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On my second playthrough of MGSV and decided to try out Boss’s outfit and its pretty sick. 

Laughing Wallaby is a cutie pa tootie. 

Snake: Well, it’s clear the time has come for me to show you where we hide our guns. (pulls pistol out from under the table) Glock, 17 shots. (pulls out pen) Pen-gun, mightier than the sword. (pulls out sword with gun handle) Sword-gun, mightier than the pen-gun. (opens kitchen pantry) AR-15, MK5, MAC-1 0, paprika.

Peach: That’s weird. I use that pantry a lot.

Snake: And the paprika not enough.


Having missed Snake Eater, Peace Walker and completion of The Phantom Pain, this filled in a lot of blanks nicely. It also illustrates beautifully why Snake Eater is so revered, and where it all starts. While I felt like a little more could have been done, at 12 hours, who could ask for more?!


Here’s more YouTube poop.