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Right, the students are going to ‘love’ my rewards for good work tomorrow

Funko sigue con sus sorpresas por el 80 aniversario de Marvel Saldrá a la venta una nueva línea de de la alineación original de los con sus primeros trajes ¡¡Funko, llévate todo mi dinero!!

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We love making and designing custom made lapel pins for all sorts of different companies and campaigns. These custom pins have a matt brushed finish and they are given to every chamber member as a stylish way to promote their brand. 😍

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Part ½ of the moomintroll merch from the store ‘Tilbords’

Finally went to this store. It has brand new moomintroll mugs from the 2019 reboot.😊


For the international fans out there who don’t have moomintroll merchandise everywhere and would like to buy any of these without extra cost I would be more than happy to buy something for you and send it to you. IAll you’d have to do is pay the original store price and the shipping fee (and any border tax if that happens). PM me if you are interested.

Here’s the whole wall.

Merchandise of the Day

So, I wandered into the cinema to see if I could reserve tickets for Friday (not yet). While I was there I found this in the Cinema shop:

Sorry, not the best quality photo, but it amused me enough to take a quick shot of it; especially as it’s official merchandise. The item in question is an A4 document folder - one of the those plastic ones with the clear sleeves inside.

Unfortunately I just got a new one last week otherwise I might have gone with this one instead.


Hello y’all!! Okay so I have a big trip coming up at the end of the week and I’m so excited but really need some money for it and don’t work this week so I’m selling some hq & knb merch I don’t want anymore for inexpensive prices. I’ve added pics of everything I’m selling so if you see anything you want just dm me and we can discuss pricing and shipping. Pls do asap and use PayPal or Cashapp!! Thank you!!

Preparing and Coating a Screenprinting Screen with Photo Emulsion


Preparing and cleaning ghost images from a Screenprinting screen