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& students in have been beaten to death, shot, tortured imprisoned & sudanese people worldwide cities on 30.06.19

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Aw shit. Here we go again

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Do you have a "skin routine"? Or are you like me that just washes your face while you shower?

I have painful cystic acne, and to this day without a prescription cream I break out horribly all the time, my face is red and swollen rn from it because the cream isn’t covered by my plan and it’s $40 a tube

but im gonna try and get it when I get my GST or see if i can make an appeal because it’s honestly so painful and infected all the time and I can’t move at all without one of them exploding messily and yeah

So I shower daily and then put cream on it :c

My desk is still messy (not as messy as my room, though), but I’m loving having my dog here at school with me (finally!). I have walked her every day, played with her in the house and in the yard multiple times a day, and she’s getting used to my roommate’s cat. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a loving and wonderful dog along this adventure with me. 💕


First, a long nap.

Then I’ll start working on my fics, because hiatus is over! (ish).

I only have a few days before I have to go under the radar again so idk when or if I’ll be able to finish any chapter to any of my fics in this short time. But at least I have writing time now!

Hopefully people will still enjoy my updates when they do come.

But for now, to bed…

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NSFW ask warning. I have IBS and I get HORRIBLE gas, cramps and bloating if I get "in the mood" at all. Even sometimes if it's just a passing thought. Do you have any recommendations? I just graduated and I've never had a sexual partner but I really, really want to, maybe not immediately but in the future- I just can't see myself being able to handle the severe cramping. My doctor's don't care, they claim I'm making my IBS up but I've been dealing with it for 6 years

Have you looked into the FODMAPS diet? I learned about it in nutrition classes and it’s recommended for IBS. I think being careful not to eat any irritating foods, being with someone you’re comfortable with, and trying your best not to stress out or get anxiety before having sex might help! Any followers have more tips?— Mimi

Me: The fact that after four months, my heart doing weird stuff not only hasn’t gone away but that I’m getting used to it, is really worrisome. Maybe I should go to the doc-
Me: *remembers that I will have to wait a least a month before I can see my GP*
Me: *remembers the cardiologist she sent me to told me I was imagining my heart issues and sent me home after hearing about my history of anxiety*
Me: Oh yeah, that’s why…


RBK Alvin discusses his use and demonstrates various types of crutches - Video.

Personal Post

So for almost a month now I’ve been worried and going to talk with doctors. At the end of May, the Friday before memorial day, I found a lump in my right breast. I freaked out. Given my family history this is something that I needed answers to and very quickly. About 2 weeks later I had an ultrasound on it. With that I found out that if one is scary then two must be absolutely horrifying. Fun fact: having 2 for the price of one is even more nerve-wracking. 2 very small but definitely there solid masses close enough in proximity that no doctor really liked it. That was a great confidence boost.

They scheduled the biopsy. Which took place yesterday down in DuBois. The doctor was very nice… minus the fact she said and I quote you’re too young for cancer" which thanks for telling me I’m too young for something because I’m turning 30 in a year and I feel the icy breath of death down my neck (humor is my coping mechanism!) BUT I am in no way too young for cancer.

They numbed me up and sliced me open then took 5 little samples of what I will refer to as my boob babies. (Again kidding, but I did make them myself) I am sore as hell, I am bruised to hell, I have this nice little wound that hurts every single time I move.

I just got a call from my doctor. My results have come back. It is a noncancerous lypoma. Which is a fancy term for extra fatty lump. Nothing more. Which is wonderful.. to know.. because my body decided that I didn’t have enough fat, it had to grow some more and give me panic attacks and medical bills. If I knew it was just fat and I’d be in this much pain anyways.. I would have asked them to take more.. so, instead of cancer (thank god!) I just got the most miniscule breast reduction and liposuction ever.

Long story short… if something doesn’t seem right, go get it checked. Even if it is nothing, it is always better to know!!!