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Buon inizio di giornata a tutti sperando il sole torni presto in tutt'Italia, soprattutto a Venezia devastata dalle acque . .

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Quién no se acuerda de , , y ?? Ellos son las !! Y ya las tenemos disponibles para reservar en nuestra web!

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listen i haven’t slept in like 40 hours, i register at asscrack o’clock, and my face is burning to the point that i think if u placed a poptart on my forehead it would be pleasantly warmed up for you, but despite all that, i feel the need to ask:

do u think the 2k3 boys ever fully physically recovered from the explosion in exodus?

isn’t it far more likely that raph suffers from costochondritis (sternum inflammation, since it seems like he just broke his whole fucking?? chest or something); and mikey’s knees lock up and have him face planting even after his legs are supposed to be “healed” because screw the casts, his tendons are FUCKED; and as the day goes on donnie loses more and more mobility with his shoulder, because his displaced fractured humerus wasn’t exactly able to heal properly, and it leaves him aching in bed every night?

in the heat of battle, the boys don’t feel any pain, but the second they get to breathe after a long day, all of their injuries just come flooding back and leaving them in agony.

and then there’s leo, who isn’t able to avoid a flood of guilt every time he sees one of them gritting their teeth in pain, because yeah, he got stabbed and he has the scuffed shell to prove it, but aside from the cosmetic damage he didn’t turn out all that bad? him, the leader, the one who should have taken the brunt of the damage—the one who would have taken all of it, given the chance to—gets off easy while everyone else suffers and keeps on suffering?

it’s just not right.

  • Donatello: "What's everybody thinking about?"
  • Leonardo: "The Shredder."
  • Michelangelo: "Pizza."
  • Michelangelo: *Notices the others staring at him*
  • Michelangelo: "I mean-! Aw, heck. I'm thinking about pizza, okay? I mean, does it always have to be about the Shredder? He's a bad guy, we're trying to defeat him, I get it. I'm hungry."

sooo…. yah @mikeykawaii published on her/his (sowwy idk) twitter a image of warrior!Mikey AND I LOVED THE DESING OMG, LIKE IT’S SO MUCH FUN TO DRAAAW, Really, love the desing. Though I feel like I draw him a little femenine, so…. yah. THE MIKEY AU IT’S NOT MINE, NEITHER THE IDEA, ALL THE DESING SI MADE BY @mikeykawaii 


Baron Jitsu Happy Family AU x manga meme “The way of househusband #17”

*reading from right up down to left up down.

The story same as manga, about they go to foot clan shoesshop played lottery and got small sports shoes, which fit for Mikey. Lou actually like it. Draxum want the other prize ( not sure what ) But if he saw Lou is happy then is worth it.Never feel embarrassed to say out lot how Lou Jitsu is great😂 That moment foot lieutenant and brute are finally know he is Lou and also ask for signing autograph on his DVD box.