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I drunk texted her last night pretty much said how great of a person she is and she called me sweet shut up I’m not sweet I’m annoying as fuck

Great Tumblr comment by @viostormcaller

“@pawtonsanders as someone who used facebook solely because my relatives were on it, believe me, the minions meme stereotype is real. I saw those almost daily using facebook and they got so annoying. As much as losing messenger would suck, because that’s what I use most, what became of the site as well as its strict homophobic policies, yeah, the internet would be better off without it.”

the-rainbow-fox-13  asked:

When you get this you have to answer with 5 things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, send this ask to 10 of your favourite followers (Non-negotiable)๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’™

Ohmygoooood @maglex sent this to me too and I’m ????? I really didn’t think anyone would think of me but thanks sweethearts 💙💙 I think @not-mandip tagged me too? I’m not sure but well, let’s do it~~

Hummmm 5 things I like about myself…..

1. I think I’m pretty nice with people, at least I try to be, and even though I’m very shy and introverted I try to give everyone ‘good morning’s and 'how are you’s

2. Many friends come to me for advice and apparently I’m very good at putting myself in their place and thinking of the healthiest way of doing stuff

3. My hair is pink now (and hella curly!). I feel like a magical mermaid fairy. I like that

4. I like learning and I have a very big interest in very different areas of knowledge. Like physics, arts, history, lingustics and math. I think that’s pretty neat!

5. I try to compliment people all the time. Be their appearance, their art, their behaviour, practically anything. When I see gifs I like, for example, I try to leave a little comment or even message the blog to share some love. Some people told me it really brightened their day and/or cheered them up 💙

I’m going to have to save this as my default message from now on as I keep getting strangers wanting to chat.

Good morning, my friend.
Before you get too excited, that photo of me(my avatar) is 15 years old and I have it up to throw off any former or prsent students of mine from finding my tumblr.  I do not look like this anymore.  I am quite old and fat atm.  But thank you for checking in.  I am also not looking to hook up with anyone as I am demisexual and if it comes right down to it, prefer women. // Thank you again

You know before @matthewmohawk/@mattymohawlk/@aron-deuce/@mimimohawk, I would have been so happy to get the attention. But after they fucked with my mind and seduced me into a relationship under false pretenses FOR THREE FREAKING YEARS and destroyed what little of my trust was left, I honestly never want to talk to another stranger as long as I live.  Thanks Mahala Gillette, really.

anonymous asked:

Do you chat with your followers often?

I do my best to reply to every message, but sometimes I forget. Other times they aren’t very good at conversation, or it seems like a spam blog haha.

I probably won’t reply if someone doesn’t have any information about themselves in their header, if they don’t have an avatar of themselves, or if I can easily scroll to the bottom of their blog.


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Someone might need to hear this

If anyone ever needs someone to talk too. I’m here for you 100% I know if feels like you’re alone. But in this day and age that’s impossible. I may not always answer immediately. But getting back to anyone who decides they actually want me around will be getting answers as soon as I wake up, as soon as I finosh a worksheet, the minute I can look at my phone. I will answer you. Because you’re wonderful and you deserve it. Never feel like nobody will put you first. Because I know at least one person on this planet will.

In case you feel alone. Like nobody prioritizes you

I will prioritise getting back to you when you need someone to talk to. I will always try to answer you, because you’re important and you need to know that. Never think nobody will prioritize you. Because I kbow one person who most definetly will. And I can’t be the only one

Why don’t you just turn off the anonymous messages feature?

Because, despite the potential online abuse, idle trolling and misguided hate, I recognise that there are nice people out there who may be shy and need a way to reach out to you. If they feel better for talking to you anonymously, that’s ok.

It’s the ugliness that I won’t tolerate.

The insufferable ass twat who sent me multiple anon hate keeps making multiple accounts to send me stupid messages by calling me fat, making fun of mental health and the fact that I cosplay. Lmao this person is clearly a nobody and just is a waste of semen and oxygen and has nothing better to do than to harass people on the internet. Lmao this insufferable ass twat middle schooler sure is something.

Right now their username is xxxsnekxx lmfaoo.

anonymous asked:

You must be terribly fun at parties ๐Ÿ™„

What the hell are you talking about?

Anons of the world you gotta realize if you’re gonna insult, shade or try to comment something clever like, the person you’re messaging needs context and what you’re referring to. Now you’re hiding behind anonymity for no reason and wasted your own time b/c you didn’t get the response you wanted.