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A quick pic of cable, looking more like from 4. Or even, but its definitely . i think.

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Time for an evening of relaxing and playing my violin. For those wondering, the signatures on my violin belong to Lindsey Stirling and Robin Atkin Downes (the voice behind Kaz Miller from MGS and the Medic from Tf2). I wonder who’s signature I’ll get next? :3

anonymous asked:

What about screenshots from the Metal Gear games?

Sure. But that will take quite a lot of my time as they are very long for cutscenes. I will post the MGS games soon enough. I only post Megaman X screenshots as they only take a max of an hour at least.

Update I guess?

So recently I haven’t been posting much Metal Gear, if any at all? But anyway it’s just to let you guys know that this is a multi fandom blog because for me personally I don’t feel there is much Metal Gear stuff to work with. I will try to post the occasional Metal Gear thing but at the current moment it is Megaman content that’s best for now.