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GreaterGoodSC: GGSC's science director Emiliana Simon-Thomas talked to VICE about why variety is key when it comes to social interactions.

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The Powerful Blessings of Mahamudra ๐Ÿ˜Šโค The retreaters have been engaging in meditations on clarity and emptiness. We hope you enjoyed your retreat! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Carving peacock feathers with Dyer #artnouveau #ceramics #pottery #stephanieyoung #calmwaterdesigns #peacock #peacockfeather #meditation #iamthatiam

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We are always learning. But learning is stunted when we refuse to do things we're bad at. Be patient with yourself and make mistakes. This is the only way to grow.

We are always learning. But learning is stunted when we refuse to do things we’re bad at. Be patient with yourself and make mistakes. This is the only way to grow.

If you ever feel helpless because of everything that’s going on the world, especially the recent natural disasters we’ve seen at the start of 2020, I made this video for you.

I’m naturally sensitive but I’ve been feeling the collective energy a lot lately and it’s been heavy. So heavy my every day tools have not been enough. So I was inspired to spend a week taking care of myself even more and I hope these tips help you reconnect to yourself to whenever you feel out of control.


✨I see y’all out here making space for yourselves + doing the healing work - my Healing Heart Chakra Mist and Oils have been flying off my shelves🦜

No time like the present to practice self love and be easy on yourself, especially as the energy gets funky and the winter season continues. When our Heart Chakra is blocked or unbalanced, we may experience overwhelming negativity, feelings of not being worthy, “doomed to be alone”, those types of WRONG feelings.
We all deserve love, but we MUST love ourselves first. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to always offer ourselves unconditional love💞

Just a thought for today:

Spend some time alone if possible. Clear your mind and meditate upon what you truly desire for your life at this time. Cleanse your aura and space, and center yourself. Grab a notebook and write down some questions and allow your subconscious mind to answer. Take note of your true priorities, so you can actively work on honoring them. Be open to receiving help, don’t take it as a sign of weakness. Be sure to voice your needs and ask for assistance to allow you to learn that it is important to receive with grace and allow all forms of abundance into your life. your spirits and guides are always with you and looking out for you, you and your loved ones are surrounded by protective + healing energy. Utilize additional means to aid in the purification and protection of your space and self as needed. Stay aware and trust your own power, always✨

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i ask her feeling to stay—

it doesn’t, she wants me

to chain it, i chain it, it ho-

udinis out, she asks me

to tie a noose around it, i

do that, it turns coronal, it

slips between worlds: our

trains collide; she knew i

had grazed her grass, her

underside, unearthed her.

Yoga At Work: Fighting Workplace Stress

yoga pose

Americans are much more worried compared to ever, research studies find, and also overwhelmingly, it’s the pressure of work environment anxiety that has risen over the past couple of decades.

In one study, seventy-two percent of Americans identified their tasks as the significant resource of tension in their life, citing hefty works, absence of work protection, and also trouble striking a work/life balance as taking a significant toll. Sixty-two percent of respondents reported that they consistently experience stress-related neck discomfort, and 34 percent experienced sleep problems. Long-term stress and anxiety, certainly, is known to create a wide variety of additional illness, including hypertension, weight gain, or even cancer.

But it ends up that tension isn’t simply poor for your health and wellness, it can additionally impact your work efficiency. Constantly worried workers are much less pleasant, worsen choices, and also are extra prone to “fatigue,” a kind of emotional fatigue that results in lowered productivity and also a minimized rate of interest in work.

In this environment, employers, not surprisingly, are trying to find means to help minimize workplace stress and anxiety, as well as with a growing body of evidence supporting yoga’s stress-relieving benefits, employers are taking notification. An increasing number of business are using yoga programs for their staff members, ranging from significant Ton of money 500 firms like Nike, Forbes, and Apple to small-and-trendy technology companies.

This is ending up being a win-win for employers and workers alike: Not just are better, a lot more kicked back employees more productive, spending for yoga now can save employers a considerable quantity of loan in minimized medical expenses. Case in factor? After determining that its most stressed-out staff members had higher medical expenses, insurance policy titan Aetna started supplying a business “health care” that included yoga exercise and also meditation. The outcome? The firm reduced its wellness treatment costs by 7 percent

Yoga in the office takes many forms, depending on who’s using the program. Some huge firms fund totally free employee health clubs with yoga exercise and reflection courses, while various other, smaller sized firms might whisk staff members away for a subsidized early morning course or weekend resort. The courses could be readily available to every person in the firm or the employees who demonstrate passion or need.

Not only could the meditative impacts of yoga exercise aid you handle tension as well as rest much better, however yoga has a multitude of other cognitive as well as social advantages, also. Growing a yoga method could improve your memory and focus, as well as giving you the satisfaction required to face brewing due dates and also challenging coworkers with elegance.

Most likely, your company does not supply a workplace yoga trouble, however that doesn’t imply that you can’t incorporate yoga right into your every day life and also utilize it to battle workplace stress. There are a lot of yoga exercise poses you can do right at your desk or in your office.

Yoga for the Office - A Basic Routine

The most straightforward means to practice yoga exercise for work environment stress and anxiety is to exercise deep yogic breathing. When points obtain difficult, rest up right, area your feet on the floor, as well as breathe in deeply via your nose. Allow your lungs to fill up completely– you ought to feel your ribcage broadening– and after that breathe out with your nose. Repeat 5 times.

You can also attempt poses like the spinal spin, neck stretch, ahead bend, or pet cat as well as cow stretches. All of these can be practiced (reasonably) discretely and also offer alleviation from a few of the most common issues from stressed-out staff members: sleeping disorders, neck as well as back discomfort, and also inadequate posture brought on by resting at a desk all day.

For a basic workplace yoga routine, try the routine listed below, excerpted from our article on Chair Yoga at Your Workdesk. If you do this 3-4 times a day for five mins, you will feel a big distinction at the end of the day. Keep in mind, the easiest method to combat stress is to create coping approaches to stop stress and anxiety prior to it arises.

yoga poseDeep breathing

Deep yogic breathing facilities mind as well as body as well as helps you get existing as well as prepared for your yoga method. Deep breathing while seatsed is rather straightforward. Rest with your spinal column right without making use of the back rest, feet on the floor (you can make use of a yoga exercise block or publication for your feet if they do not get to the flooring).

The technique to motivate deep breathing, is to exhale more fully: While holding the hands over your ribs, take a deep breath in with the nose, after that exhale gradually, concentrating on drawing the navel to the back as you remove the air completely. Permit your lungs to fill entirely from the bottom to the top. Repeat for five breaths or for as long as is comfortable.

Core Breath

Core breath is a variant of deep breathing. Once more, resting with your spine directly, inhale as well as increase the arms directly out before you. Make sure to maintain the back upright as well as just allow the arms to relocate– this will create your core muscle mass to engage, as well as offer gentle core strengthening. Exhale, and also lower the arms pull back. Repeat for 5 to 8 breaths.

yoga pose

Neck Stretch
During an exhalation, gradually turn the head towards your right shoulder. Relax for 2 to 3 breaths, allowing the neck muscular tissues to slowly kick back. Repeat to the opposite side. Return to facility, transform your visit keep an eye out over your right shoulder. Hold for 2 to 3 breaths, permitting the head to slowly deepen into the stretch. Repeat opposite. Neck stretches should not cause pain.

Cat and Cow Stretches

This stretch can be particularly loosening up for those who invest a terrific quantity of each day in a workplace chair. With both feet level on the floor, round the back during an inhalation, dropping the shoulders and the head in the direction of the upper body. Maintain both hands hing on the thighs. This is the cow stretch. On the exhalation, curve the back, pulling the shoulders as much back as possible. This is the feline stretch. Do this 4 more times.
Forward Bend

The onward bend, or Uttanasana, helps to kick back the lower back muscle mass. As you exhale, removal your chest in the direction of the thighs, bending down regarding feasible with your spine right. Maintaining the spine straight is more vital than exactly how far down you bend. As you breathe in, gradually extend back up while reaching the hands as high as feasible over the head. Repeat this pose four even more times.

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