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銀座POPINN 今夜も18時オープンです🤗皆さまのご来店スタッフ一同心よりお待ちしております!

with the NIC Team at Lolo hypermarket, this weekend, from Friday 21 April to Sunday 23 June, for your and financial needs.

team joined last week in and took part on the networking session with local and international & crypto community.

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A event that is by the community, for the community and of the community.Take a look at the Community Day agenda, it is simply amazing. Register

Już za tydzień 12. spotkanie Wro.cpp! Tym razem spnsorem wydzrzenia jest firma Nokia która zaprasza nas do Pubu Wędrówki - więcej informacji na stronie

In the series, Kovai Madrasters presents Design | Education on 29th June at Orita Sinclair School of Design & Music between 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM IST. For more information and registration

Event-Tipp: Am 27.06.2019 ist das nächste von ! Gastgeber: die CompuGroup Medical (CGM) aus . Thema: (Scaled Agile Framework). Bist Du dabei? Hier gibt's weitere Infos: /PW

Ärzte in grünen OP-Kitzel bei einer Operation

Next Tuesday, join fellow , as we discuss great around the world. Free : Talk Travel Hiking Far and Near

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But like…

Can we get @therealjacksepticeye to meet his boy Tom Holland?

Like I want to see this happen. There are many reasons why it should happen.

Reason 1: I think Seán and Tom would get along wonderfully. They both love Spider-Man and I’m sure they have a lot more in common.

Reason 2: PMA Overload. Seán and Tom are two of the most positive people on the planet and would create an environment that is extremely happy.

Reason 3: Please, it would be so cool. Seán and Tom together is like a dream come true and I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to see it happen.

There are many other reasons, but those are the biggest ones.

Repost if you want Jack and Tom to meet and hang out!

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My first official @meetup experience was an amazing success. We had an intimate small group, which allowed us to really tune into each other and let our bodies flow naturally. One of the things we did was create combinations where we crossed over one leg, and pivoted to the reverse side. It actually started as a stretch, but my intuition then told me it can then become an expressive movement, a distinction that has been important as I develop this model of movement freedom! Thanks to @91giugiu91 and James for taking part in this amazing moment and bringing so much collaborative energy. The next one is Sunday, June 30th! Link in the bio if you’d like to join us.😆🤸🏻‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️

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(at Central Park)

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Minggu, 3 Februari 2019
YouTube (Full Version) :
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…warming up with my star students @camconk & @nickwmahoney at the top of class on this fine Sunday morning at #MysticJourneyBookstore🙏🏾 …
#acroyoga #IntroToAcroYogaWorkshop #MontréalStyleAcroYoga #KarenElaineWillBaseAndFlyYou #SundayMorningsInVeniceBeach #meetup #classpass #samcartapp (at Mystic Journey La - Bookstore)

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tonight in bristol live music 💖 #darkmoonlifemodel #darkmoonartist #lifemodel #music #concert #friends #happy #night #nightout #vampires #livemusic #ilovebristol #meetup #artist #artistsoninstagram

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So here’s my shy participation to the DN meetup!

I’m actually really happy that something like this is happening, there are quite a lot of people contributing to the Death Note fandom on Tumblr and I’ve almost never had the possibility to interact with them, and I think I’m lucky to have all those people keeping the fandom alive despites the fact that the fandom is pretty old.

Ok sorry for the rambling! Now comes the real stuff.

Note: I’ve been the ruler of @calypso-dans-la-lune-bis in which I used to post my dn related art but I don’t update it anymore.

Since I actually don’t know what to do, I’ll do a little listing of things that I hope will be useful and “““interesting”””

Here’s a couple of facts about me!

🌸 My name is Calypso, which is easy to know because it’s part of my url

🌸I’m french!🇫🇷 And my english is actually pretty weak, english lessons in France are poor and I don’t have the time nor the possibility to train so… I can’t really improve, tho I can read and understand it just fine!

🌸I’ve been in the Death Note fandom since 2015 and YES THAT’S FREAKING LATE but I was just too young (I guess??) to be interested in that kind of stuff before that

🌸 I don’t want to tell my age but just know that I’m o l d (aka not underage)

🌸 L has been the character that brought me into the fandom, I used to fangirl over him like… A lot of people?;;; But I’ve grown out of him and now my absolute favorite characters are Mello and Near (with a preference for Mello)

🌸 I have read a FREAKING lot of death note fanfictions, and when I say “death note” I mean “my otp” and that was a really dark time in which I’ve found myself completely ruined and eaten by them

🌸 my otp is meronia, if that wasn’t obvious

🌸 I’ve been introduced to death note thanks to the anime and I’ve only read a couple of volumes of the manga, and I’ve made sure to know enough about the second arc since the anime cut a lot of it

🌸 so I do art but I lack motivation and inspiration to post anything which is related to death note and that does not spark joy

🌸my favorite kinds of blogs are imagines and headcanon blogs because it makes the characters live and I love it

🌸I have the Another Note book but my stupid butt has been too lazy to read it please don’t hate me

🌸How to read is one of my favorite volumes!

🌸I used to find Misa irritating but now I think she’s charming

🌸still salty about and not over Mello’s death so anything that has to do with this Do NoT iNtErAcT *laughs but in sad*

🌸I am v e r y s h y, and that shyness is intensified by my inability to be at ease when speaking english :(

🌸Death Note is one of my favorite fandoms ever and is definitely my favorite anime/manga

Hope you’ve appreciated my introduction which is really not much, I also hope to get along with more peeps and continue having a good time in the fandom! And once more thanks for making this!


@miss_em_vintage was magical tonite at #gayWISE #lgbtqi+ dropin social #meetup #lgbtq🌈 #summerparty #Haringey @haringeycouncil #muswellhill (at Hilldene Court)

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