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Indian media and pakistani media is on same page against pakistan pm imran khan sab.. Who u serve actually man soor......are u even human

Shameful of how this has turned into a rather disrespectful ‘trend’. Social Media isnt there to attain attention.

MSM is more interested in humiliating on the in Kolkata and elsewhere than the dastardly killing of first woman President of UP Bar Council amidst lest it hurts the image of ,busy with project

Fiction doesn't have to be all make-believe. Imagine how much better storytelling could be.✨🇵🇭 END OF THREAD (featuring astral projection). 👻

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Hypocisy Of Pakistan Media Channel. Earn From Pakistan and Bark On Pakistan

दोगली मीडिया का स्तर गिर चुका है। सत्ता की गुलाम मीडिया ने दरवेश यादव के हत्यारे का नाम मनीष शर्मा से बदल के मनीष यादव कर दिया।

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Thoroughbred swine Wishes death for citizens of one day ... Finds pleasure in people dying with Swine flu.. Gets hired by soon...

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When you see that ‘Prince Of Whales’ trending and you know why, without even looking into it. Props to news/media outlets for the scrutiny of every word ever uttered. SMH.

not a word! Current state of & Chase the world for clue cause he pointed U2, went to Nicaragua, dam! why so quiet aboutthis,ohmy, even exists

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