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Playing around with the excursionist perk this week makes this a little attractive for once

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Small girl plays in plant and needs a bath

If anyone has tips for cleaning furbs plz give me I am in need

Since When Has Our Relationship Ever Been Easy?

Okay, here comes a subject that everyone loves to talk about when it comes to the Butterflys: Mewberty! We all know Eclipsa never learned to dip down and only achieved her Butterfly form when she entered the realm of magic, so it kind of sucks that she probably went through the misfortunes of Mewberty for nothing. Oh well. It’s still a lot to think about! She’s already one of the weirdest queens in Mewni history! Let’s see what happens when things get a little weirder…

Globgor: 13
Eclipsa: 12

Prologue CH1 CH2 CH3 CH4

CH4-My Friend Becomes My Prey

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We’re going seventy on a back road. Every window down, the wind tangling my hair and I couldn’t bring myself to care how much brushing it would take to fix. There’s a song on the radio that I haven’t heard before, but with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face, how could I do anything but sing along? There’s more trees than I’ve ever seen before, each one a unique shade of green. Light filters through the branches, creating a mass of shadows on the grass. If I’m lucky, I can catch sight of a butterfly, and I remember just how beautiful this planet is. My friends are with me and our spirits are high, floating above us as we drive through nature, seeing everything and nothing. In this moment, tentative futures and fears are forgotten, pulled away by the absolute elation we share. We are here and now, and tomorrow can wait for tomorrow.

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Anon about magical healing cocks again: ok wow. I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT THIS IS A THING. ok. I guess its now established.

I love the magical healing cock trope. I know it’s not how rape recovery or healing from trauma or life-threatening wounds actually works, but dammit, we all deserve the fantasy and power of magical healing sex with cultivators and/or demon kings in our lives!


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See requests are open, can I get some fuckin s o f t Val hcs pls

I will always provide soft Val

  • Very passionate about his hobbies. Isn’t super open about them as he likes to keep that wall up but if you’re close to him, you might just get to see that side of him.
  • Things that you will see, even if not in depth: his love for literature and theater
  • Things you probably won’t see: His passion for culinary things and self care (baths, face masks etc.)
  • Val loves to cook, of course only with fresh ingredients. If y’all are close, you might just be able to catch him in action. He always picks the best wines to pair with his cooking too.
  • If you two are intimate, you’ll be able to get a glimpse into his self care routine. He loves to unwind in the bath with a face mask and bath salts. And would love for you to join him.
  • He certainly wouldn’t object to you washing his hair either. He’s absolutely soft for his lover playing with his hair.
  • Also, he’s into art. I’ve mentioned this before but just imagine catching him painting with the soft afternoon light bouncing off of him. Hair in a messy bun and maybe paint stained hands. That’s the good shit right there.
  • I think he’d also commission artists of Vesuvia and have local art on the walls of his estate. Of course the art would have to be up to par with his tastes, he isn’t just putting any art on his walls local or not.

“i’ll be with you in a minute.” maya told the person who had entered the gym. the girl was usually packed with clients since a lot of the people who stayed at the hotel enjoyed using the gym. and not only was her responsibility to train people who came to the gym, but she also showed new people around and stuff like that. once she finished up her training session with the person who booked her to train them, she walked over to the male. “what can i help you with?” she asked them.

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Sometimes I look in the mirror and think of my mom. We look alike, strikingly similar. Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder what my mom sees. Has she ever really seen me? Does she know who I am? Most of me was made by her and she doesn’t even know.

I want so bad to tell her but inside I know it doesn’t matter. I’m her daughter, does she know that? Does she know how she affected me? “I look so fat” “I need to lose weight” “can you believe that woman is wearing that” “is THAT what you’re wearing tonight” quotes that run through my head every time I look in a mirror. I’ve never been too happy with my reflection, does she know she’s the reason why? Does she care?

I could never tell her. Not about the hunger, the disgust with my stomach, my thighs, my nose. The things I try to tell her don’t matter. I’m in love mom, this makes me happy mom, you look fine mom, do I? No? I’ll change.

For her I’d do anything but it’s always been clear to me that it won’t work.

—  MHC

Antigen presenting cells have MHC class II. Nucleated cells and platelets have MHC class I. MHC class II is used to show antigens to CD4+ T cells and MHC class I is used to show antigens to CD8+ T cells.

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Do you forgive the magical high commission and what they did to you?


“At this point, I really don’t care about what those guys have done to me past. I just don’t see the point in getting angry at their prejudice anymore. It’s like getting angry at a baby for crying. They just can’t help themselves. Do I have a grudge against them? No. Do I forgive them for all they’ve done? No. I just don’t care about them. I’m with my family now, and that’s all that matters. They can just buzz off for all I care.”