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Voten fürs "Placida"! -

Nach einer Proberunde waren Diebe wohl nicht zufrieden: Sie ließen zwei neue Pegasus-E-Bikes am Tatort in an der Rembrandtstraße stehen. Als die Besitzer am So.-Morgen los wollten, standen ihre Bikes neben dem Pkw. Die Halterungen waren aufgebrochen.

Heute geht es in meiner alten Heimat Menden im Sauerland. Ich freu mich....

(Werbung) -Top Gewerbeobjekt mit großer Fensterfront sucht neue Mieter Kaltmiete: 2.743,88 € Baujahr: 1991 Verkaufsfläche: ca.201 m² Büro/ Sozialräume: ca.50 m² Provision: 2,00 Monatskaltmieten inkl. MwSt. Exposé▶️ – at Dieckmann Immobilien

Der Kahl Drogo des Sauerlandes. Erster seines Namens. Herrscher über Wühlmäuse und Wald. Er tritt nun in den Herbst seines Lebens ein. Winter is coming.🥳

, Änderungen in der Baumaßnahme zwischen und -, Viele Züge fahren an den Halten von Troisdorf > Hbf bzw. von > Köln Messe/Deutz in Regelfahrzeiten (zw. 5 Min. und 10 Min. früher ab als angezeigt). Bitte bei der Reiseplanung beachten.

, Änderungen in der Baumaßnahme zwischen und -, Viele Züge fahren an den Halten von Troisdorf > Hbf bzw. von > Köln Messe/Deutz in Regelfahrzeiten (zw. 5 Min. und 10 Min. früher ab als angezeigt). Bitte bei der Reiseplanung beachten.

: Bis in die 1920er-Jahre war "wilde" , wie hier im , verbreitet. Klar, dass sich Missstände auftaten. Um diesen dauerhaft entgegenzuwirken, wurde der u.a. gegründet.

Die Sperrung der Hönnetalstraße in ist aufgehoben. Gute Fahrt!

Die Hönnetalstraße in (der Abzweig von der B 515 nach Deilinghofen) wird gerade erneut gesperrt. Wie berichtet, ist dort ein Schwertransporter mit kaputten Bremsen liegengeblieben. Die Ladung muss umgeladen werden. Wir informieren, wie es weitergeht.

hautnah: Die Firma Schmöle aus und in produziert Deckensysteme, die je nach Bedarf kühlen oder wärmen. Rund 300.000 Quadratmeter Flächenheizung im Jahr liefert das Unternehmen – Marktanteil: 30 Prozent.

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Garten-Stillleben von Sylvi N.


diskret von Sylvi N.

Brighter - Shawn Mendes (2)

Juliette Petit is a 25 years old French artist, who’s performing at the grammy’s. After meeting one of her best buds after her performance, she met someone new. Everything is history after that.

At first, I wanted it to be a one shot. But I got carried away.
English isn’t my mother tongue, so I’m sorry if I made mistakes.

Originally posted by undertheniall

Almost there. See you in a bit.

We got into the house where the party was. The house wasn’t as huge as you could imagine going after the grammy’s but it still was way larger than my flat in London or where I grow up outside of Paris. It was all black and white inside. Good decorations everywhere.

“I don’t know to whom this house is, but it’s beautiful!”
“Let’s find some booze Juliette, we’re here to party!”

We all listened to Luke and went to the kitchen to find some drinks. As we entered the kitchen, I received a text from Josiah, saying he was in the kitchen, pooring us something.

“The one I wanted to see!” I said to him.
“Juliette! I’m so happy you could come.” He said hugging me. “How are you?” Still recovering from tonight?“
“I am more than ok. And I’m ready for a night to remember!”
“That’s my girl!” Josiah and it made me smiled.

“As I didn’t get to see you since it finally happened, then congrats on your engagement with Sami! Let’s drink to that my friend.” I said with a big smile on my face.

“Yess dude,” Alex said, “you have to know, that when Sami called her to tell her, she just cried in her bunk.”
“Alex that’s mean. You all know I am a loser for love, always was, always will be.”
“Don’t worry Juliette, it’s ok!”
“Can I sing to your wedding?”

“I guess we will have to share the stage then!” said a manly voice I didn’t recognize at first coming from behind me. But as soon as I turned around I got it. “Hi, I’m Shawn. You guys were great tonight!” He said while greeting everyone.
“Hi dude, I’m Alex!”
“I’m Juliette and I’m sure we can share the stage for him! You will probably have him to yourself at his bachelor party!”

“You can come as well, if you want. It can be interesting having a girl to a bachelor party!”
“I’m sorry, I don’t want to see anything what his friends can do for his bachelor night! It can be messy!” I laughed. “But I can’t wait to see all the pictures!” Everyone laughed.

“Shawn, Juliette here, is one of my dearest friends.” Josiah said. “and those dudes are her brothers from other mother!”
“I am indeed. That’s me!” I smiled. “Yep I wouldn’t be where I am without them with me on tour!”

“Welcome to you guys, and to you dearest friend of Josiah ! Make yourself comfortable in this house better known as mine for a little while.”
“No way it’s your house?” asked Luke.

“Yep! As I’m working on my new album in LA for a bit, I decided to rent a house, because being in a hotel is not what I prefer when I stay for a few months in a city.” We all agreed with him.
“Don’t want to sound rude or anything…” I said with a big smile. “But I heard it was a party, and I want to drink and do a karaoke. Who’s in?”
“Juliette I’m so in!” Josiah answered drinking his beer. “Let’s do our song right now!”
“J, a lot of songs are our songs to do at the karaoke. Which one first?”
“The only one that matters obviously!”

We let the others in the kitchen, and we went to the living room to get ready to do our karaoke. The intro of the song began. All the friends of Josiah decided to watch us. We were so into our characters that we didn’t care if people were laughing at us. I sang the first verse of Livin’ On ThePrayer.

While I was singing, Josiah was dancing and when it was his turn to sing, I was the one dancing as well. But once we hit the chorus, we totally lost it. We were out of control. At the end of the song we both were out of oxygen. All the people in the living room cheered for us and a lot of them recorded us.

“You can post it everywhere you want, seriously! Josiah it was our best performance on this song like ever!”

“Juliette, I didn’t know you were capable of being that crazy!”
“Josiah, when you crawled on the floor, I thought you were gonna break something!” We laughed.
“That was something!” Shawn said. “Just so you know guys, you are on my stories. That was so good to not share it with the world!”
“Huh huh ! Sami is calling me, I should answer her!”
“Tell her I miss J please!”
“No problem Juliette, see you in a bit!”

Josiah left Shawn and me in his living room. I looked at him.

“I really didn’t think you were that tall. And I’m not little.”
“Okay.” He laughed.
“I know, that was random!”
“I like random! It’s better than being too cheesy I think.”
“I can be cheesy when I want to, don’t worry Mendes!” I said laughing.
“So how did you meet Josiah?”

“I first met Josiah at warped tour in 2015. It was my first time playing this festival, or for that matter it was my first time in America!”
“At a festival you were playing then!”
“Yes, Sami went to talk to me, saying she loved my music, I was speechless like I always was after meeting people during this summer.” I laughed.“I was this awkward french girl who was far away from home playing her music and we talked about music all the three of us, and we even got to see some of the bands all three of us loved together. This day was amazing. And yeah since then, we became friends.”

“That’s a sweet story to hear!”
“He is one of my best friend. I know I can count on him, no matter what.” I smiled. “But now thanks to you, I don’t get to see him often.” I joked.
“I don’t want to lose him. He knows how to capture that beauty out of me!”
“He’s talented that’s true!”
“Ouch, that hurts!” He said putting his right hand on his heart. “You could have been cheesy saying that I didn’t need anyone to help me showing my beauty!”
“As if you needed me to tell you that!”
“True, I know I’m a beautiful young man!”
“Don’t be so sure of yourself Mendes” We laughed.

We kept talking about Josiah. He shared stories of them and I did the same. We were in the kitchen still drinking.

“So what’s next for Shawn Mendes?”
“I’ll begin my world tour in Europe in march and after it’s the US, Canada, a few weeks off then Australia, New Zealand, a few weeks off and South America and that’s it and it will be 2020.” He laughed.
“Wow busy schedule!”
“Yeah, I know it’s going to be hard sometimes, but it’s worth it. You know what I mean. I’m living my dream!” I smiled. “What about you Juliette?”
“Not as busy as you, as my next tour is in the US in 4 months, and after I’ll be be touring around Europe. So until my tour this summer, I’ll work on my next album and enjoy my friends and family.”

“Can’t wait to hear your new songs!” He smiled. “Maybe I could hear something before anyone else?”
“Not happening!”
“Come on…”
“Okay, I’m just gonna say a few lyrics to you, but I won’t sing, just recite. So…” I took a bit of air, to be less anxious as I always was before talking about a song who wasn’t ready just yet. “Have you searched for something deeper out of fear that life’s a lonely road ? Have you roamed the darkest corners of the earth until you’re just a ghost ?”
“Wow…Is it the chorus?”
“I don’t think so, yet. I think it’s gonna be more like a verse. I have the chorus stuck in my head, but I can’t put words on it just yet.”


It’s been a week since the grammy’s. I was back in London town. I was at the platform of the underground to go to the studio. We were lucky, because the weather we had at the moment was beautiful, it was sunny et quite warm for February. Everyone seemed to bein a happier mood. It was great to witness. I was listening to My Chemical Romance while rereading for the hundred times Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire when my phone buzzed.

I hope I don’t wake you up, but I hope you have finished this song. I need to hear it asap.

I came back to London 3 days after the party at his home, and we talked about music since then, by whatsapp, message, twitter or instagram. It depends. He evenhelped me a bit on the song I told him aboutat the party.

on my way to the studio to record it. Hopefully it won’t turn bad.

’m sure it will be amazing


After leaving the booth for the last time, I got on the couch and sighed.
“I’m so exhausted, but happy!”
“This song is amazing Juliette!” Luke said. “Look at my hands because of the drums! But it was worth it, this song is so great!”

After working on it all day, it was over. Paralyzed was finished and I couldn’t be more proud of this one. It was perfect. Alex, Luke and Tony worked their ass off on this one today. I know this song will be on the setlist in no time. Hopefully the fans will love it as much as I do, as we all do.

“Thank you Luke! Shawn will be so happy about it being finished!”
“Shawn huh!” Tony teased me.
“Stop using this voice with me! He’s great but that’s all! He helped me with this song.”
“Yeah right. You know we could have helped you with the song, girl.”
“Luke seriously, it means nothing. Plus he’s so young. It would be weird…”
“Ah!” Luke pointed his index at me. “So you thought about it!”
“I mean guys, have you seen him? Of course I thought about it. I wouldn’t have been me, if I didn’t!” I laughed. “He’s not even 21 yet, and I’ll be 26 this year. So 5 years it’s too much.”
“You could be known as the hottest and youngest cougar!”
“Boys!” I laughed, “Leave me alone with this. Nothing is happening I swear. We’re just talkingabout music. Leave it at that please.” I took my phone, which was in my back pocketand I send a text to Shawn.

It’s done. Paralyzed is done.


Hope you liked it :)

Paralyzed is once again a song of the band Against The Current.

If you want to listen to it :



Waldkontraste von Sylvi

laurarper-tow  asked:

Menden - ✏

“Tell me a story, mine Mendel.” The firelight encased the bony face of the fey with a gilded glow. Craning his neck to try and gauge Fanden’s expression from his angle sprawled on the hulderkaarl’s lap, the writer with ink on his fingers and dreams in his head squinted a little. From his current position, Fanden looked no more the reigning monarch of an underworld’s underbelly, nor the arrogant disgraced prince he pretended to be.

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Skulptur am Ehrenmal von Sylvi