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I finally got it! Can’t wait to read it!

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Recommendations about the use of Doppler waveforms in the evaluation of peripheral arterial disease: 'Statement for Doppler waveforms analysis'

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मेवाड़ हॉस्पिटल द्वारा आयोजित आपके शहर इटावा में चिकित्सा परामर्श शिविर सुप्रशिक्षित सर्जन डॉ. आरसी धाकरिया के द्वारा

hosts and medicine relevant to interested in the whole vascular field. See ' - European Journal of ' - over half a thousand articles from !

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An absolute honor being a speaker at the Primary Care conference at today. Fantastic talks by colleagues and excellent engagement from attendees

Management of emergencies is taught, but dealing with them in real life is completely different. Read about the case of a 49-year-old gentleman with breathlessness who, unfortunately, lost his life. Visit:

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महाराष्ट्र कौन्सिल ऑफ होमिओपॅथी, मुंबई यांकडून डॉ.हॅनिमन जीवन गौरव पुरस्कार वितरण सोहळा आयोजित करण्यात आला होता.त्या निमित्ताने माझा जो गौरव व सन्मान करण्यात आला त्या बद्दल मी आपला आभारी आहे.

We usually forget the dosages of our medications and end up taking a little or high dose of them. Keep a note for yourself to ensure that you are taking the right amount of medicines.

'Enhanced radiotherapy effects in tumours using titanium dioxide nanoparticles' Dr. Gareth Wakefield, CTO at Xerion Healthcare gives a company update THIS EVENING for Improved

Tunatoa Huduma za Madaktari bingwa wa Moyo, Watoto, Magonjwa ya Kinamama na Wajawazito. Vifaa vya kisasa vya Ultrasound ya Moyo, Ultrasound za kina Mama, Huduma za Ugumba na Mimba Hatarishi.

Otra guardia más superada! 💪💪💪 Qué soléis hacer de post guardia? Dormir? Aguantar? Yo depende... Hoy me voy a casa un poco "hiperactiva" 😜😅

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Amazon emissions lowest from indigenous and protected lands. Indigenous lands and protected areas in the Amazon rainforest account for just 10% of all carbon emissions from tropical forests spread across the nine countries of the Amazon in South America

I was just recently put on Depakote and I feel like it might be making my suicidal thoughts worse. But I can’t tell because I was depressed and suicidal *before* being put on it. But like…idk but I feel like the thoughts happen more often, are more intense. And my mind races a lot but, idk if this is all just a coincidence because I was already having them or if it’s actually the medicine.


This semester has been really hard!! And I still haven’t done any exams yet. ANATOMY II in a couple of weeks and I’m still doing good, even if I can’t wait to put an end to this, I’ve been studying from May and I’m exhausted!!

Wish me luck, it’s like the biggest exam I ever took🍀

Obviously this picture Is from September, I haven’t eaten peaches since then :(
Calls for 'virginity repair' surgery to be banned

Calls for \'virginity repair\' surgery to be banned
Campaigners are urging the government to outlaw "virginity repair" surgery. Many Muslim women risk being outcast, or in extreme cases killed, if their spouses or families discover they have had sex before marriage. And some are opting for a medical procedure in which doctors restore a layer of membrane at the entrance to the vagina. via Snapzu : Health & Body

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5 years ago, my aunt and uncle called us upset because my aunt’s family hated the name they chose for their daughter. We supported whatever name they wanted for their little girl. So to show our support, for 5 years, my mom and I have used my cousin’s name on all our Starbucks and restaurant orders. (Plus, her name is more “normal” than ours, which gives poor baristas a chance of getting it right). London is a beautiful name, and it reminds me of my family every time I order.

A Dirty Car is the Least of My Issues

Today I went to the carwash and paid for a wash, but then realized that in order to get my car washed I had to drive into this garage thing, get sealed in, and get squirted by hurricane-force water jets for fifteen minutes. 

My brain freaked. And I drove away. 

My car is still dirty. 

I’m still anxious. Obviously. Last night I started in on a panic attack while waiting on dinner at a restaurant. My head hurts from the hyperventilating. I’m exhausted from the insomnia. I’ve lost weight due to the nausea. 

CBT hasn’t been working; neither has ACT, or meditation, or yoga, or music, or spending time with friends, or chamomile tea, or sex. I met with my psychiatrist today who prescribed gabapentin in addition to continuing with my baby-dose of lamotrigine (which does a great job of keeping depression symptoms in check; I failed SSRIs). I’ll pick up the prescription tomorrow morning and will hopefully have some relief by the afternoon. Hopefully. 

My therapist has been imploring me to figure out what’s driving all of this. I leave for a big trip later this week and always get anxiety before heading out on one of my adventures – but usually not to this extreme. I have lots of loose ends to tie up before I go, too, and my family will be joining me for the first few days, which comes with stress as well. But I’m having trouble believing that the sum of these factors could have resulted in a dirty car – could have begotten such debilitating anxiety. 

My work is going well. My various projects are falling into place. I’m getting outside on skis nearly every day, going fast, connecting with my body and a sport I love. I’m making time for friends, reading National Geographic from cover to cover, diving into the stack of books on my nightstand. 

There is so much going right in my life. I don’t understand why my brain is losing its shit. I’ve been looking forward to this trip since August, and now that it’s almost here the excitement is being flattened by anxiety. I’m tired, and this isn’t fair. 

And fuck, my car still needs to be washed. 

People are so wild. The inability of people to comprehend the simplest things just because someone is a bit different than them. It’s crazy.

My baby bro has a disability, he can’t turn his body while sleeping so he asks us to turn him. This lady from insurance or whatever that my mom is on the phone with really asked 300 times ‘have u seen a neurologist for this problem? have you seen a specialist for this? why would he make sounds and want to turn in the middle of the night? is there any medicine he can take for this?’

like… have u not heard of the term ‘tossing and turning’ while sleeping… like lady idk if u sleep like a corpse and not move an inch at all when u sleep but come on