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We have shown you this design that Jacqui created on a notebook but we though we would give it a try on a bottle. What do you think? Available here:

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ATTENTION LOVERS! Check out the first part of our epic "Mermaids in the " article in the new issue! This first installment introduces you to some as old as cinema itself! Tons of rare images! AVAILABLE HERE:

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hyenasnake  asked:

Do you know anything about the Ceasg? I’m writing a book.

I did not know about them until researching for this ask. I will share the information I found:

Ceasg are similar to mermaids. They are half salmon and half woman. They are referred to as “maids of the waves”. They are considered dangerous like sirens. They have songs that lure in sailors and pirates to their death. If you’re ever in a situation where you meet one and cannot leave, respect them, do not look them in the eye, and do not listen to their song. Do not follow them if they ask you to.

Ceasg are very curious about humans, and like to learn about them. There have been cases of ceasg marrying humans, however they get bored easily and go back to the sea.

There are also tales that if you capture a Ceasg, and take control of their body and soul (certain translations say destroying the soul), that they will be forced to grant three wishes in exchange for freedom. However if other Fae catch onto this, they will be very wrathful.

That’s all the information I have dear, I hope I helped!!!!💕💕


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Tales of Merlia: Shadows of the Abyss: Progress: 11-17-19

Through Delilah’s blurry tiredness, she noted that her room was no longer freezing, and that a thick red checkered quilt had covered her on top of her grey comforter, and that she had been tucked in properly.

Ever had this thing when you were a kid, where you fell asleep on the couch and when you woke up in your bed?

Whatever happened to that?

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It should be noted, because I have nothing better to do. That some Silverblood mers can adapt much different traits. Including:

Fangs, patches of scales where scales usually aren’t, thicker and longer hair, increased height, added muscle or buff ness, and claws, to name a few.

you don’t get to choose how these things happen.

These kinds of things are actually quite rare, usually found in Mers who have more magic content in their soul.

Well you could say that it’s not very fair that these guys get really really cool abilities just because they have more magic in their soul. Keep in mind it is extremely hard to hide these things.

You see, unlike their tail, webbed fingers, and finned ears, these marks of high magic cannot be summoned or hidden, they remain on the body permanently.

Keep in mind that there are enemies of the mers and some train to look for these things in order to find them and kill them. Just because it’s rare, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist after all.

So it takes great effort to hide these permanent marks on your body, but at least you look cool and it’s a mark of the high magic content within you.


Sweet Dreams

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Helena (1)

Some nautical krii7y written for my personal aesthetic mostly that I thought I may just share with you guys. In fact, I was so hyped that I didn’t even really proofread lol :)

[BTW, if you like my writing (by whatever miracle) you can expect an unholy amount of BBS and GBG Christmas stuff incoming in the next month and a half:]

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