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Branded tees for locals

ahhh I want your hoodie so badly 😔 but my parents aren’t willing to get it for me but I want it so bad 😭. Im suing 😔🤠. Ahh wish I could’ve gotten it and then it’s probably gonna fun out anytime soon,

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15% Off Merch SALE! Plus... NEW "Just Me And My... Shadow Person" t-shirt from Haunted Road Media ! Use Promo Code: SALE15 Get at:

My CUL➕➕➕URE Tote came today! It will be so handy to carry extra items. I love it!!

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Like these hoodies and wanna see more? Head on over to SoeSick Clothing Co. and take a look! There stuff is SICK! also, use code TOPHERGAMING for a 15% off discount at checkout!

Shipping out !! Get your orders in! DM me for a link to my shop🚨

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On sale now! Sale ends in 12 hours! Gamers! Streamers! Fangirls! Get your piece of merch now! And you know what would be just as cool? Owning your own! No costs, no catches!

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my new "coward" design and the old jumpsuit work are already available in my redbubble store

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Im finally working on displaying my rider stuff.

Got a lot more, gonna see how i like this, but most likely will upgrade to glass case

Hallu!! After watching season 4 episode (and crying my eyes out) —

I had the urge to make some Queliot merch inspired by the episode heehee~
Just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in if I opened up preorders for these enamel pin designs?

The enamel pins will probably range from $10-$15 + shipping fee


Yes, you can throw me an ASK if you have any questions or suggestions.


The Devil Is In--Short Hiatus!

Hi guys, have some bad news:
I gotta put the Devil Is In on a hiatus because I need to focus my time making art for Clexacon
The good news:
I’ll be doing art streams every Monday and Friday night from 7:00 PM PST to 10:00 PM PST so feel free to come hang out with me while I draw!
You will be able to find me here:

TDII will have chapter 5 up by March 18th at the latest.


Okay, so I absolutely did not intend on getting either of these two. I’m not really a Shopkins collector, I only have one Shopkins pony and two unicorns, and that’s it. But then on closer inspection when I found these at Walmart, I saw that one of them was unicorn themed, so of course, I had to get it. And the other one is cat themed, and I’m a cat person, so yeah, I had to have that one too. And then I saw that they’re color changing and I’ve always thought stuff like that was neat so that just got me even more excited. I got these on Monday and finally got around to opening them tonight and you know what? They’re really cool! I like them a lot.

First of all, I was a bit surprised that they started to change colors a little as soon as I got them out of the packaging, I saw that I was leaving fingerprints on them, so apparently, just plain body heat from your hand is enough to get them to change a bit. So I ran them under warm water and they changed to white right away, it doesn’t take very long at all. But when I ran them under cold water, expecting them to turn back to their original colors, nothing happened. And then I realized I was being dumb and the directions clearly say that ice water is needed to change them back, so I got some cold water in a glass with a few ice cubes in it and right away, as soon as they touched the ice, they started changing back. I half dipped one under hot water so it was half pink and half white and that looked really cool. 

And whatever color you have it changed to, it’ll stay like that until you dip them in either warm or cold water. Or if you hold your finger on it for a few seconds. I made sure to hold them at the very top and very bottom so I wouldn’t make smudges since I prefer them to be their original colors as opposed to white. I haven’t really messed around with the brushes yet, they each come with a small brush with a spongey foam kind of tip that you can use to decorate the cars with, I’ll try to get around to experimenting with those tomorrow. 

Overall though, I get a kick out of these little cars, they’re really fun and I might pick up a few more if I can, I really want Princess Cutie Crown and Bloomicorn and maybe Fairy Cone Cruiser, but the other two I definitely want, for sure. So I guess I’ve become somewhat of a Shopkins collector now, which was something I never thought I’d say 😂