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Such a BEAUTIFUL performance by Fine Arts department today! Ss are blessed to experience it as 5th graders & look forward to it participating in it in a few years!

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This is a Hala fruit ! They say the Tahitian Screwpine is edible, but I just wanna look at it🧐

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Temple of Kartik Swami elder son of Shiva atop a hill the highest peak in the region from where you can touch the sky. From Kanakchauri, a trek of 5 km to the heavenly abode in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand

Voilà, deux trous noirs qui entrent dans la dansent et se préparent à une collision...

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🦋Şunun güzelliğine bakın ya. Bir de yeşil, çıldırıyorum. :)


Making Moves this Monday⚡️

When I started this art journey I promised myself I would learn everything I could about this fluid art thing. I fully delved myself into any courses I could. And I still do. You see, one thing I’ve learned is that in order to become the Subject Matter Expert you not only have to master your craft but your mistakes AND pretty much everything that’s out there.🎯

You’re never fully done learning, wether you have an art degree or just went to a workshop one night. Art is a level playing field and you set the the rules.💪🏽

Invest in your craft 💫 wether it’s nuclear engineering or underwater basket weaving. If you don’t practice it, you lose it🥴. And if you’re consistent you master it🎯

This piece was completed after taking the course from @chameleonjones_art to learn her #chameleoncells technique. I used @decoart paints and @pebeo silicone to manipulate the cells with a fine tooth comb. This is a super fun technique you could try with multiple varieties which she explains in detail in her comprehensive class.

If you’re interested in knowing what other classes I’ve taken, I’m happy to share with you which ones I’ve found helpful and have given me the most bang for my buck💰(just dm me if you have a question about a specific course).

I’m always looking for new classes to take! Which course have you found to be most helpful in your career?💡

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In my design studio my trusty vintage lava lamp. I could see stare at it for hours. #cool #lavalamp #lavalamps #vintage #midcenturymodern #retro #stareatit #mesmerizing #mattdougandesign

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Best of 2019 TV Shows #22: This is Us (NBC)

The factory of sadness expanded its front into the future by introducing us to another group going through their own struggles with life.

Jack Damon is a blind country singer. Cassidy just returned from service and has ptsd, and Malik is raising his own son while connecting with a girl who used to be where he was in life. Slowly but surly those three get woven into the ongoing saga of the Pearson family.

The big question asked by everyone who seen this this year is one simple one.

Can anyone on this show ever catch a break?

Sum 22: Pearson’s past present and future live out thier day to day lives in this perennial sadness factory.


In The Know Innovation Gadgets This mesmerizing machine makes over 500 blocks per hour

If you need over 500 bricks in one hour, this machine is for you

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Hand tool efficiency - hard to beat the power and accuracy of a drawknife, except with a bigger drawknife. “One of those days when you take a second and think - wait, this is my job!?”
By @sawyer_made
Via @woodreview
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”Let’s talk about HEX!” Transfixing, colorful, hypnotic hexagons.