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Not a bad Sunday!!

Spring is already here . 🇮🇹 Oggi sembra che la primavera sia arrivata in anticipo. Questo è il primo anno in cui la Biblioteca degli alberi sarà al suo massimo splendore con la bella stagione: andateci e rilassatevi .

Ieri la più pesante vittoria stagionale del , oggi dell' 2019, al 3° successo di fila in pieno cataclisma mediatico. Forse il metodo-, "miglior dirigente d'Europa" e 40-anni-di-carriera, non è così improvvisato... ✅ ✅ 🔁

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A flowery living oasis 🙌 Do you have flowers in or outside of your flat? 🌷💐 (IG 📸:kyrenian)

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Just Pinned to A Little Nomad / Travel Blog: Street Art Milan - Photos, Stories & Locations

Silhouettes, evident traces, playful lightness, all the elements of contrast. The symmetry and rhythm of the design language enhanced by our presence. The beauty of simplicity. . . . . .

THE RETIRED JERSEY - A classic about how showed respect for Zanetti, who gave his all for the Black & Blue shirt by retiring his iconic number 4.   

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Today’s photo with the most hits - portrait of Napoleon, painted by Appiani. It may be seen in the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, Milan.

(Takes place after an rp with @robins-whump)

Milan had never been so happy to go back to Parrish’s house.

The carriage pulled up to the front door, and he almost jumped out in his excitement and relief. If it weren’t for the terrible pain in his back, he probably would’ve.

“Be careful, now.” Parrish reminded, helping him down. He was careful not to touch his back, but Milan still winced as he moved. Walking hurt.

Parrish picked him up with ease, still being gentle. The boy leaned into him, already relaxing. He was safe here. He was safe, not like with that other man.

“Looks like he really did a number on you.” Parrish spoke softly, talking moreso to himself than the boy he was holding. Fingers gently combed through his hair as he whispered calming things to him, carrying him inside the house and straight into his own room.

“Sh-shouldn’t I b-be in m…m-my ro-oom, sir?” Milan stammered, sounding so scared. Like he almost forgot where he was. Who he was with. Parrish would usually scold him for not using his name, but he decided to let it go as he brought him into the bathroom.

The man gave him a gentle smile. “No, no. You’ve had a rough day, and I missed you. I figured you could use some time with me.”

Milan’s eyes were closed, and he nodded, hugging him. Parrish went back to stroking his hair as he leaned down, turning on the bath water. “How about you take a relaxing bath?”

He barely managed to finish the question. As soon as Milan heard the water, his eyes snapped open. He cried out in fear and clung desperately to Parrish’s shirt.

“N-no, please! P-please, I, I’m sorry sir! Don’t put me in there, I’ll be good!” He sobbed.

Taken aback, the man held him closer. “Hey, hey. Shh, it’s okay Milan. It’s okay.” He turned the water off and moved him away, feeling the horrible trembling and listening to the gasping breaths of his terrified little dancer. “I won’t put you in there.”

Milan let out a relieved sob. “Th-thank you…”

They stayed sitting on the floor for several minutes, until the boy was calm and relaxed in his arms.

“Milan. What did you think I was going to do to you?”

The boy tensed again and whimpered. He didn’t look up, not until Parrish lifted his chin.


“H-he… he t-told me not to, to tell you…” He stammered, looking so scared.

Parrish frowned, gently stroking Milan’s hair again. “Milan, you can tell me. You won’t be in trouble.”

“B-but… I-I misbehaved…”

“What did he do to you?”

Milan broke down again. He sobbed and told Parrish everything. Messing up his performance, being dragged into the bathroom, the man almost drowning him (and coming so close at one point), and the whippings. He lifted his shirt when told to, showing the reddened skin. At most, he’d have a tiny scar. Just like the man had planned.

Anger flashed in Parrish’s eyes. With a sigh, he picked Milan up and brought him back to the bed, laying him down. “Get some sleep.” Was all he said as he sat by the bed. Milan was all too happy to oblige.

No one injures my property.

Monza/Milan plug??

Hey guys n gals, I’m coming to Monza & Milan really soon and was wondering if anyone can sort me bud easily? Don’t want loads of hassle but yh if anyone can, pleeaaseee let me know asap. Thank youu! 🇮🇹 🌱