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From ’s Store Experience Design Debrief, here is how , & are supplementing their with relevant to foster relationships with customers:

Look what's just been delivered to our office! Our Eco friendly, re-usable coffee cups in our lovely blue and green colours.

Fresh delivery of CDs! If anyone would like one or any of our other merchandise, head to and get your order in! 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎻🎸

Chegaram as meninas <3 T shirts a serem anunciadas muito em breve. Para os interessados, fiquem atentos ao Discord. GG!

These shirts are literally on πŸ”₯ these are currently available on our website! Along with other sweet merchandise. Check out the link in our bio!

This reusable drinks can ensures maximum temperature retention for everyday hot and cold drinks on the go. Large branding area for high advertising impact! Contact us today to find out more!

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On the topic of Gothel's lineage, there is a book about it. Not sure how canon it is, because some things don't coincide with the series. But in the book, Gothel has 2 siblings and a witch mother. It's called Mother Knows Best. Just an interesting kinda thing. The book is low-key kinda weird though.

That book is not canon at all. None of the books in that series are canon. It’s just an author trying to link all the Disney worlds together, using her own OCs to do it.

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The Disney Prince Collection is totally on sale on shopdisney!! The Eugene bag is only $35.99 instead of $68.99 :O !!! just sharing since I know a lot of people like myself were super interested in the merch but couldn't afford it at those original prices, so maybe others will see if you happen to answer this ask :) have an awesome day & happy midseason!!!! <3

Yeah, I saw! I dropped a bunch of money yesterday! X3 Thanks for the heads up!