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🇮🇳🏏🇵🇰👌🇮🇳🏏🇵🇰👌🇮🇳🏏🇵🇰👌 Viral on social on Match of . India won and maintain record.. 😂😂😂

This man has a separate fan base . Probably my current YT entertainment can we see him doing any Cameo in your new video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

ෆේස්බුක් සාදය වටලා නීති විරෝධී මත්ද්‍රව්‍ය සමග 51ක් අත්අඩංගුවට

🎵da da da da daaaa it's tha motha fu**in' D O double G (Snoop dogg) 🎵 ❤

Ya para irnos a dormir😴 😂 Disfruta estos divertidos memes de Argentina y Colombia que el están dando la vuelta al mundo.

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I had the weirdest dream last night. Which is usual but I digress

Here’s the dream:

In the dream I was attending a specialized school for people who had heightened abilities. I was the age I am now (22). One of my classes had this hot teacher dudewho was like… 25? And I would answer questions correct and with a hint of witty sarcasm. Any way.. this teacher dude would let me take extra lessons. Like he gave me a book that was technically for the next semester or whatever but felt like I was ahead enough in the class. Won’t lie we had feelings for each other. At the school the females and males were split into different buildings for living. Each floor represented an age group. Well I had two friends that lived with me. We found out that there was a tradition for girls where once you reach a certain age you must fight others of your age to see who is worthy/the chosen one I guess. But it doesn’t happen often and this year was the year that it came around. Well one night the floor of girls above us left and my friends and I watched them leave out the window down a wooded path. So we snuck out and followed them cause we wanted to watch this ceremony. We followed them down to an arena that had a pit of spikes between the stands and the arena stage itself. There was like a bridge that would be lowered so that you could get across. Anyway we get caught and they have to cancel the whole thing. The next night rolls around and something happens to where my friends are in danger and the only way to save them is to do the fight myself. So i fight these girls that are older than me and actually win. But once I win I am given even more heightened sense and power. Skip ahead in the dream to where I’m not on the campus for some reason. As I’m head back the hot teach keeps texting me to stay off campus and not come (he can turn into a lion by the way??) anyway i was like “psshhh I’m coming back to campus lol”. What I didn’t know is that the male side of campus had the same fighting tradition. However the male winner would be paired with the female winner and could control her. I also didn’t know that the new male winner was a jerk and was trying to tear the campus apart looking for me. Well I show up to see the campus is slight chaos. The male winner finds me and starts to you the mind control power on me. Except I know he’s a huge bully. I almost give in and kiss him but I snap out of it last second and slap him, running off. I run to the hot teachers class room and pound on the door he opens it and I storm inside his empty class room. And I’m pissed at him because he knew this was a thing and he didn’t tell me. We argue back and forth and we end up in each other’s face. In the heat of the moment we kissed. And then I woke up