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Quiet or Rayne?

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This is the best off brand metal gear solid translation I’ve come across so far

Ehhhh getting a little tired of hearing Snake say “you’ll just slow me down”

How is it that, consistently, the dialogue in codec conversations is ten times better than the dialogue in cutscenes?

“They’re beautiful, compassionate eyes” vs “you’ve got a cute butt” like????????????

“Unfortunately, killing is one of those things that gets easier the more you do it.”

From the huge exposition dumps earlier in this game, i really honestly expected MGS1′s writing to be way weaker than it is


holy shit that’s an amazing line

Solid Snake is a goddamn bisexual ICON

I competently 100% buy everyone with a set of eyes crushing on this fuckin gorgeous man

He’s an absolute hottie and his 0-to-flirt is nigh instantaneous

I love this wonderful man and his six wives and five husbands


Sneaky Solidified Snake for Smash

I’m counting down the days until release with a character EVERYDAY! September 24th to December 7th: EVERY CHARACTER! EVERYDAY!

this will not affect the Saturday request posts, so if you got one keep ‘em coming! SEND IT and I’ll DRAW IT!