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No wonder children are always - they are always in some posture or another!! This is a tip for all of us - yoga and your ☺️🌺

15 Days of How do you know if your life is on track? Your Emotions will tell you! 15 Day experience From the Library Membership is Free Day 15 - If our eyes are the Windows of the Soul, then our Emotions are the Voice of our Soul

DONNA CAMERON, the author of ‘A Year of Living Kindly’, reflects on the importance of creating space between stimulus and response in everyday life, learning to master the art of the pause. Read the complete article on:

(1/2) Q: Can we get complete happiness and complete transformation through Vipassana? A: It is a progressive process. As you start working, you will find that you are experiencing more and more happiness, and eventually you will reach the stage

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My internal process was one of allowing all the negative feelings to flood my brain. At times my mental anguish would have a pain in a certain part of my body, i could feel this engaging correlation between thought and physical pain. Once i felt that pain in my body, I started breathing into that area and over time, the thoughts and the physical reaction started to dim. Bikram yoga taught me, if we can bring attention to a certain part of the body, one could breath into that area, bringing oxygenated blood there( healing). At times i could feel the elasticity of my brain, as decrepit areas in my frontal lobes became more active, like a dry sponge receiving water. This process happened many times til I felt a state of balance come back. (Im not sure but it was like liquid from my spinal cord that was the liquid to my dried sponge.) It really reassuring and a beautiful thing to see ‘myself’ in the mirror again. This came from learning how to transfer energy within the body.


When kcant remember chords but you wanna make a song


What If? Finish the thought…
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“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very pleased with the way all of you are progressing, and we are very interested to see what it is that you will do next. Even though we can see down different timelines that are available to you now, we do not know which timelines you will choose and when you will jump to another one. This is what makes being a part of your journey so exciting for us. If everything were pre-written, then what could we do to help?

What we can do is, we can help you to choose a better-feeling experience for yourselves, and we can encourage you to go within and seek compassion and forgiveness for one another. And those nudgings are always sprinkled in to every single transmission that we bring you. We also want you to know that by you receiving these transmissions, you are bringing more Arcturian energy to the rest of the human collective, which means that you are walking activations.

You activate that which is Arcturian in someone else when you carry the energy of our transmissions in as you move throughout your day, just like an angry person who comes and meets you for coffee is going to spread some of that anger around. So we are helping, but we don’t know how effective our help is until we see it unfolding in your world and through all of you.

And the same is true of those of you who want to be of service. You want to help, but you sometimes don’t know how to go about that, or whether the help that you are giving is actually helping, or whether it’s just enabling. We seek to empower, and that is what we wish for all of you who want to help as well. We want you to seek to empower your fellow humans, because an empowered human collective is one that helps one another. It’s when people feel disempowered that people do things and say things that they feel they need to in order to feel powerful.

So we will continue to send you our transmissions, and you will continue to spread the Arcturian energy around there on planet Earth, and together we will help to awaken more and more of humanity and bring about a golden age there on Earth. This is what we talk about when we visit with you in the astral plane. This is what we collaborate on together, and this is why we say we see you all progressing so nicely.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Daily Teachings of the Masters, March 21, 2019

You are to restore yourself to correct value
by opening up to further extremities of delight.
Christ has risen through you as you.
Will you allow this and dismiss all false charges against Self?
How to do this?
Receive your acquittal.
Imagine there is an energetic value or essence
requesting permission to be received in and through you, as you.
Can you open up this energetic reservoir of love?
Justified pride is due you as you make room for your true remembrance,
your Christed essence
which ALREADY exists in another dimensional reality.
That is what you are doing.
You are ending the need for time,
as you RECEIVE.

Finally have my space organised and tidy enough that i am happy with it 😊 ive got my smudge sticks and smudge spray, cards, a little snippet of my book collection, a photo of me as a child to remind myself to embody that carefree spirit more frequently, some crystals, candle, incense, a picture of some fluffy babies, my notebooks and my ceremony/ goal books/ sheets.

Ive got full moon stuff i wrote up and released this weeek and my nutrition diploma course work to keep me accountable and inspired. I change around what’s on there every few days because i only keep what i need accessible to avoid it being a dumping ground for things i dont need right now (which my whole room tends to be - what bed?!) Trying my best to keep this space like this so it stays relaxing and inspiring. I highly recommend everyone makes an alter space of things that bring you calm and inspiration. Even if its just a bedside table with a candle and some pictures. Give yourself time to relax and set healthy, manageable goals.


Why do i get triggered so easily


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have discovered that there are more ways than humanity has imagined to experience the shift in consciousness. We know that there are a lot of theories about how it will happen. There are some theories that sound very Biblical to us. There are some theories that sound very science fictiony to us, and there are some theories that are very self-serving to those that are believing in them.

But we see more ways for you to shift than any human has dreamt of or channeled up until this point. Now, we know that many of you are on the edges of your seats right now, thinking that the Arcturian Council is going to give us some of those previews, some of those predictions. But we are not. And the reason we are not is that we never want to disempower you. We never want you to think that we have all the answers or that we are putting you on a timeline that will result in your ascension.

And if we give you something that has you believing very strongly in a particular outcome, then we might as well do just that. Instead, we hand it back to you, and we remind you that you create your reality. That means you create your experience of the shift, just like you create your experience of everything else, and you choose certain experiences over others. Some of you do this consciously. Most do it unconsciously.

But those of you who are receiving this transmission are awake, and you are awake enough to recognize that you get what you vibrate. If you want a particular experience of the shift in consciousness, then that’s where your vibration needs to be. It needs to be in alignment with what you want to experience. Now, we suggest that when you are doing this work, you let go of a timeframe, let go of your attachment of when things are going to happen, and instead focus on how you want to feel tomorrow and the next day and the next day.

And realize that you are creating your path to ascension, as well as the experience of ascension itself because it is a continuous spiraling upward that you are doing there in your solar system. And you get to experience the shifting energies. You get to experience all of the little shifts, including the energies of the equinox that is upon you now. And you get to enjoy the journey, always. No one else gets to decide that, other than you, and isn’t that a wonderful thing?

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”