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‘17 years of Dave’ – what a milestone what an achievement Congrats man! HappyWorkAnniversary from the rest of the team!

to 's Ekkapon Y. - at FasterCapital on completion of 13 years at Nitithorn Summit Group Co., Ltd. We wish you a grand success to achieve many more in coming years.

I’m officially a certified Arts Integration Specialist! Thanks to Amy, , Typhani, and everyone at Education Closet for helping me reach the next step in my career!

My kids were amazed this evening to see these photographs come to life. An eloquent illustration of the magic of cinema...

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141 years ago (almost to the day) “The Galloping Horse” was filmed by Eadweard Muybridge. How could he have known that his experiment would have lead to the birth of an art form?

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MACARBON®️ milestones: For more than thirty years, our magnesia-carbon bricks have been consistently upgraded to meet the steel-making industry's requirements.

Very exciting! We have reached a golden moment with TWC, High five to 100 Facebook likes! 🖐Follow us on Facebook>>

Hey ! What professional did you consider a *must* to celebrate? Share your victories + add another *win* worth celebrating by joining the KBL Collective every Wednesday at 1 PM ET for REAL business talk >>>

The has come a long way since first introduced to the public, did you know that? Take a look at our new to see all the automotive .

Time is eternal, Your journey inside it, Is limited and finite; Your milestones inside it, Is a significant reminder- Don’t sacrifice time for comfort, Don’t sacrifice people for discomfort, Don’t sacrifice your self for acceptance!

BICA qualification has awarded our 17 graduates with the expertise to thrive in any local and international accounting body. What are you waiting for? You too can be a BICA qualified accountant! Simply call 397 2992 or inbox for more details.

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Achievements are precious! And what can be better than celebrating of reaching 10000+ active installs so soon. [ ] thanks all it's users for support and co-operation on this day who's faith made us reach this peak only so early.

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今日はストーンズは聴かないと言ったけど… MC5やストゥージズなどと並ぶデトロイト・ヘヴィ・サイケの暴れん坊? SRCの2nd これジャケが地味な感じだけどすごくいいんだよね🎶 ちょっとプログレな感じもいいし

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officially just became a ninth grader!

Today, a new chapter in your life has begun. ☺️ (It’s so big nga maskig imong picture diri nako gikuyog ug bitay sa mga hinalay. Lol! 🤣)

Aside from your Filipino (Philippine) citizenship by birth and descent, you have also become a senior citizen. Haha! Congratulations on your dual citizenship! Woohoo! 60 years strong! 💪🏻😂

Maka discount na sa airplane and ferry tickets and even in Jollibee. Lol! 🍗🍝✔️💯 And of course, you have the seniors lane everywhere so you don’t have to join/beat the queue. Gosh! The perks are endless! 😂

Seriously, kidding aside…Happy Father’s Day (again) for last Sunday and Happy Birthday! Thank you for everything! I ❤️ you! 😘

P.S.Ang atong sabot, padayon! 🤫😂

guys!! y’all really like me, huh? this is almost my most followed account now! i haven’t been very active lately because of mental health but i’m so grateful for this.

Super nervous for tomorrow! Starting my first full-time, post-grad position— while I finish up my degree this summer. It’s going to be difficult to balance my medical treatment, new diet for food sensitivities, full-time school schedule and this new job— hopefully I can do it! Wish me luck!

thank you for 100 followers !! 🥳🎉

i honestly don’t know what to say right now, i’m so overwhelmed, except for thank you~ i’m so grateful that you all love my content so much that you decided to follow me and i love you all !!💞


I’ve spent a few months growing this closet on Poshmark, and thankfully I am where I set my goal to be…over 600 listings and 200 sales so far. It’s been trying and it’s been fun and I hope I can keep it going. This is the first time I have shared it and there’s always a perk if you’re new to this platform… signing up with my code will get you a sweet 10 bucks! Onward and all that and thanks for the support and encouragement from my tumblr universe <3

poshmark: resurrectionpil 


this shows some of the progress on one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever done, in the inner cover of the Haikyuu!! Rarepair zine. Everything about this piece just kind of came together nicely—the pose, the easy shot at dramatic lighting… I’ve been trying to recapture that ease for a while.