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Can you pick the remaining in this XI? Given these 5 to fixed in the team? IPL All Stars Match ( RCB + CSK + MI + SRH) vs (DC + RR + KXIP + KKR) will most likely be played on March 26th.

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Kit had looked at him and forgotten the knife and thought, Beautiful.
Beautiful like all the Shadowhunters were beautiful, like moonlight shearing off the edges of broken glass: lovely and deadly. Beautiful things, cruel things, cruel in that way that only people who absolutely believed in the rightness of their cause could be cruel.
—  Kit Herondale (Lord of Shadows)

‏“الذي لن يعود أبدًا لماذا يبدو كأننا سنراه بعد قليل؟” - أحمد سالم
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She dispatched them to different parts of the Institute: Julian to the attic to check on Arthur, Mark to the kitchen, and Emma to the library to help the twins clean up. Kit had disappeared.ย 
“He hasn’t run away,” Ty informed her helpfully. “He hasn’t run away,” Ty informed her helpfully. “He just didn’t want to make beds.
—  Emma Carstairs and Ty Blackthorn (Lord of Shadows)
Even when she’d been younger, she’d understood somehow that there were some things you couldn’t wish for: world peace, your dead parents back. The universe couldn’t turn itself inside out for you. Wishing only bought you small blessings: a sleep without nightmares, your best friend’s safety for another day, birthday sunshine.
—  Emma Carstairs (Lord of Shadows)

Y parecerá un momento que podria haberse olvidado en tan solo un segundo, porque vendrían miles de momentos parecidos y enigmáticos pero nos fundimos en el calor de la habitación, quién diría que el invierno sería tan cálido en estos instantes, su cabello sudado le daba un toque magnífico a la situación, su porte recto y perfecto con esa sensación de eres mía me derretía en cuerpo y alma y su rostro serio pero seguro me producía esa sensación de que todo va a estar bien y no te voy a dejar. Me sentía bien con él, me sentía segura, no podía hacer un sonido, sus manos pasando sobre mis muslos con la fuerza y la delicadeza que realmente buscaba, lo tenía todo, lo tengo a él

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