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An attempt. Actually might delete lmao

Check out our TalkJive Merch Room! We have some exclusive tees including our Know Better Buds shirts and our Indigenous and Independent shirts!

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Selling my BTS Signed Skool Luv Affair Taking Best Offer 😊 Please dm for more info or if interested in buying

BOOM! Burch Merch!⁣ -⁣ Do you like soft things!?⁣ -⁣ Do you love looking good!?⁣ -⁣ Then you need some Burch Merch!⁣ -⁣ STORE COMING REAL SOON!⁣ -⁣

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STOP‼️Got your attention? We’ve slashed the price of our T-Shirts and Totes by 50% - now just £25‼️😱🛍 Just six days left to raise our goal. Treat yourself while treating us. 😘 Go on support filmmakers.

has filed an application for the . They allegedly will issue a and offer services to buy . What is the reason for this and what can stop Nike, read in our Telegram:

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Create & sell through your own online store and we Print On Demand. Your art or logo, we handle the orders & dispatch See website for details - just click the link

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Brought home a friend today xD

I was after the white night light but they did not have it in at all aha

I’ve been super obsessed with Danganronpa lately and really wanted to draw some of the characters from it, so I decided to start with Junko as her design is wonderful!

This was initially a test for pins/charms. Its been a good learning point and I think it went well :D as a result I’ve put the design up on redbubble and I will be trying to make more of other characters!

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Gatooo, are the knife keychains gonna be about the same size as the boys. I was wanting to buy two once theyre available and then convert them to earrings. Also is that an ok thing to do? I don't want to step on any toes...

I’m ordering them to be 6cm tall, so I think they’ll be too large to make into earrings!

The merch I ordered came in!!!

I made the design and put it up on redbubble, then ordered this notebook! I also have 2 stickers coming too, so I’ll show those when I get them.

I actually was about to cry when I saw this?? I didnt expect for it to look as good as it does.

Anywho, if anyone actually wants to buy this as a notebook, sticker, etc (there’s a few other things) I’m going to reblog this post with the link to redbubble!!


Head on over to my channel and check out my new video feat. @damatriez aka “Mr Steal Your Kill” aka “Mr Kill My Teammate” #gamer #youtuber #soundcloudrapper #merch #brawlhalla #2v2 (Link in Bio)

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