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I do watch a cluttered DERIVATIVE mix of Angry Birds Rio James Bond Meet The Robinsons Mac Gyver And even & has a good novel theme But it's really FAR from being original

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On Men in Black: International we created graphics for various sets, including UI, 3D and holographic enhancements in post, as well as post-viz

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💪 Struggling to create the perfect team? Try to create a balance based on the 6 different classes: Tank, Healer, Nuker, DPS, Support, Controller. Let us know your favorite team combinations! . . . . . . .

just when i arrived at work desk Boooom a pack lie waiting. Thanks for the supporters jersey and cant wait for Friday

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Men In Black (1997) is available to watch online for FREE! Watch now:

Check out the 👍/👎 Instagram review for the movie I watched below! Post your thumbs up/down on the my Instagram post comments section linked below!

Wow! That's What I Call Radio is live now! They're talking and

A warm welcome to Baiden, Theodore & Finlay as they join the TWF Family! We’ve got them starting young! Maybe a future Premier League referee in the ranks?🕴🏻

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GSMC SciFi Podcast Episode 131: Lost in Space-Time


What we doing today?… @plus1vote @csiriano |

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Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon Rap the History of Will Smith

During his visit to the popular chat show Smith teamed up with host Jimmy Fallon to rap a fun and comprehensive history of his impressive career in just 150 seconds.


Penultimate Cabaret practise was completed last night.
Only one more rehearsal before our performance on Saturday 14th December.
Tickets are still on sale; get yours before it’s too late.
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K Grows a Mustache: A Men in Black Fan Fiction


Jay Walkin’ Adventures: A Men in Black Fan Fiction

Men in Black and why J became an agent

So I’m pretty sure everybody knows this by now, but I was very young when I watched the first movies and only recently rewatched them. 

You can see from the very beginning that J thinks of the aliens as people. Even when he is just a police officer, he tries to stop the man with “weird eyes” from killing himself. 

It comes even stronger on the test MIB does on him and other guys later. They were told to neutralize threats and all the other officers shoot everyone with tentacles. As a kid, I thought he was just making up excuses in this scene, but as an adult, I think that was his genuine thought process: these are aliens that are just hanging out in their neighborhood.

At the beginning of the second movie, J gets rid of his current partner. He does so because his partner mistreats an alien and causes him to go into a fit of rage that almost kills a lot of people on the subway. J’s partner abused his power because he didn’t think of this alien as a “someone.” The worm was an animal at best. 

The third movie points this out even more, but I noticed these tiny details and wanted to share it with the world. Share the fact that all good agents shown think of the beings that look different from them as people. 


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Men in Black, caught on video. #meninblack #mib #universalorlando #universalstudios (at Men in Black: Alien Attack)

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Men In Black: A New Beginning  Chapter 1

Hey guys this is the first chapter of my Men In Black fanfic please tell me how you like it!!! 

Chapter 1 

A new agent.

Greetings my name is Jim Swanson but my name isn’t important right now, what is important is my situation, however in order for you to fully understand how much crap I am under then we have to go back, back to when I road the salty waters. I was on the open seas with my bunk mates as I felt the salty air brush up against my face. As I looked up toward the sun watching the sun’s rays hit my face, I heard the alarms go off. It was an enemy ship toward the starboard bow. I turned to my bunk mates, not realizing that they have already ran toward their stations. I ran as fast as I could to Mary (My jet of course). I strapped, in locked in, and as soon as I was clear I punched it off the ship. As I hit that air the winds were whistling like, old man Jeffery did when he was cleaning up the candy shop after a long day’s work. Mid air  I see the enemy ships. I go in hot and unleash all I got. I did a quick fly by again but got followed by a couple of damn North Korean fighter jets. I tried to outrun them but they were hot on my trail, I went low but still those damn Koreans followed me I decided to take it up in the clouds I turned and said let’s see if these bastards can hit ninety. I pulled up and went straight  up they still followed me but half way they started to break apart. I yelled yahoo and returned to base but as I looked at my compass and my navigation systems, they were all shot and I was lost. I phoned in the ship but heard nothing back but fuzz. I went down a couple of levels I called again but I was still getting no response, and sooner or later I was gonna need some gas carter the little stunt I just pulled. I finally after travel for an hour or two found a village of the island of the Philippines. The Landing was bumpy but I had it under control, but then at the corner of my eye I saw a snipe nearing the North Korean flag, and as I looked I saw a misleading headed right for me. So I turned myself around as fast as I could and aimed at the ships, at same time the missile was coming closer to the plane. I ejected from the jet and as soon as I did, the missile hit my jet. I was flung all of the the place but I didn’t come out of that without losing something my left arm was completely burned and my right leg lets just say I got a lot lighter that day. I landed quickly into the salty ocean when I touched down my right leg burned like hell. I quickly pulled it out of the water and wrapped it up with the my torn shirt to keep the blood from coming out. I was about thirty to forty yards out to sea and I could see that the Koreans got on patrolling the seas so I swam as fast as I could, ignoring the pain on my leg and my arm I reached land. A couple of local fishermen directed me to the U.S. embassy I opened the doors and immediately fell to my knees, I blacked out all I could remember was a lady dressed of toy nice run up and yelling for help. I had flashes were I saw men carry me onto to a helicopter to take me to the nearest U.S. base. I woke up in an operating room with a man in a lab coat looking at a clip board. He turns to look with a serially look in his eyes and said

      “Well you had  a pretty bad run in now did you Lt?.” I tried to talk but my voice was raspy I made out a sentence that said,

        “Tell it to me straight doc how bad is it.” The doctor looked up and explained 

        “Well your arm was in pretty bad shape but nothing some medication couldn’t help, but as for your leg well the infection would have been stopped if we found you earlier and if you weren’t swimming in saltwater. Your leg had to be amputated, lucky for you, you work for America and we have better technology than the countries, we are going to war with have. So we supplied you with a new leg it acts just like your old one.” 

         “Correct me if I am wrong sir I say but please don’t tell me that you’re making me into Robo-cop,” The doctor laughs of course not this leg when attached latches on to to your nervous system emitting brain waves to the leg for you to move it. Its called Auto Mechanic, Artificial, Integrated, Limb….. Or Automail for short. Alright I mean you’re the  doc, Doctor. The doctor cut me off and says his name is Emmett James Brown the Third, I smiled and said “Hey where’s Marty at, doc the doctor laughs and said well…. right about now he probably is nursing back at the states with my wife.”        

    “Clara,” I responded curiously the doctor laughs again and say wow someone’s in good spirits for losing a limb. I respond 

 “Hey you gotta do what you gotta do,” The doctor chuckles and responds with saying  “No her name is Alexandria  my sweetheart back home.” 

  “Well doc I hate to break up this story but do you have any idea when I am out of this joint.” Emmett looks around takes off his glasses to clean them and says, 

“Well for you to get accustomed to the new leg probably about a month ,and in a week or so you will be off to the states back home.”

“With my bunk mates right?” 

Emmett’s face turns sad and say, unfortunately with you losing your leg and all, the military has retired you early. I know how all this information is hard to take in at once but our military doesn’t take to roundly of Bionic limbs just yet. 

Months pass and the days roll on and on,  sooner or later me and the new leg have found a rhythm. On April twenty third was the day I returned to the states it was strange being back. When the plane touched down in New York I knew that I needed to find a job but with my luck I saw a sign with my name on it. It was the veterans Union here to pick me up they drove me down to the union hall and said that there was an opening at the police academy that is looking for military veterans. So after four years of police training I was apart of an investigative team during, my run I have caught, over  twenty criminals all under illegal drug distribution. The streets called me the iron leg and they all feared it. I was the fast, strongest police officer they have ever seen. For my bravery the state of New York held a ceremony at Liberty island. Later while in my office I got a call from the captain of the police station he said that the U.S. government was very interested into your work. I looked shocked and said 

“But sir my place is here keeping crime at bay….” 

 “I don’t wanna hear that kind of crap Swanson you know damn right this the police department job was only temporary for you. You can’t pass up an opportunity like this.”  Said the Chief cutting me off. 

 I turned saluted and said “Thank you sir.” and walked out the door and to my surprise it was a going away party with a couple of special guest, they were my bunk mates that wanted to congratulate me on the new job. I thanked them but they were cut off due to the poor internet service. The party lasted for a couple hours until we got a call about a robbery at First National Bank of America. I quickly grabbed my uniform and my coat and walked out the door. The Police station called me up on the radio saying, 

“Swanson why are you going after theses guys you are retired.” 

I replied back, “My retirement doesn’t end till midnight so I got time to clean up the streets again.”  The captain grabbed the radio and said, 

“God dammit Swanson don’t screw yourself over on this one you gotta…” The Captain tried finishing but not being bothered I hung up the call and thought Thank God that is over with.  

 I drive for a couple of minutes and arrive at the bank, I get out of the car lock it up and grab my .45 XDM I walk in and all I see are corpses mutilated I say to myself What or who would have done this. As I said that I hear a door open and I hear three voices. I walk over close to the right side I peer inside the door, and not knowing what to expect I  see two men dressed in  black suits talking to this thing on the ground it looked like a larva with a half man half fish body. As I am watching the two men talk to this creature an eye pops out, over the man and I hear a screech the men are then pushed back and the creature lunges at the door. I quickly run as fast as I can shooting at the creature but all my shots miss. 

 I kicked a garbage can over trying to slow it down but it jumps over it, Nothing can stop this thing. I thought, but as I keep running I run into an alleyway, With my luck there is a brick wall no chance for escape.  I am stuck between a rock and a hard place the creature saw me, and rushed at me I saw my life flash before my eyes but then the creature disappears into a goo, a shot from one of the men I saw. At this moment I am covered in a blue goop.  The man who shot that damn thing well I didn’t get a good look at his face but there was something about him like I saw him before. And then FLASH. I told this all to the chief of the police academy. 

He said angrily, “Well that’s a hell of a story but that doesn’t explain why who did the highest it sounds to me officer that the job has been getting to you. And that flash what was that about it doesn’t add up”.

“But sir.”

“Sir nothing”, He said loudly. 

“I knew that this change was going to be tough but I didn’t think you would make up stories” 

“But sir if we get an  ID on that weapon I saw we could catch those men.”

“Wow son did those guys hit you on the head or something.” Chief said jokingly. 

I tried to say more but before I could I was asked to leave and report to the Federal         Bureau of Investigation to start my new job.

So I got the job and to make a long story short I cracked a couple of Northern Korean attacks before it happened and busted some terrorists. Until one day, it was my day off and I like to take a stroll down memory lane. It was a gloomy Thursday it was raining cats and dog, I flip my collar up and when I did I passed The First National Bank of America the one that I passed on that day I encountered that thing and those men. It has been nine years and the building is still closed. I don’t know why but something in that building was drawing me toward it, it was strange but I needed to go and investigate. It was the same scene as I saw it nine years ago, but the room had a blue glowing goo everywhere. I walk into that back door where the two men and that thing where I look in saw the same image I saw nine years ago and when it came to the part when that thing jumped at me the flashback ends, I wipe my eyes and on the corner of my eye I see a bluish purple glow coming from a floor board behind a desk. I walk over and kick the floor board and immediately the floorboard bust through. A light that burns my eyes glows when I looked at the floor. Then after a couple of minutes the light dies down, and what was under that floor board was a medium sized floor cylinder with a strange blue and purple atom, well I say atom but it I had no idea what that was at the time, I don’t know what possessed me but it was like that cylinder was calling for me to pick it up. So I picked it up and immediately the thing pricks my finger. I dropped it and I saw the world bend around me for a second or two. It felt weird like there was a veil over my perception and it was lifted. Then I found that I was back in my apartment complex strange, but I didn’t care seeing as soon as I woke up I fell directly to sleep. Days later after work I was walking down the street and a guy in a black suit comes up to me and says:

  “Can you take a ride with me?” Little did I know I would no longer exist after that. I go for a ride and he starts asking me about what I did for a living.  So I told him. I said: 

      “I used to be in the Navy I retired and became a cop, then later a federal agent.” I asked him what he did. And he replied with. 

      “I am part of a bureau that policies and monitors alien activity on and off of planet Earth.” I did not believe him at the time.  We go to the Headquarters where he introduced me to the guy who runs the whole operation. He took me back to my apartment and gave me until sunrise. I decided to go with it.  

I asked him how in the world this is possible he said: 

     “Back in the late 1950’s the government started a little under funded agency we made first contact March 2 1958 there were 9 of us the first night 7 agents were astronomers and one dumb kid who got lost in his own back roads. They were a group of intergalactic refugees wanted to use the Earth as a zone for creatures without a planet just like Casablanca except no Nazis. We agreed to conceal all the evidence of their landing every year more non humans and they live among us in secret.”

I was amazed by this I was the best the top agent in the FBI and I had no idea that this was real. I still had no idea who this person was. But as soon as I could ask him more I saw a flash and that’s all I remembered nothing else before that until I woke up. Anyways I found this card in my front pants pocket and remembered a voice saying meet me at these coordinates. I found my way to a part of town I didn’t know existed and walked into the building that voice told me to go into the building and it was a giant room hall way with an elevator at the end of it and two LARGE fans on my right and left. And to the right of me was a large Black guy with a newspaper. I tried to ask him where I was supposed to go and he pointed to the elevator at the end of the hall. I found myself going down to what I had no idea. And then the doors opened up and as I was about to walk forward until I looked behind my shoulder and saw the same image, it was a five chairs with four highly decorated army men, I paused for a bit and then a man in a black suit with a beard walked into the room and stood in front of the room and said, 

“having troubles there boy”

I responded, “No, sir just I was admiring this little trick of yours”. 

“Oh” said the suited man, “what trick son”. 

“Well its a mirror trick sir and seeing if someone like myself and those highly decorated men and I can get passed this simple allusion, and to see if any of us will just walk into a wall and embarrass themselves in front of each other, however by judging the red marks on their heads it looks like they have clearly failed this test no offense boys, but the things about a situation like this is well there’s always three ways out of an elevator”

The suited man replies by saying, “Oh and what’s that ”

I look at him with a stern look and a smirk and said, “Up”

I then jumped up and opened the elevator hatch and shimmied my way up and I found myself in the same room I saw in the floor below, still five chairs with four men sitting in them. Then a black guy with a black suit walks in and say, 

“hey what’s going fellows, well you’re all here cause well the Government thinks you’re the best of the best….. Hahaha”. As he said that he did saluted in an informal way and was rambling on about a guy that looked like one of the men sitting before us and was teasing him about captain america. He then quickly stopped laughing and gave us our tests. He said, 

“You have about an hour or so minutes before the test is up and good luck to y'all”

We were all having a hard time trying to open our tests and to write so I noticed that were was a table in the middle of the room so I decided to grab it and move it toward me. As I started to move it, it made a large noise and when I got it to my seat with the table near me , I heard a loud laugh similar to the one that man that gave us instructions. Soon after we took the test we walked into a simulation. It was what they call a VR representation of what life in this field is all about, however it was just some video game as our simulation it was basically Doom with alien creatures. It was strange it was just a lot of aliens and one little girl with a couple of chemistry. So I had a suspicion and I shot her.

I finished my training and was assigned a partner as a rookie. We had our first assignment and I was excited to get my own deatomizer.  I was given a model 1995.  We were on our way out the garage for an LTD. My new name is Agent C because of my middle name and not J because there is someone in the MIB with that name, suppose people say he’s a veteran and stopped an invasion or whatever never liked a showboat, but anyways,  my partner’s name was Agent W. 

   “So you are a rookie?” Said W when we were in the LTD going to the scene.  

    “Yes sir.” I replied with a little bit of excitement.  

    He was shaky having a rookie as a partner. He knew I guess I would be a good agent because of what I have done with the SEALs and the FBI. We get to the scene and then next thing I know we are in a firefight with the suspects. I am wounded the first shot from a space gun, hurts like hell. I fire back killing one of them then the last suspects kills my partner and escaped. I radioed for backup. I didn’t know what to do he looked at me and said: 

“C, make sure you find him for me make sure he is brought to justice. You are a good agent do not throw this away.” Then at that moment my first partner breathed his last. 


Walking to get my little green bag ;-) 🎥 @krimanartist #brahimrachiki #filmnoir #maninsuit #meninblack #reservoirdogs #cityonfire #audition

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Check out Soundtrack Alley Spotlight this week for part 9 of Sci-Fi in film! #soundtracks #meninblack #jurassicparkthelostworldmusically #darkcity #thefifthelement #thematrix #bicentennialman #podcast #movies @cinematicsound @krissbeth @professorfrenzy @radadventuresnetwork @moviescoreradio

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Wandering into Beads of Paradise for the first time feels like finding a place you can’t believe you’ve somehow managed to miss because being here just feels so amazing — almost Otherworldly. You *might* indeed wonder if one of the Men in Black, like Agent J here, might have zapped you with their neuralyzing wands during a previous visit so that you’d forget all about us. To avoid such a situation, feel free to take photos in the shop, and follow us all over the place online so that you’ll never forget! #meninblack #mib #agentj #willsmith #neuralyzer #dontforget #otherworldly #happyplace #favoriteplace #beautiful #art #tgif #artifacts #gemstones #crystals #shop #nyc #unionsquare (at Beads of Paradise NYC)

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Men In Black Irrational


As an attraction designer, having a character like Rip Torn’s Agent Zed be a part of Men in Black: Alien Attack at Universal Orlando Resort was like being given a comedy gift. Zed is the cranky, no-nonsense, disarmingly funny veteran who’s seen it all — which is saying quite a lot, when you’re talking about the massive story world of MIB.


I got to have an introductory meeting with him at Chateau Marmont the day before our scheduled shoot, where he would be on-camera as Zed for the attraction’s preshow. In person, he was kind of exactly what you’d expect him to be:  gruff and direct, with the mouth of a stevedore. But very kind, and very, very funny; he reminded me very much of my dad. We reviewed the script, I showed him the plans and illustrations for the ride, we had a few cocktails, he made a few notes and suggestions. It was a lovely afternoon.

The next day at the shoot went a little rough, though — he was a pro, but our tight schedule with him (only about four hours) made things a bit tense. He had a lot of dialogue, and it was all on his own, directly to camera — not in collaboration with other actors. He was our recruitment voice, the audience’s main call to action and source of exposition, from quite literally the first few moments when you walk into the attraction, and was carrying most of the attraction’s preshow with his singular performance. We had a teleprompter to help him with all the words, but it was a lot, and he was nearly seventy, and you could tell it frustrated him.

We got what we needed, wrapped up, and spent months cutting the preshow together. It was rough, but we knew we had an ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) recording session with him to finesse things. His agent assured us, “just wait until you see him in ADR”.

About four months after the shoot, I flew to New York and we booked a recording studio in the Upper West Side near Rip’s house — “he likes it because he can walk there”, his agent told us. When he arrived, he was once again kind, funny, and very upbeat. You could tell he was relaxed and in his element, being so close to home, telling great stories and cracking dirty jokes.

We reviewed the footage together and he was remarkably self-effacing about his performance, very aware of what needed fixing. I sat in the booth and watched him watch his own performance on-screen, re-delivering the lines that needed fixing — and it was like watching a masterclass in film acting. The physical performance was there on-set, but in the recording booth, Rip had an incredible sense of control and timing of his voice, matching his on-set performance EXACTLY but enhancing and improving his vocal delivery with little tweaks and techniques that simply blew me away.

We had two hours booked but only needed him for about 45 minutes. And I challenge anyone to actually identify the ADR dialogue versus what was recorded on-set. It’s absolutely seamless.

Thanks, Rip, for gracing our little attraction with your big, undeniable presence. “Agent Zed, out.”