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Started my couch to 5 K todaywith our new students ! Loved it . Wednesday sessions . These students can 🏆👟👟💫💪🏽🥇

We’ve been a little busy lately - 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣+ GP’s across Australia trained over 8 weeks. and next ✈️ Accredited 40 points category 1

Try changing “but” to “and” to increase willingness to step outside your comfort zone: I want to go to the party BUT I’m feeling anxious. I want to go to the party AND I’m feeling anxious.

“What an incredible, rare opportunity this was, not only to spread a positive message that matters, but to feel as though your contribution is truly authentic.” 💬Julia See the guidelines at

I ain’t gotta sit here and hold an image like I’m the perfect person. Because my past and present fasholly doesn’t show it. But what I can do is spread mental health awareness because it should be a top Priority

World Trauma Day is celebrated globally to highlight the no. of injuries caused by death and disability across the world due to accidents and how we need to prevent them

Did you know that I work with & ? 🎓 I am SO excited to be booked to next year at to their Students, Staff & Parents around of & 💙 Look forward to meeting you all! 🎤🔥🧢🙏🏻🚀

Being isolated is a normal part of living in country NSW. In tough times people may reduce participation in social & family activities, increasing . For more mental health info on staying connected, check out the Glove Box Guide to .

Lol a troll downloaded my picture and created an account with my name. Add this one to your block list, people:

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: RT : Many women who lose a baby in pregnancy can go on to develop issues that last for months or years – even when they later have a healthy baby

1 thing abt is that 4 them there’s only black & white in d range of emotions n that’s okay. Our job is to help them to know there’s also blue color,light blue,navy blue, red n so on..using different tools n tx source

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Body Image is among the leading causes of mental health issues in young people. Read here to understand how body image issues can exist in various degrees- where do you find yourself?

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I think the reality of recovery is that it’s fucking uncomfortable. After years of sickness and being inside the safety of treatment center after treatment center and ER’s and doctors–it’s confusing as hell. It’s confusing because we’re used to using the eating disorder to be taken care of…and now we have to do that for ourselves. I’m a grown ass adult and I really am out here learning how to be responsible, figuring out how to get a job, be in a relationship, pay rent. Eating disorder’s keep us from growing up and I don’t know about you..but it’s the most beautiful thing and most terrifying thing to realize you’ve got your whole life ahead of you and finally after years and years–you can actually live.

-Gracie Mandel (Excerpt from my future memoir)


Q&A video coming soon! Ask me anything you like.🔥☕️
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Japanese pork curry for lunch 💪🏻 trying so hard to not get my scales out of the trash ….. feeling conscious about my appearance and I hate thr bloating 😩😩😩 but I need to kill Ana for good…. 10 years with an eating disorder fuxking sucks. But I want a family one day. I want to give my boyfriend a healthy me, I need to give myself a healthy me. I want a career. I want to LIVE! Not just exist…. I had a self harm episode last night after almost 2 years of not….. need recovery. I don’t want to relapse and fall 😞 thoughts and urges are so strong to purge 😥😥😥😩😩 last night me and my boyfriend had an argument and it was all my fault and at that point I saw my ED affecting and hurting us both…..

Comfort is one hell of a drug. Thats why I use the things that make me numb. Blocking out the love that surrounds me. Living in a fantasy escaping from reality. Making it hard to see the demons that live inside of me. Preventing myself from being free. I am insanity. There are monsters that live in me. I am not free.

mental illnesses arent fucking cool

a mental illness, disorder, or other issue isnot a cool thing to flaunt to strangers for pity points. im sick and tired of people brandishing anxiety or eating disorders as sone cool badge of honor. you arent in some elite club and strangers dont want to know the ins and outs of your mental state. shut up.


How to Love Yourself More

1. Set aside some time to think through why you feel you’re not good enough, or don’t deserve to be loved. Then actively counter each of those reasons. This is a really crucial step for you to take.

2. Make a list of at least 10 of your positive traits and strengths. Each day, add at least 2 more items to your list.

3. Commit to only saying positive and affirming things about yourself – your face, your body, your personality, your abilities, and so on.

4. Each day, tell your body how much you appreciate it.

5. Hold your head high, smile, look people in the eye, and always speak slowly, and with confidence.

6. Have the courage to list and face some of the worst mistakes you’ve made, or some of the challenges you’ve found hard to overcome. Then, gently admit to yourself that you are not perfect. In fact, none of us is perfect, and we all start from different places in life. What has been hard for you may have been easy for someone else. Choose to not be so hard on yourself – forgive yourself for EVERYTHING and then just let it go!

7. Go through your closet and experiment with your clothes until you find something that you feel really good in. Choose to wear that – and to buy other outfits that make you feel good about yourself and your appearance. Get rid of clothes that lower your self-confidence or self-esteem.

8. Learn to listen to your body and mind, and treat what they are saying with kindness and respect. If you are tired, rest. If you are feeling worn down or emotionally drained, then withdraw and do something that will help to build you up.

9. Do something nice for yourself each day. Buy yourself some flowers, some new clothes, some music … or go for a jog, get your hair or nails done …. Whatever makes you feel pampered and special and loved.

10. Give yourself permission to say no to the things that make you unhappy, or that your energy.

Idea for anyone that wants to idk keep track of things

I’ve made lists

Just lists

Of things that make me happy, sad and things that trigger me

I’ve divided them into “good happy/bad happy/ not sure happy/ good sad/ bad sad/ not sure sad/not sure at all/ triggers”

Then, whenever I find out another thing that could fit into a category, I add it.

It’s good for helping with remembering your identity, and I use it a lot when I have a panic attack, just doing as many “good happy thing as possible”

Umm, here’s my list for an example

comfortably uncomfortable

lately I’ve felt uncomfortable in my own skin. questioning who am I? what is my reason why? this a.m. I woke up & decided rather than trying to change myself, I am going to focus on getting ~comfortable with the uncomfortable~  it is okay not to know the fix to my problems. life is to be experienced, not to be solved. I do not expect perfection from the ones I love, so why do I expect it from myself?

*repeat after me* life isn’t perfect, I am not perfect. my good enough is good enough.

a bigger,better,brighter life will come from learning how to navigate the messy, uncomfortable storm. I will bloom during the moments when the clouds clear, & meanwhile I will dance&sing in the rain.