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anonymous asked:

I’m a 16 year old girl. I recently met a boy who’s 19. I’ve known him for only a little over a week, and he lives two states away. I met him when he was here with a friend that we have in common. While he was here we flirted a lot. But we never did anything other than hug. After he left he decided that he was apparently in love with me and has been making me very uncomfortable, constantly texting me/telling me im the one. Everyone in my family/friend group is blaming and idk what to do

Hey love, 

First, I want you to know that this is not your fault. Okay? No matter what anyone says it’s not your fault. 

Second, do yourself a favour and block his number. Whatever social media platform you have him on, block him. Block his number. Reject his calls. Sometimes after a week of that, they quickly give up. If you feel that your safety is threatened at any point, tell the authorities immediately. I’m hoping that since he lives two states away and you had very minimal interaction his interest will quickly go away. 

Don’t be timid. Don’t be subtle. Tell him directly that you do not feel comfortable and you want him to stop contacting you. Be direct. Be assertive. Don’t hint at anything. Assume that he cannot take a hint and tell him directly. This is for your safety. If he continues to contact you after this, it is harassment because you’ve directly stated your desire for him to stop. Since you are underage, he can be given a criminal charge if he keeps pursuing you. I think that he assumes you won’t have as much power because you are underage and you probably don’t know any better. So don’t let him win on that. Show hi tat you are not a child and you will do what it takes to protect yourself. If your friends and family won’t believe you, talk to another trusted adult like a teacher or a distant aunt. Just tell another adult that this is happening so that they can help you. 

Always by your side,


anonymous asked:

My best friend lately only messages me either at 3am/4am or once at 5pm. She'll start a conversation then disappear for days. I understand she has school. I know I'm at work 99% of my weeks. But shell randomly disappear from our conversations. It becomes hard to talk with her. Sometimes she'll want to talk at 3am and I say all the time sorry I'm sleepin I have a long shift But I don't think she understands I work 5-6 days a week.

I think that, in a conversation with her, you should focus on when you can talk rather than when you can’t. Be honest! Something like:

“I really love talking to you, but I’ve noticed it’s been hardly lately with our conflicting schedules and work and school and all of that. What times work best for you to chat? I’m usually available ________________.”

And then go from there. It might mean that one of you has to stay up late or so on, but if you want to talk together, you might have to make the time to do so (within reason, of course).

If you can’t find a mutually agreeable time, then you could try thinking of your messaging a little differently. Instead of considering it an ongoing conversation, think of it more like writing letters to one another with bigger gaps in between responses. In other words, less back and forth with small messages, and more one big message back and forth, more slowly. You could spend a paragraph responding to their message, and then do another one telling them whatever you want to tell them. Then sign off, and wait for their big blast response.

And remember that when people get busy, they can be less communicative than before. That isn’t necessarily a sign of anything bad in a friendship - sometimes, people get quiet for various reasons, but as long as you’re both willing to make the time to communicate in some kind of way that works for you both, you’ll be okay.

Good luck!


Here you go, Tumblr. Our latest video from a couple weeks back.

All about new abbreviations you could start using yourselves online and in your text messages.

- Both Jamie and George


Oh guys yesterday I attended her class which was fun but she’s a Whole Bitch so she kind of purposely teamed me up with this girl neither of us like HAHAHA so when I walked with her to her next class she was like “hmmmm did u have a nice chat with your best friend *name*?” HHHH she’s an asshole hahhhah and I asked her if she’d rehearse that afternoon (she’s the choreographer for the school musical) and she was like yea!! and then at the EXACT same time I said “OK I’m coming to watch” and she said “are you coming to watch?” kdjdjd

So I went there with a friend of mine after our own rehearsal and watched the last 20 minutes of their rehearsal (we ended later than expected uuughhh normally I get to be there for 45 ish mins) and then stayed to talk to R for about another 30 minutes and she’s always. SOO mean to me but that’s our entire dynamic, she knows I’m okay with it and I’m just as annoying to her too so it’s cool!! So she BULLIED me for failing classes and my shit mental health and a lot more HAHHA and then like… three hours later… she messaged me…. “I really enjoyed being mean to you today” LOLL but in Dutch it’s phrased differently so it’s more like. “I thought it was fun (with you)”???? Anyway that was funny uh yeah that was my story

If you don’t answer I feel so sad, unwanted and even a little bit mad. Do you don’t wanna talk at all or do you just hate me for no reason?
And in my rage I tend to forget how often I don’t answer. And as I do, so do you. Some days there is no time, no head to think of messaging. We tend to forget.
—  about digitization and the cause of effects
If a guy doesn’t text that often, even if he works multiple jobs, is that a sign he isn’t that interested or just that he is a busy person who isn’t on his phone all the time.

I don’t want to over analyze, but I also don’t want to give him too much credit or excuses and be dragged along because I’m being too forgiving about the situation.

I’ve always had this problem. 


Our latest refinement of Biocoded comes packed with a new feature - conference calls. 

All our private setups will get it with a new version of the Biocoded server 1.5.0.  Biocoded Global conference call release is under-way and should hit all your devices really soon on Android and iOS …

We’ve streamlined the experience on the user interface, so end users will feel this upgrade as an additional ‘+’ button during a call and an additional ‘phone’ icon within a group chat.

Additionally, with the release of Biocoded conference calls we are introducing a new calling core codebase, which has a major impact on our core technology stack - Biocoded Bot. 

A conference call in technical term is simply a data transfer between multiple points. If we map this scenario to machines whereas each machine is simply an endpoint running a Biocoded Bot we get a software-defined network with additional benefits of all endpoints being authenticated and communicating end-to-end encrypted.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll present more features of Biocoded private servers, Biocoded Bot use-cases and the ideas behind these - for enhancing privacy and being the driver to set up a secure communication in the Internet of Everything …

- Denis