ❤️

P.S. Please also wish @belovedyuuri the happiest of birthdays as well. She is my birthday twin and a constant reminder of how lightness can exist in a person. Basia, you are the embodiment of warmth one feels when settling in with a cup of tea. You are the fresh aura of air after the culmination of a heavy storm unraveling into a field that is desperate for relief and finally receives it. YOU ARE ALL THE CHEESY LOVELY SOFT METAPHORS I CAN THINK AND WRITE ABOUT. Cause you are soft and warm and light. Have a wonderful day!



The significance of that moment…me reading the news live in Toronto…that Jagmeet Singh became the first visible minority to lead a Federal Political Party in the House..I considered it a #milestone #priceless. Have a Fantastic Day TG&P❤️

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Week 11 - 18/03/19

I forgot to post on here last week. It definitely wasn’t because I put on 2 pounds and I didn’t want to admit it!

At least this week, I lost 2.5lbs! It might only be a net loss of half a pound over 2 weeks, but it gets me back on track.

I now only need to loose 0.4pounds to have lost a stone and 1.3 pounds to get down to 14 stone! I’m hoping I’ll hit both of those before the end of March, and then I’ll be taking some new pictures to see if I can notice any differences!

Keto Chicken Parmigian with cheesy cauliflower rice. DAYUM!

I was very strict this week with keto. Mostly meat, eggs and tonight some cheese. Great results this week. 4 ounces of wine at dinner last night.

IF all week (20 hours with 4 hour window) with OMAD. No snacking. No fruit.

Gym: once but I’ll be there all weekend too. Doing elliptical and row and full body weight workout 2 x week. My groin is better. I’m killing the squats now. 3 weeks ago I struggled to get my ass back up. Ass to grass is my goal.

Now for the good stuff!

I’ve met a milestone. 25 pounds LOST!!

And 2 pounds until I see 159. So happy I’ll be back into the 150’s next week!! 🤩

I’m on goal to lose all 50 lbs in 1 year.

Hope you meet all your goals, Bunnies! 💋