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Final Report - Getting Out of Bed

You’re lucky if life goes as planned. 

This past Thursday, I welcomed a new bundle of fur into my apartment - a beautiful Australian Shepherd dog named Bella (I call her “Bell” or “Pupaccino”). 

With her, my schedule/habits have all been thrown out of wack, but because you can’t ignore a dog - I successfully got out of bed right after my alarm for 7 days. It’s Sunday and this week’s challenge is simply to drink a whole glass of water right after waking up.

I know getting a dog isn’t in the cards for everyone, but the important thing is to understand what Bella represents here - a commitment. You need a commitment in the morning, otherwise, there’s no reason to get up early right after your alarm.

So putting it simply, find a morning commitment you cannot say no to. Find a “why”. Give a friend who’s an early riser $50, and tell them that if you don’t call them at 6am, they can keep it. I hope you have honest friends.

Now that I’ve got a “why”, sticking to my habit will be a bit easier. See you guys next week.

shituationist replied to your video “i tend to think of it as the story of darwinian forces multiplied by…”

USSR invented phage therapy in the 20s-30s but it’s not as profitable as anti-biotics so guess which made it worldwide interfacing with capitalist markets

tbf the main issue with phages is that each on works on only narrow range of strains of a single species of bacterium, which is an issue because it requires prior lab testing to identify which strain is causing the infection before appropriate phage use can be determined. if an infection is aggressive, you simply might not have that kind of time, and if it’s minor, your immune system will clear it up by itself before lab testing can identify the exact cause. the good thing about antibiotics is that you can throw them at a fairly broad range of bacteria and they’ll usually work. and while phage cocktails can broaden their impact somewhat, they still aren’t nearly as broadly effective as antibiotics. of course, this issue could eventually be minimized as our technology for identifying bacterial strains becomes more efficient. but without that technology in place, phage use isn’t feasible in a lot of contexts. in endemic cases where we know a particular strain is causing the infection, or in cases of slow-progressing infection, it might be more useful. but because antibiotics are so popular for their quick-and-easy approach, there just isn’t enough data to be sure one way or the other.


“i tend to think of it as the story of darwinian forces multiplied by the pace and scale of global capitalism.”

11/30 days of productivity - 210419

I know that the typical studyblr aesthetic is a pastel, elegant, minimalist bujo, and i love it, but no one can stop me from slapping colored shit over watercolor and calling it a day.

🎧 : Bon entendeur - Le temps est bon


Repost from - Practical Anatomy of the Brain: Cerebral Relationships - Guilherme Carvalhal Ribas, M.D.⁣⠀
Credit @seattlesciencefoundation ⁣⠀
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Examen de sistema locomotor

El miércoles 17 de abril tuve un examen, este consistia en aprenderme origenes, inserciones, nervio, movimientos y palpación de cada musculo de la cintura escapular, glenohumeral y codo. Estuve durante dos días aprendiendo, sinceramente de esos dos dias solo 12 horas sin contar distracciones. A la hora del examen estaba muy nerviosa de poder salir yo a exponer, ya que nos dan un caso el cual debemos resolver y aparte responder la pregunta que nos asignan por grupo. Además nadie recordaba la palpación del musculo dorsal ancho, pero me iluminé y vino el flashback a mi. Con todos los conocimientos de mi grupo y mi compañero expositor logramos sacar un 18, lo cuál no esta nada mal para ser medicina.

CRISPR gene-editing technology is now starting to be used in human trials to treat several diseases in the U.S.

The first clinical trials using CRISPR-edited cells have begun in the US, with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania treating cancer patients with an experimental therapy, according to a report by NPR.

CRISPR works by targeting certain genes responsible for certain functions or traits. When found, an enzyme called Cas9 binds to the DNA, “cuts” it, and shuts off that targeted gene. The study from the University of Pennsylvania, run by Dr. Edward Stadtmauer, will remove immune system cells from patients. Then, scientists will attempt to genetically alter them in a lab. Afterward, the cells will be reintroduced to each patient’s body. If all goes according to plan, the cells will target and eliminate the cancerous cells. The study features 18 patients.

“To date, two patients with relapsed cancers – one with multiple myeloma and one with sarcoma – have been treated as part of this trial,” wrote Penn Medicine spokesperson said. “Findings from this research study will be shared at an appropriate time via a medical meeting presentation or peer-reviewed publication.”

If successful, the trial is one of many that could revolutionize how diseases are prevented and treated.

10/30 days of productivity - 190419

A looong and annoying period of unproductivity finaly ended ! It’s all thanks to my friend who came back from Paris, these days we go study to the library together and i feel so motivated ! 😊 I got lost on the internet, i ended up reading a paper about medical doctor women in the Islamic golden age, it was really cool !

Tomorrow i’d like be as productive as today !

Well, I’m back. 

I felt like posting some new content because it’s time for me to get back on track. The last few months I’ve been sort of roller coaster for me, both in my private and student life. One of the things I’ve been struggling with is the never-ending imposter syndrome and the low self-esteem I’m so sick of having again. But it’s time to stop all this nonsense.

As a future doctor, I will have to be confident of my skills and show my patients and their families that they can trust me. My confidence is not negotiable, both for my patients and for my colleagues. This is why I seriously need to work on that: all the small talk in my head telling me I’m less good than everyone around me is something I don’t need in my life, since it’s seriously affecting my work as a student and my motivation to pursue what I consider my dream career.

I worked my ass off to be where I am today. I love what I study, even tho some days are less motivating than others. But my consistency can’t rely on “good days”, because I am not doing this for me. I am doing this for the lives people will trust me with, and if I don’t toughen up a little and stop acting like a victim with myself I will put people in danger. 

I’m posting this to get back at it on the days where I seem to forget all of this. So this is for my future self (because I know this wave of positive thoughts will last 0.2 s but I’m working on that).

Day 7/50 《18/04/2019》

Been super busy with exams and assignments, but I’ve also been spending an unhealthy amount of time on Netflix 😬

I’ve discovered a k-drama called Sky Castle which has taken over my studying, and I have been procrastinating a lot over the past couple of days.

Mid-sem break starts soon, and I am planning on using the week to catch up on all my skipped lectures and tutorials, and so I got started with some of it today. I finished writing up notes for an entire module for one of my courses, so as a treat, I’m going to go buy some new stationery 😍

Thanks for reading friends, I hope you have a great day ♡

The Best Version of Myself


My name isn’t something I’m too comfortable giving a way right now, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Spider-man, so I’ll go by “Your Friendly Neighborhood Medical Student” or “YFNMS” here, since I’m a med student, and I find myself quite amiable. 

In the US, all med students take a big exam that can determine your entire future, it’s called STEP 1.

While studying for this big exam, I realized that a lot of my good habits (exercising everyday, eating healthy, taking care of myself in general) stated slipping away. Now it’s time to go see real patients in the hospital and start looking to the next exam (literally called “STEP 2”), and I can honestly say that if I go into this stressful year without bringing some solid productivity into it, I don’t think I’ll make it.

That’s why I’m doing this. I’ve been a productivity nerd since college, and it helped me immensely back then. Since then I’ve slipped off of the productivity horse, but I’m positive that if I can be more productive, I can go into my third year and the rest of my medical career as the best version of myself possible.

So I hope you’ll join me on this journey as I research productivity and better myself.

Let’s do this fam.