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ZODIAC:  Aries
HEIGHT:   5″1
TIME:  20:28pm
FAVOURITE BAND / ARTIST:  It’s hard to choose, but I have a special place in my heart for Far East Movement.
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD:   I don’t have a song stuck in my head right now, surprisingly.
LAST MOVIE I SAW:   Antman and the Wasp.
LAST THING I GOOGLED:  Font converter.
OTHER BLOGS: @lucastamarietta, but I barely use it.
DO I GET ASKS:  Not very often. I got a lot back in the summer and a bit before and I honestly miss that. Not memes, just anons and general interactions/things for the girls, you know?
WHY DID I CHOOSE THIS USERNAME:  In my original visualisation for Mireya, she had a great love of fairy tales, but she is also in some ways a ‘fairy tale’ herself among supernatural circles and beings. She still does love them of course, but it’s hardly a huge defining point imo.
FOLLOWING:  Less than 300 but I can’t be arsed to check.
AVERAGE AMOUNT OF SLEEP:  It can swing between an hour and ten. Pretty sure I have insomnia.
WHAT I’M WEARING: A pink rabbit pj top and giraffe print pj trousers. They don’t match but they’re comfy and I’m sick so.
DREAM JOB: A radio host/general entertainer and commentator in the media tbh.
DREAM TRIP:  To the big Disneyland with no spending or time limit. I went to the Hong Kong one in September and I can only imagine what the proper one is.
FAVOURITE FOOD: It’s hard to say. There’s a pasta my mother makes that I love, though. Or a ‘pesto special’ thing my friend makes.
PLAY ANY INSTRUMENTS:  I dabbled in the recorder when I was a kid but nah, I’m terrible with that shit.
EYE COLOUR:  Deep blue.
HAIR COLOUR: Blonde with natural highlights. It brightens in summer.
LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK: English and a bit of Chinese, Japanese and French.
MOST ICONIC SONG:  Gotta agree with Vowel that Bitch Lasagna is pretty solid. For me though, Into the New World by SNSD had a great impression and I also love NSP’s Danny Don’t You Know?
RANDOM FACT:  Just got all my bonuses and my wage last week, so I finally paid back the debt to my parents and can look into flights for my trip home during Spring Festival.
DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS AESTHETIC THINGS: Pink, medical equipment, soft furniture, the night, spring, tools of murder, idol and anime tropes, gadgets, money and expensive/materialistic things.

an-ordinary-roach  asked:

[guilty heart?]

Chris shoved aside a small plate of chips for his peculiar companion as he also dined on a freshly battered fish. He only came to a halt when he decided the awkwardness of just their silent meal was too much to bear, and he slumped forward onto his forearms with a grunt.

“Is it a shitty thing if I feel bad for folk’s not kicking me out whenever they see me? I mean, look at me! I’m a fucking bum! All I’ve got going for me is a helluva mouth, some knitting skills, an’ a decent mug for a face…Why do these folks jus’…Take me in? Make me their friend, their partner, their family? They don’t know me, they don’t know tha’ reasons why I’m like this, but…They still care. I…I feel so bad that I can offer so lil’ for how much they offer t’me.”

He’s going to drown his sorrows in battered fish again, grumpily murmuring his guilty thoughts of why folks would care so much for him - Maybe he’s been drinking, again.