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My Birthday was days ago and I have to forget to show you my present X3 New Miku Dakimakura!!! ❤❤❤ Tags:

New Red Pyramid emblem. EP-1 CD available for purchase tomorrow. LP and merchandise on the way. Final EP-1R remix dropping soon.

"A soup can full of neutron star material would have more mass than the moon" ¤ Alien Wink Premium T-shirt available in 12 colors! Link in bio! 👽🛸 . . .

Giving thanks to clients needn't cost an arm and a leg! We round our top three thoughtful, affordable client appreciation gifts.

fan? Well we got some for you including figures, accessories and ! Don't forget you can still pre-order the at GAME now! Don't forget you can trade in old games to get stuff cheaper too!

Want some Albatross Cars and taxi vouchers - We've got a lot of stock to give away - if you're interested DM us your full address including postcode and quote "Albatross Stock" and we'll post some to you. You have to be quick before they all run out!

Am Wochenende wieder Post mit 3 neuen Büchern (Ebook genügt ja net😋😆) und meinen Cappy von bekommen💖 Das Alpaka ist mein eigenes😉😄

A picture is worth a thousand words! photo frames, printed with your company's logo, make great gifts that will capture the eyes of your target audience for years' to come.

Neu im Shop: Merchandise von Fabius Titus! Ab sofort unter erhältlich: eine große Anzahl an Merchandiseartikeln von Fabius Titus.

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Unsere neue Skyrim Tasche ist wahrlich eine Augenweide! Besonders die Details sind hervorzuheben! 😍

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Cute but deadly sticker✨

Instagram @hwari_s


I Klatus merch like shirts and cassettes 

Here it is my Sephiroth Candle! I was expecting it to come in February, so I was really surprised that it came really early. The candle is so cute and smell amazing too (even my mum likes it). The scent is quite masculine and fresh but it’s not overpowering, I can’t stop smelling it haha.

Also I’ve been told that the perfume have a similar scent, so I’m hoping to get the perfume when I go to Japan soon. 🖤💕

Sorry for any inconvenience!

I’ve been super inactive lately so my sincerest apologies. This month was absolutely rough, so I’ve been concentrated on very important, personal matters. I could barely draw which saddened me because I love drawing!

Anyways, I’m going to be closing up my commissions for a good while now! I have a huge project coming up which may change up a lot of the essence of my page :) I hope you all enjoy it when the time comes! It involves a good amount of fancy merchandise ^u^

Actually, I’m going to be making a totally new Tumblr account! I’ll set up the link here once it’s all prepared! I know, such a tedious thing to do and I KNOW it’s not gonna be easy for my 100+ followers but I think it’s necessary for what I wanna do. This 2019 is going to be a big ole change for me and I’m going to dedicate it 100% to art!

I will still be active on here and post up my art here, but it won’t be my main account anymore :) I will be opening the commissions box from time to time, but it’ll be quite different.

I hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone! I just want to explore and try new things ^u^ 

Thank you all for the love and support!! After posting my last commission, I’ll be under construction! Feel free to contact me! I’ll be active every day now :)


my @taylorswift merch came on monday! i got the red and speak now piano books, the limited edition rep book, the red tour book, and the bracelets from red, speak now, and 1989. i also ordered a white tour sweatshirt but it was sold out :((

p.s. @tsofficialmerch has the coolest wrapping paper

I’m trying to sleep and there’s a ton of people in my face wanting to open their one gift for Christmas Eve.

My present is to sleep. Be Gone!

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J-Hope Flower Meme T-Shirt available in my Main Etsy Shop!

🎅Link in bio!


Opinion: God, i really hate N7 day.

I’ll tell you what I think N7 day is, or what it most likely really is.

N7 day is a carefully constructed advertising and merchandising event designed to encourage brand and studio loyalty, even when the entire franchise is going down the shitter due to the actions/decisions made by EA and BioWare that have been extremely detrimental to the future of the property.

No offence guys and gals, but as someone who has not had a lot of money and has spent most of my childhood fighting to just staying alive, this kinda shit STINKS of heartless, sterile, corporatised emotional manipulation designed and made to sell useless crap. 

Sci-fi media has been both an escape and a character building experience for me in more ways than one. Superficial pop cultural, and marketable elements have never been as powerful as the depth and complexity within the media itself through play and post reflection/retrospection.

Fake smiles and flowery talk don’t tell me why this franchise is so special.

BUY THIS MORDIN PLUSHIE! only 39.99!… remember the seashells line? REMEMBER?!, Feel powerful, you are special, you are part of this community, NOSTALGIA!

Man… still don’t understand how such an inconsequential line turned into such a profitable element of Mordin’s character to market.

BUY THIS RC NOMAD! only 179.99! oh! and these N7 SHOES and JACKET! only 69.99!

A few years later…

It’s just a marketing event. Makes sense for something as big as ME, though not so much anymore lol, anyway… I just want to let you all know that you don't need to declare yourself a “fan”, buy all these merchandising items, clothing, plushies and shit to understand and enjoy the excellence that is the original MASS EFFECT trilogy.

Guys and gals, remember this… we won’t live forever all this crap you buy will be dumped in a landfill someday or recycled, or maybe just passed on.

But something that is eternal, are ideas, stories and emotions we extract from this entertainment, the creative transformation and evolution of the content we hold dear and expand through our writing, art, audio and more is what I personally think truly matters, and what will matter to those who come after us when we all eventually expire.

Further that.

If there is one thing good that comes out of these events, it is mostly the fanart. Still… as a whole, the whole event is just too hollow for me to enjoy.


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